Watch -“You’re stuck in dogma about grammar schools when rest of the education system is flailing around”

Education Secretary Justine Greening was given a very hard time by Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast, usually one for the more easy going interview, he decided to go at Greening and wouldn’t let it lie. She didn’t look like she was prepared for his attack.

Presenter Mr Stayt told her: “You’ve used the phrase ‘ordinary working families’ in pretty much every answer.

“The fact is, most people watching this programme who are from ordinary working families… we can assume that’s pretty much everyone who works and they’ve got kids.

“Most of their kids don’t go to grammar schools and won’t go to grammar schools. The vast majority do not.

“You seem to be spending an awful lot of time on this grammar schools thing. Are you really convinced in it?

“And while you’re talking about grammar schools, most teachers say they’re struggling to make ends meet.

“Parents have got letters from the school saying ‘can we have a fiver, can we have 20 quid to help us get by?’

“You seem to be stuck in a dogma about grammar schools when the rest of the education system is flailing around trying to make ends meet.”

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