Osborne’s Last Budget

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

 George Osborne is odds on to be delivering his last Budget today.

Ladbrokes make it ‘Evens’ that a different Chancellor will be in charge of the famous red box next year with rumours suggesting Osborne might be moving to the Foreign Office if the Tories manage to hold on to power after May’s general election.

Meanwhile, punters have been latching on to some of the special bets being offered on the speech. “Two Kitchens” is 10/1 to get a mention and “Labour’s Economic Mess” at 6/1 is also proving a popular choice. A blue tie at Evens is being backed by shrewd observers of the Chancellor’s wardrobe.

Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes said: “If the Chancellor wants to arrange a pre budget giveaway, he just needs to stick a blue tie on. That would undoubtedly see a major redistribution of income from our pockets to those of Ladbrokes’ customers.”

Ladbrokes latest betting

Will George Osborne deliver the 2016 Budget?

8/11 No

Evens Yes

Budget Buzzword Bingo

Which of these exact words or phrases will the Chancellor say?

1/20 Long Term Economic Plan

1/10 Beer

1/4 Election

Evs Hard Working Families

6/4 Tough Decisions

7/4 Finish The Job

2/1 Hard Choices

2/1 Immigration

4/1 Competence Not Chaos

4/1 We’re All In This Together

5/1 Striving To Get On

6/1 Labour’s Economic Mess

8/1 Twitter

8/1 Magic Money Tree

10/1 Two Kitchens

12/1 Alex Salmond

20/1 I Believe in Britain

33/1 Pre-election Giveaway

66/1 Omnishambles

Colour of Chancellor’s Tie

Evens Blue

3/1 Purple

4/1 Green

6/1 Grey

10/1 Red

12/1 Brown

16/1 Yellow

20/1 Orange

20/1 Black

33/1 White

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