By Jack Peat, Editor of The London Economic 

Last night I sat in a Mayfair pub surrounded by Gold Card waving, Bentley driving, suited and booted by-products of a concentrated capitalist hub and accepted a truism that has become so eroded it hardly makes any sense on the streets of London any more; money don’t make the world go round.

I’d just received an email from adventure builder Jaimie Mantzel who’s currently constructing a 40ft catamaran on the shores of Panama after vacating a four-story-high geodesic dome in the wilderness of Vermont. After giving up his US Green Card he left North America with his family and spent two months travelling around Chile only to find that the South American country had already become exposed to the unscrupulous companies and media-infused mind control that had forced him to leave the US.

“The street markets are being squeezed out of existence just as they were in North America,” Jaimie says. “The general populace considered the big box stores to be more respectable than the lowly street vendor.  I learned very quickly that radio, TV and newspapers were full of advice to stay away from the dirty street markets.  It’s the same story I’ve heard a million times before; unscrupulous companies campaigning against anyone who dared grow and sell regular old non-pesticide, non-GMO food.”

Money. “That was Chile’s big flaw”, Jaimie added. “They were doing very well economically and it was attracting the worst of the worst.” And he’s right. Chile is among the top countries to receive foreign direct investment (FDI) in South America and is in line to be the beneficiary (open to interpretation) of US$102 billion in investments by 2016. “In the end I decided that I needed to go to a place that has less money,” Jaimie says, so he set his sights on Central America and spent a few weeks in hostels and campgrounds before temporarily settling on Loma Partida with an eye on buying an island.

But in the interim the focus is on relaxing, and anyone who knows Jaimie knows that his version of relaxing generally includes some ridiculous project. This sometimes manifests in constructing giant robots, other times his attention is directed at building a home in the wilderness with an on-site lumber mill and workshop under an airplane hangar, but this time he decided on a 40ft solar powered catamaran.

Catamaran Panama

“I have to admit I’m loving it,” Jaimie says. “Figuring out how to make efficient propellers, learning how to build all kinds of things with fiberglass and generally getting up to my eyeballs in inventions is where I love to be. It was at this point that I started really forgetting about the rest of the world.  I decided to commit to being in the area.”

Two months, 200 gallons of resin, nine rolls of fiberglass, and 100 sheets of plywood later and Jaimie stands looking at a 39ft long, 23ft wide catamaran typing an email to me as I waited on a curry drinking beer with a friend immersed in a conversation contemplating how one defines success. The Mayfair district of London is swarming with money, but for what? For most, the nice cars and sparkling wines are distractions, ways to switch off after a stressful nine to five. It begs the question, we concluded, that if you want to switch off from your job, why are you doing it?

“I’m excited about my days, and more importantly my kids get huge grins on their faces with they get on the boat or talk about how they’re going to make their own boats soon,” Jaimie says. “I look at what we’re doing here and wonder why we as a species would allow a culture to blossom that prevents such pioneering spirit.  People tell me that not everyone can live like we do.  I disagree.  If you eliminated all the jobs that waste peoples time, the middleman jobs, jobs where one person is making sure another person is watching another person who is watching the first person, if we simply refused to waste our time regardless of the pay and instead did what we thought to be right, imagine how well we could all live, and imagine how much we could accomplish.”

Des’ree once said, “money don’t make the world go round”.  As we finished our warm ale and headed back home through the crowds of Mayfair dwellers it all became very apparent; we’ve all forgotten that.

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  1. Robert

    i follow Mr Mantzel regularly on Youtube. what an interesting guy he is. One smart guy to boot, because when the american economy collapses and it will. He is in just the right spot to miss all the USA mayhem that will occur. He will most likely be unaffected by it as it swallows up whole countries economy’s. Why because he made his own way in the world free from all the bull shit. So while the government is rounding us all up and putting us in camps designed for the sol purpose of extermination. Jamie and his family will be safe from the police and the government of america who is sworn to protect and serve us but instead kill us in the name of national security. We tend to forget about real Americans that tried to warn us. Remember Edward Snowden. i believe we should be backing people like them not forgetting them. Remember the pioneers that gave their lives so ours could be more comfortable. They didn’t do all that hard work, So our government could just say no you don’t have that right . “WE THE PEOPLE” some how we have all forgotten our rights. Its a damn shame Mr Mantzel had to move his family away from a country who’s moto is The Home of The FREE AND THE BRAVE. We are not Free or Brave anymore america we our a nation of Cowards and Slaves to our own Government. I’m also ashamed to be an american in these times where its now against the law to find a small piece of land that you can turn into your home. As for america well i think its to late. We don’t have it in us anymore to fight for what is our god given right. Pick up your guns America and take back what is yours. Or be the cowards I know you to be and sit on the couch and play video games all day and night or take the drugs the cartels ship to us by the tons that cripple our society. All the solders that died for nothing, what a waist. 60 years old and i hang my head in disgrace at what my country has become. GOD HELP US ALL.

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