By Joe Mellor, In house Reporter

Cannabis Bouquet

Exclusive interview with Mr Cannabis on his new smoked out coffee shop dream.

A man known as “Mr Cannabis” has failed in another a new attempt to open a cannabis café in the UK. He rose to fame in 2000 when he gave the Queen a bouquet of flowers which was actually cannabis. Her royal high-ness declined to press charges.

Colin Davies, 56, then opened the Dutch Experience in Stockport, the UK’s first ever cannabis cafe, amid a blaze of publicity in September, 2001. Police raided it within ten minutes of its launch.

In court prosecutors said the cafe was in fact an elaborate smokescreen for the trafficking of drugs from Holland. The cafe, however, continued to operate for about 14 months.

Colin says: “They had 18 officers assigned to the cafe. Imagine the cost of policing that – they were wasting their money. This time around I want it to be different.”

This time Colin had planned to open a café in central Manchester in the city’s trendy Northern Quarter. Once jailed for drug trafficking, Colin announced his intention to open The New Way Café on Saturday February 1st 2014.

He says: “A site was found and the landlord was fine with what we were planning to do, but GMP (Greater Manchester Police) refused the application anyway.

“It wasn’t going to be a place for people to smoke or sell drugs. It was supposed to be a place to educate people about cannabis use and a meeting place for like-minded individuals.”

A protest outside the proposed site on the original launch date was attended by a small band of peaceful protesters. Under the watchful eye of the city’s police force nobody was arrested and nobody lit up.

The father-of-two first came to the attention of the police in 1998 when he was charged with unlawful possession of drugs but he was acquitted after claiming he grew marijuana in his flat in Stockport to relieve back pain. The former joiner fractured three bones in his spine following a fall in 1995.

He went on to become a central figure in a national campaign to legalise dope and set up the Medical Marijuana Co-operative which involved the sale of cannabis to members on a not-for-profit basis. The New Way café was his latest attempt to push towards decriminalisation of Marijuana

He says: “The pay-for, members-only club was going to be a meeting point for people who want to smoke cannabis, but smoking it would be banned on the site. We planned to serve tea and coffee and no alcohol.  We would have employed up to 20 staff.

“I will continue in my quest to prove that people shouldn’t be stigmatised just because they smoke weed. 99 per cent of my network only break the law when they take the drug, otherwise they are regular law abiding citizens.

“If you take the government estimates that ten per cent of the population consume cannabis and they consume one gram a day at the cost £10 per gram, by my estimation it rakes in £420 million a week, which could be legal taxable profits.”

Possession and supply of cannabis remains against the law despite long-standing campaigns to legalise the drug. It was reclassified as a Class B drug in 2009 after it had been downgraded for the previous five years to Class C. Possession of it carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

At the very worse, Colin wants to dilute the stigma associated with cannabis. The issue has remained largely unspoken about for several years, but as some American states and South American countries decriminalise the drug, the discussion may finally be back on the table.

So, fancy a cuppa?


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  1. There is no “stigma” associated with cannabis use, its use is widely accepted and has been for many years.

    What we have is a constant campaign by the police and politicians to deny reality. Millions of pounds are spent every year to keep the lid on the cannabis trade, a massive waste of pubic money.

    Nothing on earth is safe and that includes cannabis, but the way to make any dangers as great as possible is to prevent any proper control of the commercial trade, to force it underground and into the arms of organised crime.

    Prohibition calls itself “drug control”, it is no such thing; drug control can only mean control of the trade, knowing the strength and purity of what’s sold, knowing who sells it and from where. The present drugs policy is a con, a lie – and a dangerous, expensive lie at that.

    Cannabis should be a controlled drug, which is why we need places like Colin’s proposed cafe.

  2. Sativa Sam

    Just another Colin Davies media event. This Davies fellow just loves the media.
    His ego is the size of the Bulldog coffeeshop!
    Why would anyone in their right mind advertise that they are intending to break the law?
    Mr. Davies must be the only Cannabis using person in Greater Manchester who hasn’t got
    a regular source of good quality Cannabis, the place is flooded with the stuff.
    The bones of this are, as follows. Davis wants to enjoy the massive profits
    and luxury lifestyle that drug dealing can provide, but he doesn’t want
    to run the risks associated with doing the perilous job of drug dealing.
    He has already found out the hard way what happens when you get caught.
    So Cannabis CONMAN Davies is trying to get his chosen profession legalized.
    Leave it to kids. They are managing quite well. Very well in fact.
    Nearly every off licence you go to has a band of pot smokers stood outside smoking.
    Also pubs are now catering due to outside areas for tobacco smokers.
    The pot smokers are able to avail themselves off the same spaces.
    If Mr. Davies wants a job selling Cannabis. He should go and get a job in America or
    Holland or Spain or Uruguay. Or he should do what all the other self respecting drug
    sellers do, and just get on with it. In my opinion his medical claims are mostly rubbish.
    Is it not a cure all medicine. The Cannabis ‘rent a mob’ are even claiming it cures Cancer.
    I will admit, its a good painkiller. But I think all the Cancer curing claims are just another con.
    After all you must remember a Manchester JUDGE said Davies was a CONMAN!
    A Cannabis CONMAN! He can NOT be trusted!
    These people who are financing his exploits, are trying to open up the Cannabis market
    to make billions of pounds for themselves and if the tax man get onto it for various governments.
    The Cannabis trade is getting harder in Holland they have had it easy for years.
    Its going wrong for the rich Dutch Cannabis shop keepers now. Coming to an end.
    They want to move here and carry on business as usual.
    Until I see these medical claims work, with my own eyes I won’t believe it.
    Of course Cannabis makes people feel better, a LOT better, but its only temporary.
    Like aspirin, and it wears off in a couple of hours.
    It doesn’t cure anything, it just help with the symptoms!
    It is good for temporary pain relief. It’s nice to have as an option in the medical chest.
    A much safer option, if you don’t want to take opiates. They already have medicinal Cannabis a firm called GW pharmaceutical from Wales sells it to the NHS, its already out there being used!
    I think this cure all propaganda is nonsense. Its being offered up as an inducement to legalize Cannabis.
    Legalizing means TAX. If you want to pay 3 times as much for government Cannabis your just silly.
    That the tax revenue reaped from Cannabis sales, will pay for guns, bullets, bombs, corrupt police wages.
    We just can’t trust the UK government to do anything useful with the revenue!
    They wont use the new money to build any hospitals, the tax money wont be used for free child care.
    It wont be used to staff schools, to educate the kids with trained teachers.
    It will be spent on rubbish, and even more MP’s expenses.
    I like the guilt free Cannabis me. I only want the stuff that doesn’t hurt people.
    On its own Cannabis is an innocent a great and helpful drug.
    I would rather the local lad who does a bit of Cannabis selling,
    got new car every year or a nice holiday with his profits.
    A dam site better than the government! They would use it to kill people with!
    This is typical of world wide government’s, take an innocent ‘thing’ such as Cannabis and make it deadly!
    I Say the same as most Cannabis users.
    Just say No To Taxed Cannabis.
    Keep the government out of Cannabis.

  3. Sam Sativa

    Don’t bother replying to these posts! Unless you write something they like.
    If you write something they don’t agree with, it won’t get posted, simple as that.
    You will be censored by the nanny net Nazi’s.
    Free speech is history.

  4. Sam Sativa

    So a biased toward ‘pro cannabis’ post get posted up but post’s that are against cannabis Conman Colin Davies don’t get a look in. Typical. So how do you expect to get a debate going, with only one side of the story on offer? I now see 1st hand how the media works, and it work’s which ever way the editor want’s it to. Nothing to do with public opinion this censorship at it most evil. Your never going to get your little smoking cannabis shops so give up. If it’s proper medicine, it will be available at a chemist shop near you soon. If its not then it will carry on, status quo, and you will all go back to jail without your £200. Ditch Davies and you might some where with your cause! He even look’s sweaty and untrustworthy. Like a BNP candidate.

    1. The London Economic

      Hi Sam,

      Sorry if there was a delay on your post going up. There are very few (if any) circumstances where we wouldn’t publish comments. We’re an opinion-sharing website and it is therefore not in our interest to censor opinions. If you feel strongly about issues discussed on TLE, please feel free to send an article over to our editor ( who will post onto the site.

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