This Facebook comment about Jeremy Corbyn is going viral

This Facebook comment about Jeremy Corbyn and the General Election is going viral on social media.

Chris Renwick’s post began going viral almost immediately and has been reposted across social media ever since it went up last week.

Here’s the comment in full (tell us what you think below):

Here’s what I’m really struggling to understand. All I’ve ever heard from people, for years, is:

“bloody bankers and their bonuses”
“bloody rich and their offshore tax havens “
“bloody politicians with their lying and second homes” 
“bloody corporations paying less tax than me”
“bloody Establishment, they’re all in it together”
“it’ll never change, there’s no point in voting”

And quite rightly so, I said all the same things.

But then someone comes along that’s different. He upsets the bankers and the rich. The Tory politicians hate him along with most of the labour politicians. The corporations throw more money at the politicians to keep him quiet. And the Establishment is visibly shaken. I’ve never seen the Establishment so genuinely scared of a single person.

So the media arm of the establishment gets involved. Theresa phones Rupert asking what he can do, and he tells her to keep her mouth shut, don’t do the live debate, he’ll sort this out. So the media goes into overdrive with:

“she’s strong and stable”
“he’s a clown”
“he’s not a leader”
“look he can’t even control his own party”
“he’ll ruin the economy”
“how’s he gonna pay for it all?!”
“he’s a terrorist sympathiser, burn him, burn the terrorist sympathiser”

And what do we? We’ve waited forever for an honest politician to come along but instead of getting behind him we bow to the establishment like good little workers. They whistle and we do a little dance for them. We run around like hypnotised robots repeating headlines we’ve read, all nodding and agreeing. Feeling really proud of ourselves because we think we’ve came up with our very own first political opinion. But we haven’t, we haven’t come up with anything. This is how you tell. No matter where someone lives in the country, they’re repeating the same headlines, word for word. From Cornwall to Newcastle people are saying:

“he’s a clown”
“he’s a threat to the country”
“she’s strong and stable”
“he’ll take us back to the 70s”

And there’s nothing else, there’s no further opinion. There’s no evidence apart from one radio 5 interview that isn’t even concrete evidence, he actually condemns the violence of both sides in the interview. There’s no data or studies or official reports to back anything up. Try and think really hard why you think he’s a clown, other than the fact he looks like a geography teacher (no offence geography teachers) because he hasn’t done anything clownish from what I’ve seen.

And you’re not on this planet if you think the establishment and the media aren’t all in it together.

You think Richard Branson, who’s quietly winning NHS contracts, wants Corbyn in?
You think Rupert Murdoch, who’s currently trying to widen his media monopoly by buying sky outright, wants Jeremy in?
You think the Barclay brothers, with their offshore residencies, want him in?
You think Philip Green, who stole all the pensions from BHS workers and claims his wife owns Top Shop because she lives in Monaco, wants Corbyn in?
You think the politicians, both Labour and Tory, with their second homes and alcohol paid for by us, want him in?
You think Starbucks, paying near zero tax, wants him in?
You think bankers, with their multi million pound bonuses, want him in?

And do you think they don’t have contact with May? Or with the media? You honestly think that these millionaires and billionaires are the sort of people that go “ah well, easy come easy go, it was nice while it lasted”?? I wouldn’t be if my personal fortune was at risk, I’d be straight on the phone to Theresa May or Rupert Murdoch demanding this gets sorted immediately.

Because here’s a man, a politician that doesn’t lie and can’t lie. He could have said whatever would get him votes anytime he wanted but he hasn’t. He lives in a normal house like us and uses the bus just like us. He’s fought for justice and peace for nearly 40 years. He has no career ambitions. And his seat is untouchable. That’s one of the greatest testimonies. No one comes close to removing him from his constituency, election after election.

His Manifesto is fully costed. It all adds up, yes there’s some borrowing but that’s just to renationalise the railway, you know we already subsidise them and they make profit yeah? One more time… WE subsidise the railway companies and they walk away with a profit, just try and grasp the level of piss taking going on there.

Unlike the Tory manifesto with a £9 billion hole, their figures don’t even add up.

And it benefits all of us, young, old, working, disabled, everyone. The only people it hurts are the establishment, the rich, the bankers, the top 5% highest earners.

Good, screw them, it’s long overdue. #VoteLabour #ForTheManyNotTheFew !


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228 Responses

  1. David Jenkins

    Corbyn made a big mistake by not deselecting the MPs who forced him to defend his leadership; . Whatever we think of Corbyn is irrelevant. If he loses the election the Party will get rid of him. If labour wins and he becomes Prime Minister, his rebel MPs will pass a vote of “No Confidence” and choose a new Prime Minister. That will leave us, the majority, in the EU against our wishes and Labour in the ludicrous position of having a separate Leader and a different Prime Minister. The Labour Party is too divided to be trusted with the government of the UK.

    1. SKS

      The PLP cannot ‘de-select’ Corbyn as leader win or lose next week. Only the membership can and they won’t so the above is not a valid argument against voting Labour. I agree some MP’s should be made to sign up or ship out but with a snap election called there was not time but next time…… there will be.

      1. David Booth

        Yep. But nothing succeeds like success and to be honest anti Corbyn MPs like Jess Phillips would be welcomed because of her brass neck and very sound opinions on women and equality. I think Corbyn might get fed up with the personal bile, but would never want her or her passion to leave the PLP.

        1. liam

          Really – I would rather see the back stabbing Jess Philips lose her seat than have her standing up as a strong voice of women. She is not the brightest and in fact there are many more strong women who would do a much better job and not be lead by the media establishment. In fact I think the leader of the Greens is probably more of a socialist than Jess Philips.

          1. DM Gray

            She’s also a hypocritical narcissist.

            She decided it was appropriate to hold men’s issues hostage against her OWN personal ambitions. Her excuse? That it was that odious Tory moron that bought up the men’s issues.
            When she was FORCED to back track, it was all about how she is a victim and some of her best friends are men (yup, I draw that comparison. It’s appropriate)

            The woman literally *can’t* be a socialist precisely because of her attitudes on women’s issues.
            She makes it into a fight between men and women.
            No socialist should be ABLE to do that, because socialism quite rightly identifies CLASS (not gender or even race) as the great barrier.
            As soon as “men” become “the oppressor” you have abandoned socialism.

            When she’s content to throw ALL men under the bus (the suicidal, the homeless, the unemployed and under educated) because rich women don’t do as well as rich men (but they’re both still rich) then she really lacks perspective…

            “standing up for women’s issues” is literally the easiest thing on the planet for a person to do. Nobody should garner applause for it.
            It’s been a political strategy since *ancient* times (the “virtue of our women” vs how badly the women of other places are treated)
            Is she a firebrand? Sure. Passion has value in politics.
            I just think she’s every bit as toxic as any Tory.
            Worse, because she has ambitions within Labour, and that would be a disaster.
            The thin veneer of “progressive” politics isn’t enough to distract me from the fact she’s the same old neoliberal we’ve seen under New Labour. Identity politics in the stead of policy. Equality as a game to win rather than an ideal to aspire to, for EVERYONE.

        2. Becca Byrne

          “sound opinions on women and equality”? Al lI heard from JP was her laughing at eh 6 men a day who commit suicide and have no equal rights in law to see there own children. I call that fascism not left wing.

      2. John Cutts

        Are you sure? I just read that May is consulting this very morning about another snap election in the case of any brexit deal being voted down. Apparently she is constitutionally obliged.

        So we could have an election at short notice again and the sabateu
        rs really could stop JC being PM as, under our system, the PM is appointed by the Queen and has to be someone who can command a majority in Parliament. If JC can’t, he won’t be PM. We need a big majority and loyal MP’s if we are going to turn round the fortunes of this country

    2. Jason Morris

      As far as I am aware Jeremy Corbyn isn’t allowed to deselect MP’s, that is in the hands of the local constituencies.

      1. Linda

        As a Vice-Chair in my local Constituency Labour Party, I can confirm that it is the local CLP and not the leader who decides on their candidates.

        1. Michael Kenward

          Why then do so many constituencies end up with candidates who are clones of the PPE brigade, few of whom have any work experience in the real world, outside the Westminster/Whitehall hothouse?

          1. Paul Reynolds

            Started with B Liar, parachuting in candidates that met HIS criteria. Should get back to open representation, with the constituents voting for THEIR preferred candidate.

        2. Johnny C

          Linda you should also be aware that the local members had absolutely no say in selection of candidates for this general election as the NEC imposed special selection comms (outside the normal rules and democratic process) which in the main contained anti-JC majorities to rig the panels. Candidates that fought the 2015 election were in the main rubber stamped automatically which again is contrary to the selection rules that are expected at all general elections, irrespective of short notice. Very few real socialist/pro-JC candidates were selected for this election, even in vacant spots. In summary, anti JC/anti-democratic forces within the NEC, prevented membership democracy in the selection of the prospective PLP for this general election.

        3. Joe Kelsall

          Yes! And that is the problem. That is why Liverpool has a Zionist MP just out of nappies! ThevCLP just do as they’re told. Liverpool is a landing zone for parachuting Labour candidates.

        1. John Cutts

          Momentum are 40,000 (and not the most active 40,000!) out 560,000 individual members – not to mention the affiliates such as the unions.

          To imagine they run the Labour Party betrays either great ignorance or mischief

    3. Graham Stewart

      @David Jenkins – Do you write fiction for a living? Or is this what your crystal ball told you to write?

    4. Colin

      I don’t believe you are correct, well I hope not, the last two elections have been lost by Labour simply because you would be hard pressed to squeeze a cigarette paper between them, if the Labour rebels don’t agree with the Socialist programme set out by Corbyn they should join the Tory party, or form another right wing party like New Labour.

      1. C Daly

        Yeah, quite true, for yours. Now scuttle off back to whatever penthouse your parents bought you like a good little banker boy. You’ll get your just dessserts when the revolutions comes

          1. dave

            Actually, the phrase is ‘just desserts’ in contemporary language, as that use of the word ‘deserts’ has not been in parlance for centuries. There’s pedantry, and then there’s this.

          2. Allan

            Dave, the term is still “just deserts” – it comes from what you “deserve” and has nothing to do with a meal.

    5. David Jenkins what you are saying does not stand up to scrutiny. Had Jeremy Corbyn done what you suggest he would have shown himself to be what he very clearly is not, and what he has said on numerous occasions that he is not which is a dictator. That is quite apart from the fact that he would have lost a great deal of support in constituencies where an MP had been deselected and a Corbyn supporter put in their place.

      You are assuming that those you term rebel MPs have not accepted the result of Labour’s relatively recent democratic election for a leader and would seek to rock the boat almost at the moment of any hypothetical victory, a view for which there is no evidence and no justification. You go on to assume that any hypothetical new PM elected by the PLP would not honour the outcome of the referendum.

      You further assume that if Labour lose the Labour Party will automatically get rid of Corbyn. You entirely overlook the precedent of Neil Kinnock remaining as leader when Labour lost the 1987 election.

      You use a lot of ifs and buts, perhaps maybes and hypothetical assumptions for which there is no evidence to support a hypothetical chain of events and reach a conclusion of division.

      1. mifmif

        his man is the biggest liar (apart from Abbot and McDonnell) in Westminster. the past support of a terrorist group has not even been taught in our schools. Most people under forty have not a clue what they were involved in and do not know who the IRA are. Just how may were murdered by the IRA in the UK and Ireland? What a joke this mild mannered Father Christmas figure has well and truly duped some of the most very gullible. I suggest you learn your British history.

        1. DM Gray

          Theresa May just made cosy with the Saudis.
          Two weeks ago.
          A literal terror state that is building Wahabi mosques for immigrants across the west while refusing to take refugees. They’re some of the biggest sponsors of international terrorism and are CURRENTLY engaged in massacring Yemen.
          So, it would seem you’re perfectly fine with some terrorism…
          The Irish troubles were a mess. Complicated with bad actors on both sides (lets not pretend that the British government were all innocence)
          Corbyn engaged with Sinn Fein, he promoted peace talks because that’s what he thinks solves terrorism.
          And what do you know. We had peace talks and we’ve had DECADES of peace. All without nuking Ireland.

          Corbyn is rather open with his record on this and explicitly condemns violence on all sides.
          Seems to me what you WANT is a liar.
          Somebody that SAYS one thing (like, “lets fight terrorism!”) and then does another (say; support a regimine of dronestrikes that kill innocent people, sell arms to ISIS supporters etc)
          If you condemn Corbyn but do not condemn May, you may well have been dropped on your head as a child…

        2. Corbyn supported Sinn Fein, the parliamentary party, not the provisional IRA, and his position was always one of willingness to negotiate. Mo Mowlam asked for his help when she wanted to get the Good Friday Agreement signed by all. He went to Belfast and spoke with Sinn Fein BUT EQUALLY he spoke to Ian Paisley and the DUP. Do you think for a moment Paisley would have given him the time of day if he’d been supporting terrorism? They went on to have a civilised correspondence after the agreement was signed. It’s on the basis of this that I believe Corbyn and his team will be better at negotiating than Bojo would be. By the way, I am over forty and was there when the Troubles were happening. I don’t support goals achieved through violence and neither does Corbyn or his Labour party.

        3. Anne Green

          Mif Mif, My sentiments exactly!! They only see what he wishes them to see. Waiting to see the full report on his stance when those flats were first built. The truth has yet to be revealed and when it is I hope he is banished from any party!!

        4. Baz

          Another tory gobshite scared to show their face or put their name to a vile comment which they know to be a lie. Man up you shithouse!

        5. Ian Roberts

          He’s only a liar because as the article points out – you have been made to think he is by the right-wing Cuntservative media. Can you show me any evidence whatsoever he has supported the IRA??? I mean – actual footage rather than an article written by a right-wing paper? I’d like to see his ACTUAL words. Why are so many people against a man that actually cares about the working class people? Is it so wrong that he wants the intentional systematic destruction of the NHS to stop? Is it wrong he wants to ease the hardship that so many disabled people face in this country because of cuts to welfare, yet easing the tax on the top earners – as if they need the extra money whilst people starve. There is so much more to say about this Conservative Government, but I can’t be arsed to keep saying it to idiots who only think of themselves instead of others. 60% of foodbank users are working. I have used them too. It shouldn’t be happening in this country! The Conservatives are literally out to make money for themselves and they just don’t care about the poor – it really is that in a nutshell.

        6. Jean

          Jackonory, Jackonory. Is it not about time stories made up by the media, twisted truths, were seen through? Or is shouting other peoples words meant to show some form of worldly astuteness. Anyone can repeat what they read.

      2. John Cutts

        The PLP does not decide who is PM – the Queen does (isn’t our democracy wonderful!).

        JC would have to go to Buckingham Palace with evidence he could command a majority in the Commons.

        If the sabateurs vote with The Tories and Lib Dems in Parliament, it is likely he won’t command a majority and therefore wouldn’t be appointed PM by the Queen.

        This is why the sabs need replacing urgently

    6. Mike Carlisle

      Since when was 37% of the electorate and less than 25% of the population a majority, and do not forget a very large number that voted out now want to remain. Why, because they realised that Johnson, Farage, Gove, Duncan-Slime told nothing but a pack of LIES

    7. jjon

      In your dreams you Tory chancer. You clearly know no history let alone anything about how labour Candidates are picked. We actually have a democratic (look the word up) system

    8. Tim

      And Teresea May with her roundabout decision making policies and lack of real grounding knowledge of how the average working person feels, fills you with confidence. Conservatives had their chance, they’ve not fulfilled their promises. Time for another person to get their try at running things in my opinion. At least we’ll know it’s different and possibly for the better and if that still doesn’t work out, we can change it all up again in the next election.

    9. Peta Malthouse

      What they were anxious about was his apparent lack of leadership when everyone believed the tories would call a snap election. I think he has proved his point and I dont think there will be an attempt to remove him now whatever way it goes

    10. Johnny Boy

      No, even if they do pass a vote of no confidence, like last time, you can expect Corbyn to win again as the vote is with the party membership. The conservatives are also divided, any large party probably is. Cameron called the Brexit referendum in the first place to keep his eurosceptics on board, then campaigned for remain and said Brexit would “lead to WW3”. So if you’re saying Labour can’t be trusted because they’re divided, you are supporting the torys as there’s no other choice, so you are a hypocrite.

    11. Chris Attewell

      They had a vote of no confidence. They had a second leadership election. And what happened??????? If he wins their complaint that he is unelectable (after winning TWO leadership elections) goes down the toilet. The PLP must now see that New Labour is as dead as a can of spam! Just wait. Have faith. Anything is better than Mayhem!

    12. David callow

      See Linda’s comment below. Jeremy cannot over-ride the CLPs. Shame, since there has been so much back stabbing. It will take some time for the Blairites to be moved out.

    13. Woody McMartin

      That unfortunately is the very reason people fear change. The old say saying the ‘Devil you know………….; rings in my ears. America was recently faced with a choice between Democrats Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who had similar ideals and ethics to Corbyn, and look who they ended up with because they were afraid to abandon the status quo. Absorb the fact that the establishment is rotten to the core and be bold enough to vote for change.

      1. ashley retallick

        Woody, that is the most sensible thing I’ve read all day. The establishment cannot sleep at night right now because they fear Jezza and his popular support among the young. Tory voters are slowly dying off and the establishment is lost, their control of the media is no longer enough because who reads newspapers these days? I’m fifty and I don’t. It tends to be older people than me generally. Fear of change is diminishing among the working class because we have been crapped on enough. Zero hours contracts, astronomical housing costs, second class and expensive public transport, rich tax dodgers, sound-bite politicians, the NHS being dismantled, etc etc etc. People are waking up and thinking eff it. How could it get any worse if we vote Corbyn in?

    14. Lin Mallon

      I get sick of the Tories spouting on about how they will be strong in the BREXIT negotiations and that other parties are not capable of doing this, BUT I haven’t heard what they are going to negotiate with, how or what stratedgies they are likely to use so how can they say they will be the right people for the task, I think Labour will do just as good a job of negotiating with far better understanding of the working class values and needs than any fat cat tory – words are cheap and their promises are often broken.

    15. Steve

      David, would it not be difficult to justify no confidence if he won the election? Also do you remember what happened last time they said they had no confidence in Corbyn

    16. Marguerite Chapman

      It is an appalling thought that the socialists might join the govt as coalition….& NOTHING will get done, even worse than the last coalition!! We will be the laughing stock of the E.U. & Juncker will even slap & kiss our leaders!!! Noooooooooooo.

    17. Travelfreak7

      David Jenkins, I am glad that you brought the issue up. I would say that the elections happened far too swiftly to go through a deselection process. This time if…. labour take the elections, it will be no doubt through the will of ‘we the plebs’ – and we the plebs will have Jeremy’s back. No more Mr or Mrs Nice Guys. We do not need to ‘rent a crowd’ we have a crowd and the local residents of the district will remind any MP that misconduct will not occur on our watch.

    18. The truth remains that like all left wing parties they eventually run out of other people’s money.
      If Corbyn really wants to serve his country he should rent out his crushingly boring monotone voice to the NHS who could save millions by using it as a surefire substitiute for sleeping pills up and down the land

      1. Jim Lee

        Typical Tory focusing on the appearance and tone rather than the substance. Unfair on you I suppose because when was the last time the conservatives had any substance for you to recognize? There is no substance in just attacking the other side. There will be no possibility of renting his reasoned voice to the NHS if the Tories get in because there sadly will be no shining jewel of our country left; it will be in the hands of speculators who will invariably be good friends of the Tory party.

      2. James

        Hey Ron, who are these ‘other people’ you mention? I’ll tell you. These ‘other people’ have accumulated MASSIVE amounts of wealth and earn obscene amounts of money with little or no payback into the society in which they prosper. There’s plenty of wealth to go around Ron. However a disproportionate amount lies within the grasp of a small number of people. I work my arse off for under 10 quid an hour on shift duties within the NHS helping line the pockets of corrupt politicians and unethical business people and corporations. I’ll happily pay taxes to pay the wages of people who actually serve our community, like police officers, teaches and nurses. Yet they get paid a pittance compared to all the bloated, parasitical wealthy few who manipulate and are in-league with the current law-givers to create a financial, legal and political system that favours the few, not the many. No wonder these ‘other people’ are frightened of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Jeremy will directly challenge these people and their systems if he becomes prime minister. He will not spend billions making war on other countries thereby whereby ‘other people’ – in this case arms dealers and suppliers – make a prosperous living. Instead, money used of waging war on others will be used to pay teachers. To build proper railway networks and services so that trains run on time and do not over-charge their customers. He will improve hospitals instead of closing down services. Corporations will be forced to pay taxes back into the country and communities in the same way that hard-working people like myself do. Whether I’m cleaning up piss from the floor, or having to restrain a violent psychotic person or listen quietly to someone weeping with emotion, I have pride in my work, For the poultry tenner I get paid, I’m rushing around like a blue-arsed fly doing a good job and working hard. Contrast that to the bankers, the major shareholders of unethical corporations, the corrupt politicians… it is these ‘OTHER PEOPLE’s who take 90% of the cake, leaving crumbs for working people like myself who actually contribute to society as a whole in both our personal and working lives. Be afraid Ron if you’re one of those people as your world may change. However, if you’re a working bloke like me, don’t worry, if Jeremy becomes PM you will become personally better off and live in a country that is once again working towards greatness, with effective and well resourced public services, and less fear from terrorism as we strengthen our British police force and security services and a cease waging our massively expensive and terrorist-recruiting bombing raids in countries like Syria.

    19. Tony Palmer

      Don’t be so sure! Corbyn will win, and he’ll get rid of troublesome MPs, he’s the first GREAT politician England has produced in my life time, an unspoilt man, true to his convictions, honest, intelligent ; a great English man!

      1. Pauline preston

        Really funny. He isn’t too bright, privately educated, grew up in a 7 bed mansion, took £20,000 from Iranian TV working with his good friend George Galloway, Iran a country with a diabolical human rights record. He is a blank slate that people project their fantasies onto. 30 odd years in a comfy very well paid job as a backbench MP.

    20. Laureen Lessels

      I’m obviously not in the majority. I wanted to stay in the EU. I live in Cornwall. Half the things we have now wouldn’t have happened without EU money, my past two jobs included.

    21. Chris Barber

      Ridiculous comment, David. The “Party” cannot remove Jeremy Corbyn (I presume you mean the PLP). This is the choice of the membership or JC himself. They are not going to pass a motion of no confidence because that might precipitate another General Election, which nobody wants. His manifesto, is, on the whole, very popular with the PLP anyway and he has proved himself an excellent leader in the run up to the election. Incidentally, you can’t have a separate leader and PM, bonkers idea!

    22. Bobby Botox

      Jesus, if it stopped brexit I’d be up for it, but don’t think it will happen. I don’t care what the majority think they want, we need to do the right thing and stop behaving like children playing let’s pretend.

    23. spy

      the majority would be better off still in Europe. A courageous government would stop Brexit now, after a campaign of lies and misinformation persuaded a people who wanted any sort of change but did not need to leave Europe to vote in favour of a consultative not mandatory exit.

    24. Andrew Nichols

      He couldnt as the Labour Party in the Bliar years after they had done that to all the non Bliar MPs changed the rules to protect sitting members. They can only be replaced once they retire go to jail or lose their seats

    25. Carol Carr

      You are wrong David, it is the membership that decide who will lead them – we have spoken
      (a number of times) and Jeremy is the only person we want to lead us. What we think of Jeremy is essential, he would not want it any other way.

    26. Toni Hamilton-smirh

      Jeremy Cornyn the first really honest pollution this country has had for a long time .this man is yet to be tried and tested. Once in downing street I believe his quality and achievements will out way that of Attlee and Bevan.

    27. David Thatcher

      The Labour Party split? What about the Tories?
      What is this about ‘the majority’? 1.8% is not much of a majority!
      We need a Prime Minister who is honest and who works for us.
      We need a government that stops electricity price rises of 12.5%.
      We need a government that stops private companies making large profits via public subsidies when the services can be run more efficiently by the public sector.
      In short, we do not need the Tories!

    28. Jamieson

      Err, haven’t we heard it all before? Didn’t work then and it wont work now. The last lot stole our pensions and loaded students with debt and still managed to bankrupt the country.

    29. Jeannie

      And still, after all you have said (which I do not agree with) Labour would STILL be better at governing the UK. By the way, your argument is totally one-sided. You neglected to mention the MANY reasons why the Tories are a total disaster for the UK.

    30. Joe Kelsall

      Many in the party would like to get rid of him now. They should resign, although that would take a modicum of principle. Corbyn is THE reason thatbth Labour Partybwas not liquidated during the lastbGeneral Election. Time for the night of the long knives and the electorate choosing their own contender fo MP.

    31. I disagree. Mr Corbyn is our hope for a future of fairness, creativity, workers rights and far less zero hours contracts which I think are not only soul destroying but don’t pay much into the taxation coffers. lMy opinion is that for the last yrs the wealthy supported by the Tory party, have been the ones making huge profits. Just speaking about Britain, its a horrible mess. Living in the ocuntryside is deeply unpleasant with landowners doing anything they can to make money plus getting their agri grants. 70% of our land is used for growing animal feed. Methane from cattle is the second largest cause of global warming and what I see is meat and dairy industry just turning a blind eye to this, this government too. There’s no justice for millions in this world. Trump has just passed a new law making it illegal for elderly people in nursing homes to sue staff you abuse them . The wealthy here in England get away with criminal activities all the time whislt rampaging across our countryside with packs of dogs that kill our wildlife. IN THE MEANTIME , MOST OF US ARE SLEEP WALKING……WAKEEEEEE WAKEEEEEE

    32. Steve

      Gosh, some people are going to be mighty disappointed when they discover that Corbyn isnt the Messiah.
      I voted Labour for 40 years but would never dream of doing so while Corbyn -and more crucially the sort of people who devote mindless chants and mindless adulation to him. Does that make me a tool of the Establishment?

      1. ROY

        I’d love you to actually back your rubbish with some honest financial facts and figures that suggest man Corbyn isn’t merely trying to utilise human logic not insanity to gain fairness through a corrupt digital monetary lending and interest system of obscene division?? This man talks with himanity at his helm and doesnt stand for such uncountable profits which are never given back to the worlds children. Perhaps if your kids were stranded on a man made float across the coast of Libya running from weapons being used against their families and made readily in this country perhaps you’d have just a little understanding about what’s going on in the bigger picture instead of repeating the word Brexit over and over like any of us no what that this all means in terms of the backhanded deals made with the central banks and their associates. Do us all a favour and try to make sense of the situation instead of adding more cloud?

    33. iii

      to be honest I do not mind. JC exists. He is a prove that politics does not have to be nasty and cruel.That some politician really have passion to change the place for better for everyone.My little dream is JC as PM and William as a king

    34. Paco

      The establishment is shaking all right but that is because if this moron ever gets to be premier minister, the damage done by the credit, will be a joke

    35. Barry Bradford

      62% Voted for Corbyn and that looks like a very good chance that he will stay leader. Your comments are scaremongering and a load of bull Mr Jenkins. Labour has never been as together as it is right now 552k members to only 149k of Conservatives. Capitalism is doing nothing for the UK and society on the whole is getting worse, it’s beyond a joke. The right wing and the establishment are shaking at the thought of having to pay more tax into helping the whole of our country. Selfish set of b******* is all i can say.

    36. ADELE RAE

      David Jenkins…and the Tories can be trusted???? You are surmising what might happen but here’s the thing it might not!

    37. Jaki Florek

      And you think the Tory Party is not divided?? This is not guesswork on conjecture: we can SEE what the Tory Party is like in government!

    38. Carol Wilcox

      Jeremy Corbyn (JC) is just one of those guys who emanates justice, peace and honesty, an understanding of the real issues that affect people in our society. I have seen from the front line and felt what this current government has done to our essential services, such as social care NHS and all the rest. Brexit? mmm i’m not happy about leaving the EU, however, I feel JC will get the best deal for all of us if we have to leave. Come on young people get behind this man as its your future, he in no way is racist or anti-Semitic. He speaks truth and fairness and all the rest. Keep up the momentum young people as it is indeed your future the politicians hold in their hands.

    39. Kevin D

      interesting idea, now about that £400bn or so we have already loss due to Brexit, is leaving the EU such a good idea?

      Don’t hear the Tories talking too much about it.

      Where is it gone, government debt is in dollars, the fall of the pound to the dollar means we owe another £400bn (ish) plus interest. money never to be seen again and its your money.

    40. peter franzen

      The Blairite/Tory fifth column MP’s cost Labour the last general election. They should all be kicked out before they cause further damage and defeats.

    41. 700Kmarched

      Your comment lost basically everyone when you made the false claim “the majority, in the EU against our wishes”
      Enough old people have passed away naturally, and young turned old enough to vote to swing a second referendum further to remain than the slim majority of two years ago irrespective of the number who have turned since all the Leave lies have been shown to be so and the real disaster brexit is now let alone for years to come is opening people’s eyes.

    42. RON ROW

      yet you support the other mob that is divided more so than Labour, Corbyn had to cut cancer out, or it would have been still inside destroying the Labor party. Those filed with the cancer were Blair Supporters, He was nothing but a traitor to the party and is a war criminal

    43. Kubrckguy

      78% want a Marxist to run the country… read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, read about the USSR 60 million murdered, Mao 80 million murdered, Pol Pot 10 million murdered, North Korea, even beloved Chez Guevara murdered 2 million in Cuba. 76% of you want Corbyn despite the suffering marxism has caused… “then you are idealists and I pity you like I would the village idiot” Good luck with the Marxists, you’re going to need it…

    44. I don’t think the PLP can get rid of Jeremy Corbyn were he to become our PM; he stays for as long as the membership wants him to stay. Like you, I think Corbyn will see to it that we remain, or re-join the EU, when he becomes PM; unlike you, I think this will be a good thing for Britain – and the British working people. We don’t want a gradual decline in Britain, with higher unemployment than we already have. Ostensibly, our unemployment rate is around 4.5%; but when you take into account part-time and zero-contract work, our actual unemployment rate is 7.5%. We don’t want Brexit to make that rate higher.

    45. Antimo Dean

      Utter rubbish. For a start, Corbyn wants out of the EU. If his ‘rebel MPs’ bring a vote of no confidence, it will fail, because the rest of the Labour MPs don’t want to be deselected by their constituencies who mostly elected Corbyn in the first place. The constitution of the Labour party has always allowed for a separate Prime Minister and party leader, as does the Tory and libdem parties, but in practice this will never happen because… ambition.
      Lastly, there is no party more divided than the tories, currently, and they have made an absolute pigs ear of running the country since 2010, and an absolute horses arse of it since 2015 So who can be trusted with the government of the UK. Evidence over the last 4 or 5 years suggest that the SNP are the only party who can hold a membership and policy manifesto together for longer than 5 minutes. Perhaps you need to go back and have another look.

      1. KIM

        Seems not. Chris Renwick is apparently? Interesting. I would LOVE to know the truth, but then that is exactly what the piece is about isn’t it? TRUTH

    1. Adam

      author is my sister in law too but I don’t know her – or her brothers and sisters but she is good writer. Is it a he, she ?

  2. Mary Macphail

    Wonderful honesty , insigthtful, thought provoking truths. Watched BBC debate this evening Corbyn trounced all comers . then I watched BBC News ws which surprise surprise gave him hardly any air time , but gave the concervative ‘Stand in’ praise and quoted her statement on Corbyn not being strong enough to deal with Brexit and that he would be surrounded by chaos. Now watching ‘Hardtalk’ interview . Whilst a South African guy is being interviewed on his country’s political situation there is a caption continually running underneath the screen , quoting the Stand in” comments on Jeremy Corbyn. BBC is diagram.

    1. Jon K

      When you say “Corbyn trounced all comers”, that is just your opinion. It’s not a fact. So to expect the BBC to lead its news with “Corbyn trounces all comers in TV debate” is fatuous nonsense. I watched it and thought Lucas & Farron were more eloquent and memorable than Corbyn. Obviously you’re going to think he’s the best because you’re besotted with him, but that is opinion and not fact. The BBC coverage was entirely fair, showing each contributor’s best moments – in fact his comments to Rudd about food banks were shown first.

    1. Lucas

      Thank you Chris I have refused to vote for most of my life and I am not a young man, I have done this as I have felt cheated by the so called Democratic system of any viable alternative believing myself to be living in a Corporatocracy, however I now feel there may still be a chance for Democracy and will be registering to vote as we may actually have a Labour party, keep up the good work fighting the Media Machine, ALL 4 1 AND 1 4 ALL. PS. Going to repost your post now.

  3. John

    Nah. It’s not “going viral”. It’s being pushed around the internet by the Corbynistas – a relatively small group of people using social media to inflate their views. Just the way they elected Corbyn – by flooding the Labour Party with new members from the left wing.

    1. Neil

      Okay then… is it medication time again?

      Translucent May has been absolutely awful during this campaign. Caught out at every opportunity and is now like the rabbit in the head lights.

      Where Corbyn has ignited the imagination of many people who’ve maybe never ever voted before. May has been losing support by the bucket load. Corbyn turned up at last nights debate, May was putting out the bins or as most Tory supporters have said ‘She had better things to do’

      She has made more u-turns on policies than I care to imagine.

      This is an fantastic post and will be shared more and more.

      1. richard

        calls a snap election which she said she wouldn’t do then can’t even be bothered to turn up to talk and possibly garner more support for her own party in the er, snap election she said she wouldn’t call – says it all really

    2. Anthony Costine

      “flooding the Labour Party with new members from the left wing.”

      Dear John, have you any idea how utterly moronic your words sound?

    3. Dan T

      ‘flooding the Labour Party with new members from the left wing’

      Erm… You do realise the Labour Party is supposed to be left wing party don’t you?

    4. Matt

      You realise that Labour is (at least in theory) a left wing party? So attracting new members is a good thing for a political party.
      So why is any of that a bad thing? I joined Labour because of Corbyn. I was so impressed by his moral and ethical principles, by his leadership, that I wanted to be a part of that political movement.
      You (clearly) have a different political viewpoint to me, that’s fine, I’m not asking you about that – I would like you to explain why “flooding the Labour Party with new members from the left wing” is a bad thing?

  4. BrianAndrewsRowley

    Written by my brother in law. Not a political commentator, just a regular 51 year-old. Get in touch via email

  5. Jim Savage

    If you think the establishment has the knives out for Corbyn then what do you think they up to with the SNP, it’s all slurs and smear and trying to turn the uk against the Scots who dare to want independence….

  6. Tad

    So, there is no one single person who is credited with this article. Is this plagarism, or theft. Either way, the Labour Party yet again cannot agree on the most simple of things, or have the courtesy and decency of crediting the authour. And yet they say they are not dishonest or liars!!!

  7. Sanjay Merchant

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment of this article. Both Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott have been found out in recent weeks when being questioned about the finances of specific parts of their manifesto. If they cannot get the message across about the basic issues and how they will be funded, how can we expect them not to blow the countries credit card limit again.

    The last two Labour administrations have left the country in a mess, I for one don’t want to see a repeat when this time we will end up going cap in hand to the IMF again. Tax and spend economics has never worked and never will.

  8. Daniel Hill

    Since when was it a crime in this country to work hard, aspire to great things and receive money as a result? We do live in a capitalist society, do we not? When I see people write things like “Good, screw them, it’s long overdue.” it just makes me think ‘sour grapes’ and jealousy. You should’ve tried harder at school. You should be out there affecting change, rather than simply moaning about your lot. Sure, some wealthy people abuse the power it affords them. They are rightly vilified for that. Then other bitter people, like this person (whoever the hell wrote it) uses it as ammunition to suggest the Tories are all rich-loving greedy aristocrats. Not true. They simply understand that you cannot borrow your way out of debt, and if the pie isn’t big enough, everyone eats less pie. It’s okay to want social justice; a strong NHS, education, defence, policing, welfare etc, but it’s not okay to attack those who work hard to make this country the place it is – whether they are the politicians trying to make decisions for 65m people, or those of us working hard in our businesses to earn that nasty thing called profit.

    1. Ian Wardell

      Why does failing to try hard enough at school justify 90% of us in the UK sharing less than half of all wealth?

    2. Marilyn Kick

      Daniel Hill I cannot agree with you. Fine you earn your money and you pay your taxes ‘bully for you’ you do the right thing. Can you say that all Torys follow your example . They make their money off the backs of poor folks that have to be subsidized by the taxpayer to make a living. Those fat cat employers stashing their ill gotten profit abroad in off-shore accounts so they don’t have to pay Tax on it, some even less than the man in the street.This vile government demonizing the poor and disabled, and taking away the safety net the disadvantaged depended upon.You say everyone should eat less pie. Please would you tell me what foodbank is dishing out pie because my kids haven’t seen pie for years. Your comments are typical of a Tory outlook but PLEASE could you use the imagination the good lord gave you and think what life must be like for the ‘many’ just one of Jeremy’s policies would make it all worthwhile, and that is for everyone to have a pay-rise to £10 per hour.

  9. Max

    Who cares who wrote it the person who wrote this speaks the truth the government are looking after their own, they don’t give a dam about the person who works hard every day and still has to go food banks because they can’t afford to feed themselves or their family. They don’t give a dam about the NHS, the disabled, the pensioners or the armed forces. And they certainly don’t care about the increasing amount of homeless on our streets. We need someone who is going to give a dam about ordinary people and who isn’t going to do anymore cuts and who isnt just out to look after the rich and who is going to fix what this current government has done. And I believe Jeremy Corbyn is the man to do it .

  10. Chris Rigby

    A very amusing piece but that is where the focus lies, on entertainment.

    Here is a comment from the Guardian of all places!!

    Labour’s proposals would raise spending to its highest level since the mid-1980s and tax levels to record levels in peacetime, the thinktank said. But the party’s plans for tax hikes aimed at top earners and businesses may “not raise anything like” the £48.6bn claimed and its proposals could turn out to be economically damaging, it added.

    Check your sources, question everything that’s printed, especially blogs and social media.

  11. Siobhan

    I’m most impressed with this piece of writing. It is to the point and says what we, the people who take the time to listen properly, have been saying on the quiet for ages. If Labour, as one person has replied, would be stupid enough to remove Jeremy as their leader, then they fail to see who is holding them up! My money is on someone who is one of the people, speaking for all of the people.

  12. Ed Doyle

    And Not One Mention About Brexit! Why Would Someone Who Voted For And Want Brexit Vote For Corbyn? More Than Half The Country Wanted Brexit!! And Still Do. So Why Should We Vote For Him? When The Majority Of His Own Party Wants To Keep Getting Rich From Hand Outs From The EU , That’s Really British Tax Payers Money!!!

    1. Freezersarecool

      More than half the country wanted Brexit? Who are you kidding? Look at the figures! Actually, of those of electable age, only roughly one third of the country voted FOR Brexit. The difference in those who actually did and did not want it was less than 2%, so to say it was a resounding victory is rubbish – it was a vote on which the results were too close to fairly put through Brexit, when you consider the misinformation prevalent at the time. Whether you are pro or anti Brexit, get your facts right when posting about it. And when you consider that a very large amount of UK Taxpayer’s money is going to soon go towards paying off the black hole that is Brexit, both soon and for future costs, it isn’t going to matter who is at the helm, apart from the fact that they are going to be responsible for exactly how large that hole is going to be. We all need to accept that the UK as a whole is going to have to tighten its belt for a long time, whatever political party is at the helm.

      1. Ed Doyle

        I think you’ll find they did as that’s why we have Brexit! Only the REMOANERS DISAGREE WITH IT!! It Was Called Democracy, Brexireers Won With A Good Majority. You Just Have To Accept It And Move On!!!

      2. Sandra

        Quite right I get fed up with ‘the country voted for Brexit’ in fact I yelled at the tv last night when that was used. So many of us didnt!!!
        Interestingly, watching the debate on television it does seem that Corbyn is coming more to the fore and more like a statesman, whether that will make a difference who knows.
        I wish people would vote, not just for their favourite party, but for the party who will stop the Tories from getting in. Where I live is a two-horse race and Labour were 4th in the last general election, therefore I vote Liberal as they have always been either first or were outed by the Tories just a few years ago.
        So think when you vote if you don’t want the Tories to win, who is running second and vote for them. Now at the age of 70 I have always done this, even in one local election voting for the communist party, Labour and Liberals. Apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought like this as the political commentator in the Birmingham Mail wrote that ‘obviously the electorate didn’t understand the system as their had been a mixture of political ideologies by people when they voted. No, we used our brains to out those we didnt want in.

    2. Anna

      Well, I seem to remember Corbyn being pretty lukewarm about Remaining, and long before the referendum was in favour of leaving the EU. The Labour party and Corbyn have pledged that they will respect the result of the referendum and will continue with Brexit. I guess that’s why voting for him might be a good idea.

      I’m a remoaner. I get the others’ points that it wasn’t exactly half the country who voted, but 52% of those who used their right to vote, chose to vote for Brexit. That is something I personally am sad about, but I’m angrier with those who didn’t vote at all than I am with those who voted for something I disagree with.

  13. James C

    I was enjoying reading this post until the last couple of lines:

    “And it benefits all of us, young, old, working, disabled, everyone. The only people it hurts are the establishment, the rich, the bankers, the top 5% highest earners.

    Good, screw them, it’s long overdue. #VoteLabour #ForTheManyNotTheFew !”

    I’m in the top 2% of earners (by annual income), and have been a Labour party member for many years. I would also be subject to increased levels of taxation under a Corbyn-led Labour government, but I voted for him in the leadership contest anyway, and would gladly contribute more to deliver a fairer society that delivers for everyone.

    This nasty little ‘screw them’ line, explicitly aimed at people in my demographic, fuels the ‘politics of envy’ argument many of our opponents fling our way, and is just as divisive and offensive as some of the bile they eschew.

    1. Matt

      Yes, that’s a very good point. I very much doubt I’ll ever be in the top 5% (academia doesn’t attract the highest salaries!) but I don’t begrudge those on higher incomes that money. It would be lovely if more people were like you and were happy to support those with less – but you’re right the “politics of envy” with the “screw you” line doesn’t help. It (understandably) results in negative feelings from many in that top bracket, and lessens the chance that those who are in that higher bracket and open to listen, will actually listen.

    2. Mike

      You sentiment is laudable James.
      My feeling is that it’s the defence of whatever the Tories say – At all times, at all costs – which is an issue.
      You can see it all over this thread…. it’s Labour so it must be wrong, which is really just the regurgitation of years of press indoctrination, the sort of stuff the lead article is all about.

      I can understand your irritation at the last couple of lines, however I think it’s more in the spirit of the piece that a direct insult. What I cannot understand is the defence of the “no tax increase” line by people who have no chance of ever being in the bracket that pays it. These people who think it makes them somehow superior to be a Tory.
      Finally and with all credit to you and those with the some outlook, a touch of realism takes hold and it becomes a bit more about everyone and a little less selfish.

      1. Mike

        *sorry for the typos
        *Your (not you) 1st word
        *Than (not that) 2nd paragraph
        *Same (not some) before outlook near the end.

  14. Angela

    Every word is so true, why can’t people see this is the ‘ordinary’ politician we have all been waiting for! Are people so brainwashed by the media that they cant see the wood for the trees! well done this person for saying it exactly as it is !!!

  15. p couldridge

    having lived through years of Corbyn type of government and influence of non elected union bosses, I shudder at the thought of leaving this type of mess to my grand children. What is said, is difficult to disagree with…in an ideal world, but, we are NOT in an ideal world. In an ideal world there would be no murders, robberies, divorces etc but we are not in an ideal world. Corbyn has told the world and his friend that he will NOT press the button for the bomb or use military force. He maybe a pacifist, but, that is not how to defend your country This is a major mistake, now any enemies know,if he becomes PM, they can push as hard as they like and he will crumble. YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR OPPONENT YOUR BOTTOM LINE. He has told the EU ,he will not walk away without a deal,so, they can put a bad deal on the table and just wait, for him to accept it, as if thats the only deal,he will accept it. YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR OPPONENT YOUR BOTTOM LINE. For somebody wishing to become PM, these are naive and stupid comments and tells me he is not up to the job

  16. Jack

    What a load of bollocks! The track record of previous far left Labour governments in the days of Harold Wilson, Michael Foot etc is shocking. Not saying the Tories are the answer but think hard before voting Labour – it might feel good in the short term but will be very bad for absolutely everyone in the long term….history repeated….

    1. Mike

      Not true – the 1945 Atlee government did more good for this country and more especially for most of its people than any other.
      Michael Foot was never Prime minister.
      Harold Wilson was not far left he was moderate left.
      Your long term forecast is based on nothing but the rubbish you’ve been fed in the press.
      (again, what the main article that started this discussion is about).

  17. Cy

    He sounds like the UK’s Bernie Sanders. Vote them in. Have y’all learned nothing from the mistakes of us over the pond?

  18. Ben

    Blah blah blah….as unsubstantiated as this left-wing romantics wish list. Britain needs to stay ‘business competitive’ if we are to ride out the turbulence of Brexit over the next few years. Nice old Mr Corbyn will see investment and business run for the hill (or somewhere else that is able to offer them the condition to do business and CREATE JOBS when he hikes corporation tax under the guise of re-allocation of wealth. I would love for us to live in the hyper-utopian world that Corbyn wants to create. Why wouldn’t I?! It sounds great. The reality is that if it sounds too good, it normally is and that unfortunately truth for this conviction, ideologist is that the NHS/Schools/the benefit system/pensions (and so on) will crumble under the pressure of an economy that is on its knees when reality bites. A vote for Corbyn is a vote for further uncertainty. No one can argue with that. He has no track record of leadership and the socialist government has not been in place since pre-thatcher days (let’s face it Blair was a Tory in disguise). A vote for Corbyn is a vote against business and the economy. Why would businesses want to locate here when they can locate elsewhere more cost effectively. A vote for Corbyn would be a vote for enforced/extended and emergency austerity when the wheels of ideological politics driving realistic economics shatter. We have to think long-term. Don’t vote for backwards. Again, if it sounds too good to be true (Free this, free that, free everything) it normally is.

    1. Callum

      I don’t understand your comment at all. You’re saying it looks “too good to be true” as if that constitutes apt evidence when the evidence is right there online (in the manifesto).

      You could argue that raising corporate taxes necessarily means that, by default, businesses will be “running for the hills?”. Have you provided any reasonable evidence for that claim (the quantifiable impact of what happens when taxes rise for businesses) No! There are plenty of reasons to consider (thinking that there exists a “realistic economist” is a broad mischaracterization which comes from the uneducated “School of Life” type).

      One consideration you haven’t given is that businesses won’t be impacted *that much* by the taxes. Another consideration you haven’t given is that they might marginalise their taxes by raising prices (which still would be less costly for the public in the long run given all the benefits from the manifesto, even if all products cost a lot more).

      Another consequence of raising corporation tax means longer term re-investment for the country (more education means, in the long run, more high-skilled workforce [you can imagine Britain literally being Silicon Valley on the extreme end], which would be attractive for big businesses [for longer term investments, they are already paying through their arse to fund scholarships and apprenticeships]).

      Of course, the conservatives will have you believe that being “paid to work” is a good thing [the cries from the lower-skilled workforce]; but that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The country is in dire need of critical thinking classes, and your comment is an example of that. Unfortunately, it’s the low-income workers that make up most of the country, many of which don’t bother (or don’t have the education) to do the reading; so it’s a bit of a vicious cycle I’m afraid.

  19. Tony

    Some very misinformed people making nonsense comments. The man of the people you all crave, you all joined the media in vilifying at the last election. Though he didn’t win power, Nigel Farage won the argument and we got our Brexit vote. The difference whilst only 4%, was still a majority. Those who failed to vote having no right to complain. Those who did should all accept the result.

  20. Richard Saunders

    If you vote Labour. It will be jam today. Dry crust tomorrow. When your children and grandchildren .Have to pay the debt.

    1. Mike

      Unlike the current government who have us in more than twice the debt they took over power with and making a vast majority of the population worse off at the same time…..

      Sort of Dry crust now, starvation later.

      1. Simon

        The current goverment are trying to clear up the mess left by the last Labour goverment. Including Brown selling off all the gold at the lowest possible value, Bailing out northern Rock and as a result almost tipping us into recession, just to win votes.

        I really liked Corbyn until he pulled that stunt when he said he had no seat on the train and sat on the floor however the train had plenty of seats. Some people seem to be under the impression he is a different than other politicians the truth is he isn’t. He is willing to lie to people to get into power and he’s no different to most other self serving politicians.

      2. Simon

        The current goverment are trying to clear up the mess left by the last Labour goverment. Including Brown selling off all the gold at the lowest possible value, Bailing out northern Rock and as a result almost tipping us into recession, just to win votes.

        I really liked Corbyn until he pulled that stunt when he said he had no seat on the train and sat on the floor however the train had plenty of seats. Some people seem to be under the impression he is a different than other politicians the truth is he isn’t. He is willing to lie to get into power and he’s no different to most other self serving politicians.

      1. This Tory government have got us into more debt than EVERY previous Labour government put together ! Northern Rock wasn’t bailed out…. it went to the wall… and was bought by Mr Virgin himself Branson, why do you think the train thing was a stunt? because the media told you so?? those videos Branson produced prove nothing ever heard of editing ????

  21. Arthur Bosworth

    Still moaning about Brexit. I’d be happy to have another referendum because the prophets of doom have been exposed as liars. I won money betting on leave but I won’t in another referendum because I won’t get odds. Leave would win by a huge majority

  22. Anna

    Agree 100% with this. Mine and my partner’s postal votes for Labour are already cast. But I would like to make a point here. My partner’s salary places him in the top 5% of earners. He works in finance and gets an eye watering bonus. He firmly believes he should be taxed more and has voted accordingly. Wealthy people too can be #forthemanynotthefew

  23. Chris Markham

    What planet is this guy on?
    Remember the state of the economy the last time Labour were in charge?
    I also remember the wonderful nationalised industries and how well they performed.
    British Rail, Coal and Steel all losing hundred of millions every year.
    Is he seriously suggesting that any government could run anything successfully?
    Bring it on!!
    If you really want to bankrupt the country vote for Corbyn!
    It’ll not take long!

  24. Simon

    I really liked Corbyn until he pretended he couldn’t get a seat and sat on the floor of a train with plenty of seats to make his point, in my opinion it was dishonest and it shows he is just like so many other politicians and all this stuff about him being different is spin and its a shame some people are taken in by it.

  25. Mike Turner

    What ab out union leader Bob Crow paying himself a 6 figure salary but refusing to get out of his council house

  26. Chaz Wyman

    Winning the election is now possible, but the real fight against our own party MPs will have to be next. Benn, Watson, and many other traitors will have to be let go. Self seeking careerist politics has to become a thing of the past

  27. I’m not English so I have no vested interest, but isn’t it about time we had a swing back to the Left after having over three decades of neo-liberalism. I’ve no wish to go back to some imaginary “golden days” period, but has the great push of globalisation benefitted anyone much other than the wealthy top 1% of the world’s population? Has it helped the poor old Chinese and every other country that is exploited for cheap labour? I don’t know about England, but, here in New Zealand, housing in the major cities has become grossly unaffordable for the average wage and salary earner and we have the highest level of income inequality that we have ever had in our entire history. The masses need to reclaim some of their human rights and stop being economic pawns for the very wealthy.

  28. Joy

    I live in a Labour stronghold, so whatever I vote doesn’t matter… but I can’t vote Labour cos Labour is not just Jeremy Corbyn, Yes he has come across as a genuine man but he has Diane Abbot and John McDonnell seemingly glued to him as potential Home Secretary and Chancellor. Neither of them have garnered any respect in my opinion; I cannot vote Labour knowing I would be aiding them into positions of power. So as usual its a protest vote for me, usually I write Green and draw a box to tick in but this time we might actually have a Green candidate so I won’t be spoiling my ballot paper.

  29. Michael

    If everybody holds their nerve for another 6 days, all this could come to pass. Whatever my former allegiances, I would never vote for anyone who cannot express their own policies and views in a fully-costed, credible way and, instead, resorts to every kind of dirty trick imaginable. Personal attacks are the least of these. The Tories understand viral and viral character assassination. They are the masters of the underhand.

    I shall be holding my nerve. Will you?

  30. This article is laughable!

    He starts off by berating people for saying things like…

    “he’s a clown”
    “he’s a threat to the country”
    “she’s strong and stable”
    “he’ll take us back to the 70s”

    Then rather than giving anything worth actually reading about why voting Tory is a bad idea he actually says:

    “Unlike the Tory manifesto with a £9 billion hole, their figures don’t even add up.”

    That’s an epic fail in my book!

  31. Neil

    Any leader of a nation that calls an election and then later refuses to debate on live tv with the opposition leader must be
    Seriously in denial . I do hope that enough young people take the time and trouble to vote this time , and ultimately reduce the the Tory seats to no overall control, and then and only then can we have a truly democratic opposition .
    All power to Jeremy.

  32. John

    Corbyn is 68 year old socialist. Take a look at Holland’es socialism In France : high spend, high tax, low bus investment & 24% youth unemployment. It failed.
    Hollande started to reform his socialist policies towards the end. Macron will continue with the reform by slashing tax and reforming labour laws.
    London is Frances 5th biggest city as the young have come here to work. Why repeat socialism in the UK?

  33. Lenin, Stalin and now Corbyn….the uber left brainwashing machinery slams into gear once more……and judging by the social media he has no shortage of Jez’s little helpers. Lets hope we never need him to defend our nation against the North Korea’s of this world

  34. Paul Roberts

    Right everybody, Corbyn has won the right to be leader more times than I can count. He is proving himself to be the kind of leader our country needs and he is taking the country with him in ways that the other names that keep being mentioned can only dream of. His ideas are fresh, new and developed by consensus. Can we PLEASE just get on with getting a Labour government installed and getting some real change in this country that doesn’t involve the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor getting poorer.

    1. Sam W

      You make a compelling political point, well backed-up with examples. It’s all so airtight that I can’t find any holes in your argument.


      1. Callum

        It’s not funny, this is the majority of minds at work: it shows a distinct lack of critical thinking ability regardless of what party they align to.

    2. Corbyn is a spineless weasel says things and then denies it. Blaming Theresa May for what has happened in this country in the last 3 months. I didnt see her with a bomb and knives. You Idion Corbyn Parliament makes all the decisions you should know that. Please Labour get Corbyn Out and once again you can get a good leader which you have many of in the party BUT NOT CORBYN he is just trying to build his ego up.Should be ashamed of himself and stop lying all the time. I have voted for over 50 years but cannot vote for Labour as I do not trust Corbyn

  35. sunshinre

    Jeremy Corbyn is a spuneless weasel. no backbone whatsoever even disliked my his own party and would not go, maybe some of his mandate reads good but he cant put the money where his mouth is. He should have gone before and let others members of the party who are much more trustworthy take over, You blame Theresa May for all these killings and injured How so she did not hold the bombs knives and gun, if you where Pm it would be your fault. I cant yet see how this can ever be stopped all over the world. So Jeremy stop blabbing.

  36. malvernhills

    I am disgusted with Corbyn how he can blame Theresa May for the 3 recent attacks on this country. No one person can be blamed and no amount of security will ever stop it all. yes it will help. The Whole government sitting makes the decisions she is only the main spokesperson, What would you do Jeremy we all know the answer to that after your past and present track recortd. This happens all over the world we should all work properly together. Syria is the main culprit. I voted for labour for over 50 years never again whilst Corbyn is head, even Labour MPS wanted him out but he wouldnt go . wanted to make his own ego look better. Please Labour find a better leader you do have many amongst you.As far as I am concerned Corbyn is a spineless weasel.

  37. Malcolm Dodd

    Corbyn Boasts About Blocking Security Laws For Past 30 Years.

    With 3 terrorist attacks in 3 months, the police and security services closely monitoring 500+ near-active plots, over 3,000 high-level potential terrorists and another 12,000 potential terrorists at a lower level of surveillance, this man must not be made responsible for the security of the UK and its citizens.

  38. Reg

    Your all see what you need is a hobby..stop watching TV and media where you have been cleverly tricked into becoming part of it..just go fishing ..have a tea and a little snack then maybe a snooze in the long grass by the river bank, after a long day of heaven come home to a wonderful meal, water the flowers in your garden, sit on the bench in the corner and have a beer just looking at the trees and watching the birds and after a little while you will get your sanity back.

  39. Bryan Free

    Tired of his empty cop-out phrases “I condemn all violence” etc etc.

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises, maintain their neutrality”
    -Dante Alighieri

  40. Edward Walker

    I am a Labour Party voter, I’ve never voted anything other, I couldn’t, even if it was the only party standing vote Conservative, but I really do struggle to back the Labour Party with Corbyn as leader. The last election I voted Labour because I believe in Frank Field I have a MP with integrity and true socialist ideals and who hopefully stop the Corbynites of taking over the party and ruining it completely. It’s no good just trying to blame the “establishment and press ” for Corbyn ‘s poor image, his association with organisations like Hamas ,Hezbellah and Momentum within the British political arena do a good job on there own, these are all self inflicted damage.

  41. Andrew Whiting

    I quote from the end of the post, “The only people it hurts are the establishment, the rich, the bankers, the top 5% highest earners. Good, screw them, it’s long overdue”, as someone who is in the top-5% highest earners (not 0.5% as you’ve alluded to), entirely through my own hard work (no-one pays me a salary and I’m “only as good as my last piece of work”), I find Chris Renwick’s hatred towards me disgusting. Labour should be ashamed if this is the type of bile that goes viral in their name.

  42. Steve Garry

    #film #Corbyn
    Aden confronts the suits (needs 60% reduction)
    Monologue 3rd Edit


    You have majority control of our primary resources and amidst a cacophony of confusion through the global controls and actions brought forward by your industrial military might you have sent us into a deep sleep. But gentlemen bears do not hibernate forever. Amidst your forest full of money trees the bear can climb to the highest branch to take a peak at how your flowering cash is being grown and yet because of its shear mass it has the power to shake any tree to reveal the true nature of the branch arms and how that fruit is made. We know there can be no freedom in your politics.

    Statler & Waldorf…you speak of our simple plight as “foolish” and “out of reach”. We can’t convince with offers of financial reward and untouchable pensions and bonuses. We can’t stop you enticing the enlistment of our sons and daughters to war through television or radio communication.
    All we have is humble action or word of mouth. Yet the difference between us is that we believe man will come good and turn his back on the greed that you covet.
    Let me try to explain…we believe man is intelligent enough to develop a transparent system.. a system that would put an end to the myriad of modern slave techniques in the east driven by your fabricated electronic monster of credit interest and control over debt and nations of the west.

    We see you. You fill every channel, , every media device every bill board wall nook and cranny with message after message proclaiming the safety behind the borrowing, the buying the gambling knowing full well that you have created an unhealthy chaotic control over people’s minds. You pray on mans greed and with your media and business evolutions you have sold your story of material heaven. With unthinkable controls and confines of your system you have subjugated hideous price tags on homes materials transportation and food slowly crushes our spirit.

    You think our ideas of fairness are distant impractical ideologies that holds no water, and yet under your rule the divide between you and us has become so great that it’s yielding result of progressive worldwide chaos becomes more and more obvious. Look outside… you can no longer hide the devastation and the despair that you attempt to hide.

    Curing the insanity of age old greed is our battle. But it is a just battle because it will save young life and educate the leaders of our future.

    Amidst your hive your drones have generated your own confusion and you refuse to see the basic humanity in our objectives, but we the affected, the pained, the crushed are here to make haste our earths progress. We know It is not that you are unwilling to understand… more likely a series of negative experiences which has taken its toll on your life and left you in a negative saddened perhaps unloved state of mind. We understand. We understand that you fail to understand us and we also understand that your minds can be lifted because we are less infected by this disease called greed because of the love we share.

    We believe mans future belongs in a new visionary paradigm, away from the fabricated continuum of socialism to capitalism. Think of it a transparent multi directional system that rewards us all in a way we never thought possible and ultimately would give near all the earths children a chance.

    will not see past the next arms deal. The next strategic manoeuvre in the devaluation of third world currency. Your greed will continue to seal the fate of many a slave child in the east, as you crush lives with your stock market antics and drive culture religion and populations against one another, a world which continues to wake every morning with the pound and the dollar at the forefront of its mind. When the coin means more than the child change will come. Out ignorance and concern of our safety compelled us to write off these lives with “That’s how they live” “They’re used to it” No they are not.

    You need to understand communications with your own lofty upper tier society needs only improvement. We will drive our message home, because we know that your family of lost and unloved or not innately ignorant or unkind. You just need waking up.

    (Bites an apple) Millions of children’s lives gentlemen. We don’t want to disrupt or take away riches if that is what you covet but our plight is in mans progressive waking. A united choice to act and protect the worlds children and educate all, giving room to a safer, science led future. We will spur on our defiant network of logical communication and we will shed a beacon of light of such enormity on the inhumanity of your system that many of your own will turn their backs in shame and join our struggle.

    ( The suits can be heard laughing )

    You won’t control us
    You think you can
    But the most unloved among you never really had a grip
    Your tough jar is cracked gentleman

    Suit 1: Nice speech Mr Price..

  43. J r heartly

    These kids ain’t left wing you ignoramouses they’re fighting to avoid a life of debt control and punishment through capitalist schemes to induce extreme and insidious forms of financial slavery. They are protecting their rights as human beings to be free from corporate control mechanisms which seem hell bent on war famine and prostitution. The get rich quick mentality is killing and unlike those who covet their riches they see differently because they are the affected. Without a FAIR SYSTEM in place we will always back pedal.

  44. henry winters

    Didn’t Labour lose the last election despite the worst Tory candidate standing in living memory? Corbyn hasn’t won anything apart from control of the Labour Party which will remain in opposition because the Labour party does not speak for the majority of it’s traditional voters whether they be working or middle class. So well done the left-wing of the Labour Party you have managed to resign Labour to opposition for a generation whilst Conservative policies wash over us all unopposed in a two party system where the party that wins has to be able to capture middle ground voters. There are not enough votes to be won to get over the line in a general election by courting the young vote and championing minority causes alone as was shown at the last election. The current leadership did not speak at all to ordinary working people during the last electoral campaign. There is so much short-sighted self-righteous drivel in this thread I do not know where to start. Contributors appear to be consumed by infighting arguments and the left-wing struggle for control of the party rather than considering the bigger picture. So if Corbyn were to win an election (not going to happen) but just to follow your arguments, who would help him run a government when neither himself or his closes allies have any experience of the work of a government as they have chosen to remain on the back-benches in the past – the people you want to be kicked out of the party that is who. Millions of people who have voted Labour all of their lives do not want Corbyn as leader try looking outside of your London metropolitan bubble of denial.

  45. Dragonwood

    If JC was anti-establisment, he’d be anti-brexit, but he isn’t, so we effectively have no opposition to the tory overlords and will see the UK implode as a result. Plain & simple, that single decision has written his own demise. A second referendum on Brexit, now the public has some facts to work with, is the single biggest democratic imperative of our age, pity he can’t see that, guess he just aint PM material!

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  47. Sue Collins

    I thought that ‘i had heard a brilliant speach by Vince Cable last week. This was only to be bettered by Sir Kier Starmer. Utterly fabulous. To have a referendum without the possibility of remain is crazy. The press and other media were so dire in the UK that most people knew or understood anything about Brexit. Now they do. They were lied to with the big red Bus pledging over £300m a week to the NHS. Corbyn should not have wasted the Summer over a lack of decision on Anti- Semitism. They should have been what they are supposed to be – Her Majesty’s Opposition. They trail through the voting areas with the Tories. To leave the EU will destroy our country – but of course not the rich with the offshore accounts – including Philip May and his deranged spouse.

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  49. Elaine Skinner

    No voting Labour for majority of Scotland, we have a First Minister who has more than proved her worth in a party who since 2007 worked hard for the people of Scotland, mitigating the brutal Bedroom Tax so no Scot would be evicted because of Bedroom Tax arrears, Corbyn in power will be like every Labour leader in Scotland, giving Scotland crumbs, Scotland having a pathetic branch office who happen to be majority anti Corbyn, they have NEVER been able to do what they wanted to do without permission from London Labour and all the great things SNP in Government have done that Corbyn has taken the idea from or fails to admit Scotland’s Government already implement them. Here is SNP Record, this isn’t including everything that has happened since the last entry a year or so ago. We have no faith in any London HQ party, they have always treated Scotland like a cashcow and doormat, why would we walk away from the only party that gives a damn about Scotland and protects Scotland as much as it can. Why we would give back power to Labour in London when our power is right here being used for Scots by the Scottish Government. SNP have a membership of 125k, 2nd largest party in UK after Labour, not back for a Scottish only party, there is a reason it is so high, thousands upon thousands of us left Labour over the last 10 years but mostly since many of us want Independence and a Scottish only Labour party in an Independent Scotland. What we have seen in way of dirty tricks from Corbyn with hisw many lies about SNP/ScotGov will never be forgiven. Unlike the 40 years I was in Labour as member/activist where Labour thought they could lie to us and we just keep voting Labour and believing their crap, we actually got very politically active in Scotland so are well aware what is fact and what is Corbyn and Richard Leonard’s fiction. How bad Labour are in Scotland, they are behind the rats of the Tory branch in Scotland. I really do hope England gets a Labour Gov but it won’t be with the help of Scots, we have spent decades always getting the Government England wanted, most of the time it was the Tories who put us through the most hell. SNP are the Gov WE chose!

  50. Paul Wilson

    Labour in Scotland is being led by a total Buffoon in order to try to win Scotland back then Labour must remove him get rid of Trident from Scotland and give Scots the Vow that Brown declared they would have if they voted No in 2014 failure to do so will see a further decline in Labour support.

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