Iain Duncan Smith and others stand to support PM

Revealed: Theresa May has to rely on coaching Tory MP’s to shout Corbyn down at PMQs and stand looking supportive

Watch PMQs carefully and see if you can spot what has been dubbed Theresa May’s “kill team” or “K-team.”

Tory MP's standing during PMQs

The Sunday Telegraph recently exposed a “precision bombing exercise” choreographed by new Chief Whip Julian Smith to “shout Corbyn down and put him off his stride”.

Due to worries about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s going confidence at Prime Minister’s Questions as they land more punches on the Prime Minister, and concerns about Theresa May’s ability to defend the government’s record, the ‘K-team’ have been making it increasingly hard for the Leader of the Opposition to be heard.

Last week just before one of Theresa May’s aides was read the riot act by Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow for bellowing across Jeremy Corbyn’s words, he was spotted listening to whispered orders from the Tory Chief Whip.

John Bercow Speaker of the House

“A concerted effort” to shout parliamentarians “is totally undemocratic and completely unacceptable,” Bercow warned the House of Commons.

But PMQ’s is becoming increasingly fractious as certain MP’s have been ordered to come to an increasingly beleaguered Theresa May’s aid.

Theresa May at PMQs

Conservative sources revealed to the Sunday Telegraph how this is done:


  • The “K-team” shouting down the Labour party leader or try to put him off his stride with loud guffaws


  • To distract another team stand bizarrely in a row across the front of the House of Commons Chamber, including female staff to look friendly and supportive of the PM for cameras.
We noticed one more tactic – hide Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt at the back out of the way of cameras in case anybody mentions anything about the state of the NHS:
Jeremy Hunt shifts awkwardly at PMQs
See if you can spot them in this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions:

PMQs – Theresa May vs Jeremy Corbyn in full.

PMQs – Prime Minister Theresa May vs Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn in full.

Posted by Parliament Today UK on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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  1. The Tories are totally and absolutely despicable. There is no depth to which they won’t sink. May will be judged by her record..is being judged by her record. I hated Thatcher but at least she had a plan which she followed. She was also a capable leader which May isn’t. She has support for fear of something worse.
    May flips and flops which ever way she feels will get her and her buffoons thro. The worry most horrendous govt. Animals are often used to berate the despicable but I wouldn’t insulting any animal by mentioning it in the same sentence.

  2. ian campbell

    the tories have disciplined their troops they attempt to dominate the chamber at PMQs line up arms folded occupying man space eve thier women members.

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