“Predatory” police officer dismissed sending sex tapes, making lewd comments & groping women officers as “banter”

A “predatory” police officer sent sex tapes, made sexual comments and groped women officers, a disciplinary hearing was told.

PC Lee Harrison is being investigated for 31 misconduct allegations, including turning a new recruit upside to smell her private parts and bending her over a police car boot and simulating sex with her.

He also told the junior cop he did not know why women joined up if they did not “put out.”

The Met Police constable is also accused of sending a video of him performing a sex act to a female colleague, and saying he wanted to tie another up and then perform a sex act in front of her.

The Police Public Misconduct Hearing in central heard he asked female colleagues for blowjobs “countless times” and undid female colleagues’ bras.

Described as a “Jeckyll and Hyde” character, he is also accused of touching colleagues’ bottoms and forcefully pushing an officer to the ground in a police van.

He is also said to have made derogatory comments about their appearances.

PC Harrison did not attend the hearing today and has no legal representation but “categorically denies” any wrongdoing, the panel heard.

Witness A, who had just joined the police force when she entered the team at North East Command Unit, said PC Harrison told her she was a “joke” and a “fucking disgrace”.

Clare Hennessy, on behalf of the Met Police, said: “PC Harrison told Witness A I will fuck you so hard I will bruise your labia.

“He said ‘I don’t know why women are allowed in this job, if they don’t put out, what’s the point? ‘

“He pushed her over a car boot and simulated having sex with her.

“He picked Witness A up, turned her upside down and said ‘I can smell your vagina’.”

Ms Hennessy, calling for his dismissal, added: “PC Harrison’s behaviour is offensive, disrespectful and predatory.

“Such behaviour will not be tolerated and is incompatible with being a police officer.”

Also at the hearing was Police Sergeant Stuart Murray accused of failing to challenge PC Harrison’s inappropriate behaviour and allowing an overly-sexualised working environment to develop.

Sgt Murray is also accused of making inappropriate sexual comments in a WhatsApp with colleagues.

He is also being investigated for neglecting his duties after not coming to work for several weeks.

The panel heard he made references to prostitutes in a WhatsApp group with colleagues

Ms Hennessy said: “He turned a blind eye or engaged in that behaviour himself.”

The hearing, expected to last three weeks, continues.

By Grainne Cuffe

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