By Joe Mellor, In house Reporter 

Hate Britain

Dangerous immigrants are in this country to sponge from the state, devour royal swans and car jack pensioners.

It’s a fact, deal with it.

And soon an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians are coming to pester you for change outside your local Pizza Express.

But that’s not until January 1st, so in the “mean” time, Home Secretary Theresa May has decided to deport a dying man on hunger strike, after his asylum application failed.

What an understanding and caring country we live in. The Tories have put the hate in to Great Britain.

Nigerian Ifa Muaza has refused food for almost 100 days after losing his right to live in the UK and Theresa May in her wisdom decided to send him home on his deathbed.

But it has backfired spectacularly. 

The government chartered a jet to fly him to Nigeria, but the plane was prevented from entering Nigerian airspace.

So after a 20 hour flight, via Malta (after a dispute broke out with authorities over the plane’s right to use an airstrip) the plane returned to Britain, and Muaza returned by stretcher to Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow.

So he is back where he started from; the circle of strife.

And the cost to the taxpayer? It is estimated to have cost the Home Office between £95,000-£110,000.

The repulsion at his treatment – by anyone with a modicum of a soul – was reflected by Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather, who was “truly, truly, appalled” at the treatment of Muaza.

She said: “To put a well man through this kind of stress and journey would be bad enough, but to do it to a man in such a desperate condition? Well done, Theresa May, you proved your toughness at the expense of your humanity. This should give everyone pause for thought. I cannot see why this was in anyone’s interest.”

May totally misjudged the public mood; a lot of people are calling for immigration controls, but there is a line for even the most ardent racist and she leaped over it with this move.

This is a man who is willing to starve himself to death to stay in the UK.

Perhaps the Government is worried more failed asylum seekers might try this tactic and they are making a stand against it now to discourage others.

However, maybe the next logical step would be to get immigrants to prove their devotion to the UK by starving themselves to the edge of death.

If you last 100 days you can stay, if you die then tough luck…Next.

It would be reminiscent of dunking a witch in the 16th century. If she floats she is a witch if she sinks, then oh well, maybe she wasn’t…Next.

If that didn’t work and too many pesky immigrants hit the target, then the next logical step would be a Hunger Games scenario where they fight each other to death with Pugil sticks.

The winner gets to stay, but woe betide the victor if they need to sign on for disability benefit to recuperate after the beating they have received.

Anyway, to digress, Muaza is playing his own Hunger Game, the gritty British version.

Hopefully this will be a watershed moment and the incessant and open aggression against immigration from sections of the media and politicians will be scaled back. Sadly this is probably not the case.

A recent Channel 5 News survey found 47 per cent of people thought migrants from the Bulgaria and Romania should have no right to live, work or claim benefits in the UK and 56 per cent of respondents believed immigration had resulted in a negative impact on Britain.

Romania’s Foreign Minister, Titus Corlatean said he did not expect a “flood” of migrants from his country to come to Britain after January 1 and attacked the way the immigration debate had been conducted in the UK.

We have been here before with Jewish, black, Pakistani, Polish immigration amongst others. And the only “rivers of blood” have come from the people who are willing to risk everything to reach a country, who seemingly don’t care whether they live or die, as long as it isn’t on British soil.

Food for thought for us all, well, except Ifa Muaza.

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