Ukip’s new logo looks a bit familiar…

As Ukip decide on a new leader for the party – with Nigel Farage threatening to launch a new pro-Brexit party if Anne-Marie Waters wins and takes the party off on a rabid anti-Islam direction – news of a new logo for the party with no MP’s has been met with much derision today.

People immediately spotted a striking similarity with the Football Premier League logo after the Brexiteers dropped the pound sign from their logo and replaced it with a purple, right looking lion:

Ukip chairman Paul Oakden inisisted he is “not worried” about the reaction of the Premier League’s lawyers as Ukip “did our due diligence”.

He told Daily Politics presenter Sarah Smith: “I don’t mind UKIP being associated with the Premier League. If they feel they have a right to take legal action I’m sure they’ll consult with their lawyers.”

Others have pointed out a perhaps more troubling similarity with another right-wing anti-immigrant logo – Britain First’s:

Others have suggested improvements:




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