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Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, welcome to The London Economic.

It gives me great pleasure to be announcing the launch of a new digital newspaper armed with a remit of becoming an opinion sharing platform based on economics, finance and international politics. As the global economy endures one of the greatest shake-ups in modern history and political regimes are exposed for better and for worse, finding ways to project views is a tremendously exciting task. We aim to make opinion open and accessible, harnessing digital platforms to reach a wide and global audience.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy the site!

Editor’s Letter

Contrary to the beliefs of the mystics, hippies, druids and pagans stationed outside the ruins of Chichen Itza in December, the Maya had not foreseen the end of the world and the hype that was 12/12/12 faded in the same vein as the Millennium Bug and many other doomsday prophesies. But their scripture – despite being inaccurately sensationalised – was not entirely inaccurate. As we move towards the third decade of the 21st century the scope and pace of change has become quite overwhelming. There may not have been an apocalypse, but it is the end of the world as we know it.

We human beings have always been an innovative and resourceful bunch, but our greatest evolution to date is our ability to question what we have been foretold and make knowledge-based advancements. Although Einstein is still an authority in physics and Keynesian theories are still widely used in economics, the discovery of a Higgs Boson particle in Cern, the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, the crash and the macroeconomic policies we hear of today would surely have stymied both great minds. Change is the only constant of our time, and, as Richard Feynman would say, it is “in the admission of ignorance and the admission of uncertainty that there is a hope for the continuous motion of human beings.”

Not only are we living in a century of change, but we are witnessing it unfold in front of our eyes. We were fed reports of New York’s TwinTowers collapsing within minutes of it happening and watched live images from Iraq as  Saddam Hussein’s statue toppled. The Arab Spring was the first social media-led revolution which ousted dictators across the Middle Eastern belt, and whistleblowers have been given a global platform on which to operate, highlighting the power of the people and the potential of a ‘Fifth Estate’.

In an internet age of ‘everything, anywhere’, never have the challenges been so daunting and yet the opportunities so great. Not only are we witness to groundbreaking events, but we – as citizens – have the ability to impact their proceedings with newfound power seldom seen before.

It is therefore a very exciting time to be announcing the launch of a new digital newspaper which will become a platform for people to share their views on current political and economic affairs across the world, free from agenda or censorship. We are now operating a small team and have the digital infrastructure required to make opinion open and accessible, but require the contributions of others to provide the fuel which will see this take off. With your help we can build a newspaper of the New Age backed by one of the biggest distribution channels around; the public, the people  – you.

Jack Peat – Editor, The London Economic [email protected] @londoneconomic

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