Majority of Labour members back second referendum vote

A poll has indicated that Labour members overwhelmingly back a second vote over leaving the EU. 72 per cent of the 1,000 people polled are hoping Corbyn backs a ‘People’s Vote.’ In terms of Labour voters 57 per cent want him to push for a second poll.

Additionally, close to a quarter (23 percent) of Labour members attributed Mr Corbyn’s failure to back a second referendum to a belief that he supports leaving the European project.

The survey also found that an overhwelming 88 per cent of members would vote Remain if it was a choice in a referendum giving the public the final say now.

And 16 per cent of Labour members polled said they are considering leaving the party over the current Brexit stance.

These statistics come as the labour leader resists calls from within his party to back a second referendum, Instead Corbyn wants a General Election, which he believes he can win, then will go to Brussels and work out a better settlement over the EU withdrawal.

EU leaders have ruled out renegotiating Brexit terms, but indicated that the March 29 date for Brexit could be pushed back for major reasons such as a referendum.

But the good news for the Labour leader is that his approval rating is still high with the membership: 65 per cent of members believe he is doing a good job, as opposed to 35 per cent who don’t.

And only 29 per cent say that they oppose the Labour Party’s Brexit stance, 47 per cent insisting that they approve it. 

Yet Professor Tim Bale, of Queen Mary University London, said: “Our survey of Labour’s grassroots clearly shows that Corbyn’s apparent willingness to see the UK leave the EU – a stance he has recently reiterated – is seriously at odds with what the overwhelming majority of Labour’s members want, and it doesn’t reflect the views of most Labour voters either.”

The study was carried out by YouGov for the Economic and Social Research Council-funded Party Members Project.

YouGov surveyed 1,034 Labour Party members between December 17 and 21 2018. The pollster also surveyed a representative sample of 1,675 British adults on December 18-19.

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