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Video: Top Gear Sad Song

By Dan Gleabals

Apparently sacking somebody who lays into their producer for half an hour, calling them a “Lazy Irish C**t”, threatens to end their career, then punches them in the face splitting their lip because they haven’t got the meal they quite wanted is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD.

Internet political mischief maker Guido Fawkes’ Bring Back Clarkson petition has reached the dizzying total of 1,043,555 when we last checked.  I’m just praying all these numskulls aren’t allowed to drive or operate complicated machinery. Sadly, I think they probably are. Unless they are getting the bus in protest at the BBC sacking Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson for allegedly punching Oisin Tymon.

While thousands of denim-clad dads took to social media to protest #JeSuisClarkson, accomplished Audio Visual mixer and DJ Eclectic Method spent this morning cutting together some of Clarkson’s greatest gaffes, rhyming them, adding a beat and creating this mash-up masterpiece.

TLE asked transatlantic VJ Eclectic Method aka Jonny Wilson what prompted him to create this moving elegy to Top Gear’s legendary presenter.

“Clarkson finally pushed the boat out so far the BBC had to put down their cash pony,” said Jonny, insisting: “I wasn’t wound up. Jeremy Clarkson is an eternal school boy. And now we have no-one to point at when telling our kids ‘that’s how to piss everyone off’”!

So was Jeremy Clarkson the last rock and roll person left on telly? Or is he a racist bell-end?  Let us know what you think: Retweet and comment #JeSuisClarkson or, alternatively #JeNeSuisPasClarkson !

You can catch Eclectic Method at the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham this weekend.

And you can catch Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear repeats.


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