Will Scotland vote YES for Independence?

With just over a week until one of the most hyped referendums in British history, newspapers across the country today lead with the headline: ‘Ten days to save the UK’.

According to a weekend poll the “Yes” to independence campaign is two percentage points ahead of their Better Together adversaries sending ripples across Fleet Street as the notion of a Scottish split takes a step closer to reality. Alistair Darling says he’s still confident the NO vote will win, but Alex Salmond says the latest opinion poll shows it is ‘spiralling into self-destruction’.

But pre-election polls are notoriously misleading. The so-called ‘Bradley effect’ hypothesises that voters often tell pollsters that they will vote one way and then on election day vote the other, perhaps because polls can be scripted in different ways or perhaps because people realise the biggest impact a poll can have is creating a strong media headline, whereas referendums or elections lead to real change. Pre-election polls also survey smaller samples and could feasibly survey stronghold areas for one party or the other.

So we want to know, with ten days left to the referendum, whether you think Scots will vote YES for independence. That’s not whether you think Scotland should vote YES for Independence, but whether you think it will.  Take part below:

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