BBC quote Think Tank attacks on Labour policy: ‘Centre for Policy Studies’ has 10 Tories on its Board, as well as Mail owner Lady Rothermere

This weekend much of the British Press – as well as the BBC – mindlessly repeated the hysterical analysis propagated by the Right Wing ‘think tank’ The Centre for Policy Studies. Here is a listing of their Board of Directors. As you can see, it contains 10 Tories. They are:

  • Lord Saatchi – a Conservative Party Peer, put in the Lords for services to the Thatcher government.
  • Sir Graham Brady – a Conservative Party MP.
  • Lord Bamford – A Conservative Party donor.
  • Ben Eliot – Conservative MP & failed London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith’s campaign manager.
  • Jonathan Goodwin – Conservative Party donor
  • Sir Micheal Heller – Conservative Party donor
  • Lord Hill of Oareford – Conservative Party Peer.
  • Jon Moulton – Conservative Party donor.
  • Richard Sharp – Conservative Party donor.
  • Lord Strathclyde – Conservative Party Peer

Here is an example of the Policies they support. In July 2017 they released a document stating “Abandoning Austerity is no solution”:

BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show thought this was a ‘fair & balanced’ source to use in their coverage of the economic policy of The Labour Party on an episode where they were interviewing Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell.

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