Everything you wanted to know about The Brexit Party European Election candidates… but were afraid to ask

From gay conversion therapy advocates to child porn defenders, from climate change deniers to rampant tax avoiders, from NHS bashers to fascist friends, from fracking supporters to unabashed Brexit profiteers …

Nigel Farage with Beatrix von Storch, who is the granddaughter of Hitler’s finance minister, and the deputy leader of the notorious far-right party AfD. She invited him to speak at her far-right rally, and he was delighted to attend.

Perhaps you’re tempted to vote for a party that hasn’t published any policies, so there’s not much to disagree with.

So for those of you who might not have the time to investigate what kind of people you’re voting for, and what views they have, we took the time to do the reading on every single listed Brexit Party MEP candidate, and some staff members, to find out what kind of people they are. And it was an epic, revealing slog.

PLOT SPOILERS: Many of them are really into things like conversion therapy for gay people, many support and are beaming friends to proper far-right fascists, and a number have campaigned for a paedophile’s right to access child porn or groom children. Heck, that’s just for starters.

Some candidates are linked to tax avoidance / using tax havens, or are minted enough for Brexit to present a massive opportunity for such practices —  see the pesky EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which sets out to clamp down on several types of tax avoidance.

And many preside over corporations that are paid to show other corporations how to comprehensively dodge and mitigate paying tax.

Lots of Brexit Party candidates work in property, finance, or real estate. Which is fine, only many have been spectacularly candid about  — and quoted on  —  their desire to personally profit from and fecklessly exploit the chaos and decline that they openly admit Brexit would cause.

Some manage huge businesses and have been vocal about how fed up they are with annoying things like the EU telling them that their food produce needs to be safe to consume, or that they need to pay their employees sick leave.

If you aren’t angry, read that last sentence again.

Some Brexit Party candidates are climate change sceptics.

Some describe themselves as journalists or authors. Which sounds nice, until you realise they write incessantly on dubious websites about how great colonialism was, how climate change is a lie, and how welfare and the NHS should be abolished, and much more. Far too many write slavishly for websites associated with white supremacist and neo-Nazi views like Breitbart, while several churn out bile on very murky websites like the climate-sceptic Spiked Magazine.

A very significant number seem to be pretending they are taking on the establishment, even if they are privately educated, multi-millionaires, besties with billionaires, Etonians, Bullingdon Club members, friends with Cameron, work for concerns linked with the fossil fuel billionaire Koch brothers, or play polo with aristocrats.

We would be lying if we said that this is the sweeping majority, but it’s amazing how so many of these very same people bill themselves as “mums of four”, men of the people, or little people heroically taking on the elite.

Some are seemingly decent, well-meaning people, a percentage of which have done some selfless and admirable things for the community.

The list of candidates appears quite diverse, though this illustrates striking contradictions. For example, one candidate describes themselves as an environmentalist, yet holds hands with numerous climate change deniers and fossil fuel advocates.

Some are gay, yet stand alongside repugnant, vocal homophobes. Some are European migrants, yet stand with candidates who relentlessly write bile about Romanians and the Polish. Some are anti-IRA campaigners, yet are bedfellows with an unrepentant supporter of IRA bombers.

Some Brexit Party candidates simply don’t exist online, and haven’t bothered setting up a website or Twitter page, and there is no way of fathoming what their politics are, or what experience they may or may not have to qualify themselves as an MEP. Which must have its advantages.

Here we go. All you have to do is have a quick read of this list.

This. is. who. will. be. representing. Britain. on. the. world. stage. depending. how. you. vote.

Under investigation: Arron Banks has gifted Nigel Farage £450,000 since the EU referendum

Nigel Farage

Where to begin….

Farage has joined rallies with far-right parties in Germany on invitation of relatives of actual Nazis (link).

He has swooned over and been linked to the far-right Front National’s Marine Le Pen in France (link).

He is best friends with Trump (who has a history of not condeming the far right, even giving them jobs in his cabinet, for example Steve Bannon) (link).

In fact, Farage is also very good friends with Steve Bannon of far-right website Breitbart (link), whose leaked emails proved he was trying to rebrand actual neo-Nazi organisations (link). Farage describes him as “my kind of chap”.

Farage also cozied up with talkshow host Alex Jones (who claimed high school shootings in the US were faked), chiming in with numerous conspiracy theories bordering on the anti-Semitic during six appearances on his show (link).

Farage was also quoted as saying he admires Putin – presumably as Putin is attempting to bankroll and much of the far-right and neo-Nazi parties (link).

Numerous former school friends and teachers at Farage’s elite private school (Dulwich College) have attested that Nigel used to sing Hitler Youth songs, sing “gas ’em all”, boast about having the same initials as the National Front, and worshipped (still worships) famous racist Enoch Powell (who himself was quoted as saying “What’s wrong with racism?”) (link).

Nigel’s thinly-veiled racism is so magnetic he can’t organise a protest without the far-right EDL from attending. He has smeared Romanian people (link), most likely while beaming like a man-of-the-people.

He’s a man so heroic, that when gay and disabled protestors surprised him in a pub, he fled in a car and left his children behind (link).

He tries to camouflage himself as a working class man of the people, but is one of the highest paid politicians in the UK, a multi-millionaire who resided in a £4m Chelsea home.

He criticised European bureaucrats earning £100,000 a year but himself enjoys £84,000 as an MEP, plus pension, plus tens of thousands in allowances, and earns hundreds of thousands a year from being a professional gobshite on TV and radio (link).

When asked if tycoon Arron Banks, who is under investigation by the National Crime Agency for multiple suspected criminal offences, was funding him to the tune of nearly half a million pounds and supplying him with houses and cars, Farage lied that he wasn’t. (Banks himself admitted it.) (link)

As well as an Electoral Commission investigation into the BRexit Party’s funding (link) Farage is being investigated by the EU for not declaring his lavish gifts as interests as an MEP (link).

Farage is one of the richest MEPs by far, a board member of Belgian investment company Sofina (which invests in things like energy and real estate, and offer tax services to businesses), uses the Isle of Man as a tax haven, has said that tax avoidance is “okay”, has used various techniques to avoid paying tax, has misspent public funds, and has refused to release his tax returns (link).

Farage is also a climate change denier, referring to it as a “scam”, and has called wind energy “insanity” (link), and pledged to rip up green measures and to instead enable fracking (link).

Farage  has been very dismissive of the institution of the NHS beeing free to Brits, saying: “We need to move to an insurance-based system of healthcare” (link). He has also suggested people with HIV shouldn’t be allowed into Britain (link).

I could go on, but if you have half a conscience, the above should be enough to dissuade you from voting for a party with this self-serving hate merchant for its leader.

Paul Nuttall

Paul Nuttall is a homophobe who doesn’t want school education to acknowledge that gay people exist, and says equality has gone too far (link). He is a member of the UK’s largest anti-abortion organisation (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), who coincidentally are anti-same-sex marriage (link).

He is friends with Slavcho Binev, who was a Bulgarian politician of the extreme right radical nationalist Attack and Patriotic Front groups (link). According to his college lecturer, David Renton, Paul Nuttall was a fan of Holocaust denier David Irving, and in his work had “suggested that there was an argument to be made that the Jewish people had brought it on themselves” (link). During his time as UKIP leader, he had a history of only appointing white men to prominent positions of the party.

Nuttall has a history of making false statements in campaign literature, with the High Court ruling he was slurring opponents while inflaming religious tensions. It has been proven that Nuttall is a serial liar. He lied about being present at the Hillsborough disaster and losing friends to it. He lied about having a PHD (at a university that didn’t exist at the time). He lied about being on the board of directors at a charity. Lastly, he lied about being a footballer for Tranmere Rovers (link).

Paul Nuttall has voiced opposition against the existence of the NHS, calling for it to be privatised, and wants healthcare to be more competitive (link).

He denies climate change is an actual thing, and called it a “scam” (link)Seems to be pro-fox hunting (link).

Nuttall thinks waterboarding and other torture methods are fine (link), and he wants to reintroduce the death penalty (link). While he has also downplayed the atrocities committed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (link). He wants to ban burqas in public, even if a Muslim woman chooses to wear one of her own choice (link).

Ann Widdecombe

Former Tory prison minister Ann Widdecombe is extremely anti homosexuality. She has voted consistently against pro-LGBT legislation and opposed same-sex marriage (link), and even voiced support for gay conversion therapy (link). Widdecombe has spoken out against transgender people. She has been quoted and filmed referred to gay relationships as “disgusting” (link) and “wrongful” (link).

Weirdly, for a woman, Widdecombe seems to also really hate women. She has victim-blamed Harvey Weinstein’s abuse victims (link). She called The Women’s March “pathetic” (link). She is against the Church of England ordaining women as priests (link), and has also argued that pregnant prisoners should be shackled during childbirth (link).

The veteran right winger also supports the death penalty (link).

Widdecombe is a climate change denier who has voted against reducing emissions (link), and has criticised wind power (link).

Claire Fox (c) Institute of Education

Claire Fox

Claire Fox doesn’t think the government should ban people from watching child porn. Yup. She actually defended Gary Glitter’s right to download child porn on a Radio 5 Live phone-in (link).

Claire Fox also defended and refused to condemn an IRA bomb attack on Warrington, Cheshire, in 1993, which killed schoolchildren (link), and was once part of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which ‘rampantly supported the IRA’ to the point of not wanting peace talks or an end to the conflict.

Three-year-old Johnathan Ball was killed by the Warrington blast and Tim Parry, 12, died in his father Colin’s arms five days later in Liverpool’s Walton Hospital. Another 56 were injured.

Last month she was forced to answer to the condemnation of the father of Tim Parry after Colin Parry called her views “absolutely disgraceful.”

“Whatever the rights and wrongs, the history of Ireland has been marked by tragedy and I acknowledge that without hesitation and with genuine feeling for all involved.

“My political views have never made me insensitive to the pain and suffering caused to the innocent victims of events such as the Warrington bomb,” said Fox. “In fact, I have always been inspired by the humane conduct of Mr Parry in the way he responded with compassion and dignity to the tragic loss inflicted on his family.” (link)

Possibly in an effort to move with the times, Fox has also said that she doesn’t think the government should ban Jihadi terrorist videos (link).

A person of priorities, she has defended homophobic reggae artist Beenie Man’s sung invocation to murder gay men (link).

Claire Fox is a writer for Spiked Magazine (link)— you’ll see this website come up several times with other Brexit Party candidates listed below. To give you a wider picture, it has been characterised as anti-environmentalist, pro-hate speech, and has defended the rights of paedophiles to publish grooming manuals. The magazine was renamed after the original version — Living Marxism — which Claire Fox co-published, went bankrupt for spreading a hoax that suggested Bosnian Muslims weren’t persecuted and victims of genocide, while also opposing UK gun control after the Dunblane Massacre (link). What a magazine…

To give you an even wider picture of Spiked Magazine, it is funded by The Koch Brothers, the two brothers of a US family who control Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the US with 2017 revenues of $100bn, which started out in oil and petrol. They have built a political network of conservative donors and think tanks, and promoted legislation to reduce tax rates for businesses as advocated by the Trump administration, and their groups have been active in denying climate change and opposing climate change legislation. Their Cato Institute think tank, one of the most influential in the US, opposes minimum wage, child labor prohibitions, and public sector unions and wants to abolish the welfare state (link).

As well as opposing gun control in the UK, Fox has been linked to pro-gun American groups, and has also been funded by ‘unpleasant’ pharmaceutical companies (link).

Fox is anti-PC, and has attacked multiculturalism (link). She is vocally pro-GM crops, has frequently tweeted her denial of climate science, and is anti-environmentalism (link). She is the founder and director of the ‘shadowy’ Institute of Ideas (the trading name of the Academy of Ideas), a think tank that hosts debates asking if we can trust scientists, is linked to Monsanto, is pro-GM crops, and super fine with hate speech (link).

She got upset on Twitter when Led By Donkeys printed actual quotes from Nigel Farage on billboards, falsely claiming they were lies  even though they were things he’d said— lying herself, basically (link).

James Heartfield

James Heartfield was also once part of the Revolutionary Communist Party (see above) (link).

A writer and lecturer, like Claire Fox he has also written for Spiked Magazine (see above) (link), a total of 24 times (see above), writing stellar articles claiming that the Grenfell Tower fire was actually due to “the moral fervour of the climate-change campaign to make money” (!) (link) Other articles bash efforts to reduce emissions, and others argue towns are being “strangled” by green belts, which should be ‘bulldozed’ (link). Has also written books and articles that denying climate change is caused by the human race and criticising efforts to reduce carbon emissions (link).

His articles include one lamenting that the punching of white-nationalist Richard Spencer was “tragic” (link). Interpret that however you like.

Martin Daubney

Martin Daubney has been described as a ‘commentator’ and ‘journalist’. More accurately, he is the former editor of the now-deceased Loaded magazine which sought to cash in on Nineties Lad Culture (link).

He has written a lot of articles about the plight of men for The Telegraph — this newspaper is linked to a number of Brexit Party candidates below, so perhaps it’s worth a passing mention that it is paper with a history of fraudulent coverage, being pro-Kremlin, and being one of the papers with the most upheld IPSO complaints, mostly over inaccuracy (link).

One of Martin Daubney’s Telegraph articles is a misguided “not all men!” whinge in relation to Harvey Weinstein (link), while another is a important feat of journalism about how liberals “ruined Star Wars” (link).

He once organised a “straight pride” march through London as he was worried heterosexuality was being “undermined” (link). Which is quite fragile and arguably makes him and odd sort of “snowflake.”

Daubney co-founded the Men & Boys Coalition, and has been quoted as saying that feminism is a middle class and privileged issue (link).

He has tweeted numerous times that climate change “cannot be proven” (link) and regularly pours scorn on anyone trying to tackle the effects on the planet.

Catherine Blaiklock

The Brexit Party’s original leader and walking face-palm, Catherine Blaiklock (who is actually still listed as a director of the party), resigned amidst controversy for writing numerous anti-Islam Twitter messages (portraying Muslims as rapists) (link), complaining of seeing people of different races minding their own business in public, and retweeting far-right messages (by Tommy Robinson, a neo-Nazi linked to the KKK called Mark Collett, and Joe Walsh) (link).

I’m going to pause to mention that Tommy Robinson is linked to a number of Brexit Party candidates below. I don’t have time to go into everything the epic bell-end now due back in court for contempt of court has done and said, but do peruse his Wikipedia page (link).

The Brexit Party’s first leader launched the party on 20 January 2019. Daughter of polar explorer Ken Blaiklock, Catherine worked as a financial currency and derivatives trader before entering politics, standing as a candidate for UKIP and acting as their economics spokesperson.

In a January interview on Talk Radio, Blaiklock made clear that the party she set up would be a vehicle for Nigel Farage. “I won’t run it without Nigel, I’m a nobody and I haven’t got any ego to say that I am an anybody”, she insisted, adding: “I’m happy to facilitate Nigel and do the donkey work and work for him, but I don’t have any illusions as to myself”.

But if the Brexit Party was set up by Blaiklock as a vehicle for Farage to lure UKIP members disillusioned by some of the “thuggish” figures that have joined, her own views had caused controversy too.

Articles she had previously posted on The Conservative Woman had discussed introducing hanging for drug dealers and argued that food banks are contributing to obesity in low-income families, who should be eating potatoes, being cheaper and healthier.

Soon after launching The Brexit Party, Blaiklock deleted embarrassing twitter and blog posts that expressed biological racist beliefs bordering on eugenics and islamophobia.

In one of the deleted posts, unearthed by The Guardian, titled “Baby mamas, gangs and testosterone”, she wrote: “I always joke that that black American men go crazy in their teens and 20s because of all their excess testosterone, have lots of babies, sex, violence, drugs, sport and music and then at 35, when their testosterone reduces to near the levels of white men, all settle down and become washing-machine repairmen. I may not be so far from the truth.

“We do not like to talk about biology when related to race, but what is good for winning 100m races might not be great for passing A-level maths exams.”

Blaiklock also retweeted tweets from far right, racist, islamophobic and former BNP and neo-nazi holocaust sceptic Mark Collett.

Blaiklock retweeted and quoted Mark Collett inc this tweet

In one of her own tweets, unearthed by anti-racism group Hope Not Hate, she argued: “Islam = submission – mostly to raping men it seems.”

In another she tweeted: “Got of [sic] at Mornington Crescent yessterday [sic] afternoon. 8 people waiting for lift, 5 Muslim girls, 1 black, 1 other Asian Chinese, 1 white. Immediately outside saw a drug deal take place. Looked like Turkey.”

She resigned from her new party soon after the story broke.

Nigel Farage told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he would take over as Brexit Party leader, insisting Blaiklock was “never intended to be the long-term leader.”

He then told  the same show this month, “I set the party up, she was the administrator that got it set up. We had a couple of teething problems, yes, but are we going to be deeply intolerant of all forms of intolerance? Yes.”

Lance Forman (Lance Anisfield)

Lance Forman is a Brexit Party London candidate, and a luxury food mogul, the managing director of H Forman & Son after inheriting the business. He dreams of completely deregulating business by leaving the EU (link), and has spoken of his annoyance at pesky EU regulations on food safety inconveniencing his luxury business (link).

He has freely admitted that Brexit will be a catastrophe, although he chirpily expects to be a winner among the losers, expecting his business to benefit (link). He was formerly a chartered accountant for Price Waterhouse.

He is a climate change denier and critic of the “global warming brigade” (link).

Interestingly, Lance Forman is also known as Lance Anisfeld, seemingly his real name. His son is Oliver Anisfeld, 24, who is the UK chief executive of pro-Trump, pro-low tax student group Turning Point — which is linked to other Brexit Party candidates below. It is worth mentioning at this point that Turning Point UK is a right wing student organisation, and an offshoot of the American counterpart. Member Darren Grimes was fined tens of thousands for breaking EU referendum spending laws. The group campaigns for lower taxes and less government (link).

The USA version of Turning Point have campaigned against campus safe spaces, and is funded by big Republican Party donors, invited Milo Yiannapoulos to speak at campuses, and has broke election campaign laws. It is funded by fossil fuels and has been plagued by incidents of racism (link).

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert (c) Brexit Party / Twitter
Alka Sehgal Cuthbert (c) Brexit Party / Twitter

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert is an ex-member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (see above) (link), and a former teacher. Her politics are consistently about allowing people to be freely racist, sexist and homophobic, while trying to pseudo-intellectualise these sentiments.

She has written extensively about being an opponent of decolonialisation and complaining about the removal of statues of famous racists from public places (link). My heart bleeds for her.

Cuthbert is a 35-time author for Spiked Magazine (see above) (link). One article is devoted to defending sexist, classist and racist historian and presenter David Starkey (link).

Another of her Spiked Magazine articles dismisses concerns over female genital mutilation, referring to it as a “panic”, and to victims of it as “so-called victims”, saying she might not report it if she came across it as a teacher (link). Nice.

Another of her articles supports protests against teaching kids about homosexuality and homophobia (link), while another criticises efforts to educate teenagers on sexual abuse (link).

George Farmer

George Farmer is the chairman of pro-Trump rightwing movement Turning Point UK (see Lance Forman above, for more on its history of racism, fossil fuel funding, hatred of paying tax, and law-breaking etc) (link).

In addition to this George Farmer is engaged to Candace Owens, who he declares is the love of his life — Candace Owens is a “far-right” “ultra-conservative” known for being pro-Trump, criticising Black Lives Matter, referring to police violence against black people as “trivial”, having Milo Yiannapolous as a supporter, appearing on conspiracy websites such as Alex Jones’s Info Wars, and on Fox News, criticising women for not having children or marrying, criticising feminism, denying climate change, making numerous false claims, being banned from Facebook, being an NRA member, and referring to Hitler’s domestic policies as “fine” (link).

And breathe in…

George Farmer was a member of The Bullingdon Club, and a fan of going hunting in South Africa with his Bullingdon friends while inexplicably wearing dinner jackets (link). Whatever floats your boat.

George and his mates were known to fly around together on his father’s private jets. His father, Lord Farmer, is a multi-millionaire (£141m) hedge fund manager and baron, who was a Tory treasurer and funded the party to the tune of £8m (link).

He has tried to smear environmentalists as privileged (which is a bit rich, pardon the pun, coming from him), and he admits he has fossil fuel donors (link).

Phillip Basey

Phillip Basey is the treasurer for The Brexit Party. He is an accountant, who had worked for UKIP.

He also worked for rightwing pressure group The TaxPayer’s Alliance, which campaigns for businesses to pay less tax, and has links to climate change-denying think tanks, has been accused of breaching laws on charities and tax, and also allegedly has links to oil billionaires and The Koch brothers (link).

Michael McGough

Michael McGough was the former Brexit Party treasurer (and is still listed as a director), but was fired for calling Grenfell Tower survivors “illegal aliens enjoying an amnesty” and making anti-semitic jibes about the Miliband family.

He also wrote homophobic posts about ‘shirt-lifters’, and Islamophobic posts on social media (link).

Roger Lane-Nott

A retired royal navy admiral who likes chatting to neo-Nazi website Breitbart (link). He likes retweeting pictures on Twitter of the Brexit bus with the false £350 million for the NHS promise (link). He has a background in working as a CEO of an offshore oil installation group/centre CMPT.

Stuart Waiton

Waiton has written for Spiked Magazine (see above). He has written in favour of abolishing hate crime legislation (link), described transgender movements as ‘harmful’ (link), and has a weirdly fragile problem with women’s football daring to exist (link).

Annunziata Rees-Mogg (c) Brexit Party / Twitter

Annunziata Rees-Mogg

Shares 50% DNA with Jacob Rees-Mogg. She is a former Tory, and twice-failed Tory candidate. She went to fee-paying private school, and has worked in investment banking.

Annunziata joined the Conservative Party at the age of five and later said: “I was too young to be a Young Conservative, so I joined the main party. Aged eight I was out canvassing, proudly wearing my rosette.”

David Cameron put her on his party ‘A-list’, reportedly asking her to canvas under the name ‘Nancy’ to make it easier for voters, which she refused. She stood unsuccessfully for the Tories twice in 2005 and 2010.

As a journalist, she worked for the Eurosceptic Daily Telegraph and edited the European Journal, an anti-EU publication bankrolled by Tory MP Bill Cash’s think tank the European Foundation. She is also an occasional contributor to the BBC.

As well as being a lifelong Brexiteer, she is an opponent of the 2004 Hunting Act which banned fox hunting. As well as being pro-fox hunting (link), she has poked fun at global warming, expressed a wish for coal to make a comeback, and has expressed an interest in Canadian tar-sands oil (link).

She once wrote a wonderfully titled article called “How to profit from the world’s water crisis” (link).


Nathan Gill

A former UKIP MEP. Curiously, the home care company he set up with his mother, Burgill Ltd, mainly employed staff from Poland and the Philippines on low wages. The company collapsed into administration with debts of £116,000 (link). Gill is a climate change denier, as he stated during TV debates, and says that wind power is “completely stupid” (link) and that he would vote against renewable energy (link).

Richard Tice (c) Brexit Party / Twitter
Richard Tice (c) Brexit Party / Twitter

Richard (James Sunley) Tice

Born into a line of property magnates, multi-millionaire property developer and ‘vulture capitalist’, Richard Tice is the CEO of asset management group Quidnet Capital LLP with £500 million of property under management, whose business enjoys the use of tax haven Bermuda, and seems to also use The Channel Islands (link). Quidnet are in the business of repositioning real estate, acquiring investment opportunities, and sourcing competitive deals (link).

Tice was also CEO of real estate group CLS Holdings from 2010 to 2014 (link). He has followed the lead of his grandfather, who was one of the most successful property developers of the 1950s, Bernard Sunley (link).

The tycoon also co-founded the well-funded Leave Means Leave with Richard Longsworth and Arron Banks – a group compared by The Independent newspaper to the NRA in its moneyed lobbying influence.

Tice was also co-chair of Leave.EU, which was found to have carried out campaign violations in the EU referendum by the Electoral Commission in February.

Tice was a Conservative and intended to stand to be a possible Tory candidate for London Mayor before he says he turned his back on the party due to his disgust at the mess they have made of Brexit.

He appeared in an open-top bus with ‘Leave means leave’ on the side’, promising non-EU booze to anyone who would talk to him for two minutes; two people turned up, one of them an amused journalist (link).

However, he has been quoted as saying that investment banks and bosses think Brexit would be catastrophic for the UK (link).

Tice has dodged questions on radio and TV about the Leave campaign’s irregularities and mysterious benefactors.

And this week he dodged questions about donations to the Brexit Party.

He is friends and ‘brother-in-arms’ with Arron Banks (link) — now might be a good time to mention Arron Banks. There is far too much about him to go over succinctly, but he has multiple links to Trump and Russia, is a homophobe, and worked in real estate. He seems to have funded the leave campaign with millions of pounds from outside the UK, and has had multiple meetings with Russian embassy officials. He has a string of legal actions and investigations against him. He was named in the Panama Papers where he was linked to tax avoidance in the British Virgin Islands. He has interests in diamond mines in South Africa, and his father was a sugar plantation owner in various African countries (link).

Ben Habib (c) Brexit Party / Twitter
Ben Habib (c) Brexit Party / Twitter

Ben Habib

Like Party leader Nigel Farage, Ben Habib was privately educated before working in the city.

Habib is property developer and chief executive of First Property Chief PLC.

“Businessman” Ben Habib’s business stands to profit from what he calls “Brexit nervousness.”

Like Brexit Party chair Richard Tice, Habib is a property investor and fund manager. In interviews, Habib, CEO of First Property, has been more opaque about the profitability of “Brexit nervousness”, revealing repeatedly how he is set to make a tidy profit, snapping up cut-price regional office properties devalued due to Brexit uncertainty.

The Huffington Post has revealed that on the day of the EU referendum in 2016 he confided in IPE Real Assets: “Any volatility would only be an opportunity for small, opportunistic companies such as First Property.”

Reacting to the story Habib insisted: “My company will do fine with or without Brexit.

“We have a hedged business. Properties in the UK and Poland. Whatever effects Brexit might have on the market we should be fine.”

He has described the “volatility” of Brexit provides an opportunity for his “opportunistic” company to profit. He has been quoted as saying “The pound would fall in value… our [company’s] income streams would go up in value. So we’re quids in on that front” (link).

Back in 2017 Habib was boasting again in IPE Real Assets: “The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created opportunities on which we, as a niche fund manager, are well placed to capitalise.”

And in February last year in an article titled How one fund manager is banking yields of 10% on Brexit property bargains,’ he confided to Business Insider that there is Brexit nervousness in the market,” which investors could exploit to make a tidy 10% return on investment each year.

“Larger lot sizes – which are typically the more buoyant part of the market – have been hit harder than the smaller lot sizes, because it’s the institutions who are more concerned about Brexit than the private individuals and smaller corporates,” he explained.

Yet last month, launching his candidacy as MEP, he insisted: “there is nothing to fear from no deal.” (link)


L-R: European election candidates: UKIP’s Mark Meecham (aka Nazi pug youtuber Count Dankula, Nigel Farage, UKIP’s rape threat controversialist Carl Benjamin, together with UKIP – Brexit Party defector David Coburn who isn’t standing for this election (c) Twitter

David Coburn.

David Coburn is a businessman and former financial trader, and the owner of a freight company. He is pro-fracking, voicing support of it in Falkirk (link).

He was leader of UKIP Scotland, and referred to the SNP as a “pestilence”, and has a history of sexism towards female SNP candidates, and making terrorism jibes about Asian SNP candidates (link). He earned 1.2% of the vote for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in 2017 snap election (link).

Despite being gay, he thinks gay marriage should be banned (link).

He was blocked by Wikipedia for edit warring.

Coburn defected from UKIP to The Brexit Partybut was snubbed by Farage when he failed to make the Brexit Party’s MEP candidate list in Scotland

Graham (Barry) Shore

London MEP candidate Graham Shore worked for 28 years at Shore Capital and Corporate Ltd as Chair of VST Investment Committee (and was previously MD), a company that deals in finance, equity and asset management, with £800m under management, and a big focus on real estate and mitigating tax (link).

His brother, and Chairman of the company, Howard Shore, has recorded news interviews pondering how can “we take advantage” of Brexit, asking “do we deregulate and become the Singapore or Hong Kong of Europe?” and cheerily describes Brexit as a divorce, while deludedly claiming we will get everything we want out of Brexit, while the presenter accuses him of cherrypicking (link).

This is despite share prices in their company falling since the Brexit referendum. He wants the business to benefit from sweeping deregulation that he dreams may come from leaving the EU (link).

Otherwise, Graham Shore himself doesn’t really exist as a politician online.

Edmund John Fordham

Fordham is described as a physicist and engineer. More tellingly, he has worked for Schlumberger Ltd, the world’s largest oilfield services company (link).

Schlumberger have a history of losing radiactive canisters, hydraulic acid spills, and releasing chlorine compounds into the environment (link). In this industry, there is frustration at the EU for their increased preference for renewable energy (link).

The Eastern region candidate doesn’t seem to exist online, though he does have an exciting Twitter page with 35 followers and no tweets (link).

Katharine Harborne

A former Tory, the West Midlands candidate describes Ann Widdecome on Twitter as “totally awesome” (see Ann Widdecome, above) (link), so make of that what you will.

Andrew Allison

Andrew Allison is head of campaigns at The Freedom Association, an anti-trade union pressure group with links to the Tory Party and UKIP, which once campaigned against sporting sanctions against apartheid-era South Africa, and were sore about the BBC broadcasting “anti-apartheid propaganda”. Farage has also been involved in the group (link).

Allison was a National Grassroots Coordinator then Head of Campaigns at the rightwing think tank TaxPayers’ Alliance (see above) (link).

The Brexit Party’s Yorkshire candidate seems to rate Margaret Thatcher hugely on his Twitter page (link).

Interestingly, he doesn’t seem to be too fond of his own party’s leader. He previously referred to Farage as a ‘dictator’ and ‘out-and-out bastard’ in a Tweet (link). There’s something we may be able to agree with him on.

Ann Tarr

A financial services worker, and independent school-educated, she owns a business that specialises in minimizing taxes and is “constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state or local tax liabilities.” (link)

Otherwise, she doesn’t seem to be on Twitter, and has little online presence.

(c) Led By Donkeys

James Bartholomew

A journalist and author who started out in banking. As with other Brexit Party candidates who describe themselves as writers, he has an interesting array of topics.

He has written books complaining about the welfare state, trying to argue that social housing, food stamps and the NHS are the devil (link). He has written books and articles about how to destroy the NHS, and has been quoted as saying “The NHS is not a national treasure. It is the cause of great suffering” (link).

He is a former writer for journalistic cesspit The Daily Mail. He has also written frequently for The Telegraph, wailing about socialism, while trumpeting about Brexit as a self-serving investment opportunity. While he admits Brexit is “in turmoil”, is “gut-wrenching”, “truly miserable”, and “uncertain”, and that shares are falling “largely brought about by Brexit”, he nevertheless offers tips to Premium subscribers of The Telegraph on how to exploit and capitalise from its “money-making opportunities”. However, he admits to personally having some “pretty awful losses” and to having to sell his shares in a hurry due to his bigger holdings continuing to disappoint, both of which are due to the very thing he is campaigning for — Brexit (link).

He also proudly calims to have invented the meaningless rightwing buzzword phrase “virtue signalling”, which he uses to — on encountering conscientious people with a moral code —  presumably make himself feel better about his lack thereof? (link)

Noel Matthews

A senior official and National Party Agent for The Brexit Party, and a former UKIP member, Noel Matthews has expressed support for far-right former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, mocked the concept of Islamophobia as something that doesn’t exist, and sided with Donald Trump when Trump refused to condemn neo-Nazi rallies in Charlottesville (link).

He wrote an article called ‘Fracking Must Be Welcomed’, which raves about how it is “the next chapter in the success story of fossil fuels” (link).

Michael Heaver

Michael Heaver is a co-founder of Westmonster with Arron Banks, a website moaning about foreign students studying in the UK, that reports a lot on Tommy Robinson and Russia, and has a whole entire news category devoted to bashing immigration, with 100% favouritist reporting on the Brexit Party and a huge bias towards bashing Islam. The website doesn’t have an About page, but it’s painfully clear what it’s about (link).

Has written nine times for neo-Nazi website Breitbart (and also the Daily Express and Telegraph), where he incessantly links crime with immigration, ranting about Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish, and Lithuanians, in particular focusing on portraying Romanians as beggars and car thieves, prompting his followers to chime in about “3rd world scum” (link).

He has expressed doubt about climate change (link) and expressed worry about green movements.

Heaver’s Twitter page is Farage-obsessed (link), and he has written about Douglas Carswell’s ‘niceness’ —  It is worth mentioning here that UKIP’s only ever MP and Farage rival Carswell is a man famous for insisting to a scientist that the sun causes tides, fiddling his expenses, voting consistently against gay rights, voting against welfare, voting for lowering taxes, voting against measures to reduce tax avoidance, and voting against measures against climate change).

So much niceness.

Alexandra Phillips

Alexandra Phillips was UKIP’s head of media, filming them as a student for three years. She was the former aide/spokeswoman to Farage on £80,000 a year. Was chosen by him as an MEP candidate for SE England. It has been reported that Farage’s then-wife in 2015, Kirsten, ‘erupted in fury’ after finding Phillips and her husband on the sofa together – though Farage dismissed any suggestions of a relationship as “ludicrous” and “crackers” and she left her job soon after, defecting for the Tories (link), where she then idolised Theresa May (link).

She describes Farage’s approach as “slightly more alt-right”. She has written for the Selous Foundation (its website has a number of pro-Trump articles, and smears of Islam), where she wrote about how she is an Enoch Powell fan (see above), gushing over how “brilliant” he was, and making excuses for his history of racism and tenuously trying to paint him as ‘a victim’ (link).

She also wrote for Brexit Central (which is edited by Jonathan Isaby — former Chief Exec of The TaxPayers Alliance). She is miffed about pesky carbon reduction initiatives, but really into fossil fuels like shale gas. She is pro-grammar schools (link).

Robert Rowland

There’s not much information on Robert Rowland apart from Robert wanting to represent the UK as an MEP for the South East.

One thing is for sure —Rowland is into climate change denial and anti-environmentalism. A Twitter post of Robert Rowland sides with a Martin Durkin appearance on a Brendan O’Neill radio show which is pro-Thatcher and denies climate change. Rowland calls it “compulsory listening… Superb analysis”, and mentions how Durkin calls global warming a “swindle” and “propaganda”, and “an ideology that doesn’t stack up”, while bashing environmentalism as “totalitarian” (link). Hmm. Has 92 followers on Twitter.

Belinda De Lucy (McKeeve)

Amusingly, her promotional videos carry her humbly portraying herself as a “mum of four” (link). More tellingly, she could have instead wrote that she is exceedingly wealthy and her ‘minted’ husband works in private equity, and that she is a personal friend of the aristocratic Spencer family (link). She is frequently pictured at the polo club, and hobnobbing with royalty.

She is chums with Liam Fox, and “the director of [his] charity… which was investigated for not actually giving out £400,000 of government grants to ex-serviceman’s families”. On a side note, Liam Fox was one of the MPs in the 2009 expenses scandal to have the largest over-claim, of £22,476, and forced to repay the money. He resigned as Defence Secretary when he gave close lobbyist friends inappropriate access to the MOD, excused climate change denial, voted for the war on Iraq, supported the war in Afghanistan, and been against gay marriage (link).

She seems to hides her actual (husband’s) name from party material. Her husband is Mr Raymond Mckeeve, a private equity specialist advising in acquisitions, disposals and restructurings, who works at Jones Day (whose partners and attorneys served as counsel for the Trump campaign) (link), and is linked to Lord Levene, who advised Thatcher (link). It has been suggested that her husband has “taken a financial position that depends on Brexit and is hoping to make even more money out of a failing pound and stock market.”

Fittingly, Belinda is also apparently “an actress with an empty page on IMDB”. It’s like a metaphor or something… She is also director of Black Art Media with a net worth of £274k (link).

John Tennant

John Tennant once praised his colleague Godfrey Bloom with “you are a legend!”, for heckling a Nazi slogan in the European parliament at a German MP (“Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer”) (link).

It was reported that he has a history of using obscene language about women on Twitter, and joked about sex acts with a young girl (link).

Rupert Lowe

Rupert Lowe worked for Morgan Grenfell and Deutsche Bank, and was described as an “alarming and inconsistent” manager with a string of failures behind him (link).

Brian Monteith

Brian Monteith is a proud Thatcherite who used to work for a Thatcherite think tank. He then set up a PR company that went bust in a crisis owing £50,000 to creditors (link).

He is an acquaintance of indicted American lobbyist Jack Abramoff — who was at the centre of a corruption investigation, jailed for conspiracy and fraud, is the member of a foundation allegedly financed by apartheid South Africa, and ‘a PR puppet’ of apartheid SA, and a lobbyist for the Bush administration (link).

He is a critic of environmentalists and a denier of climate change (link).

David Bull

A former Tory, and boarding school-educated. Despite the whole Tory thing, he is an author (link) and doctor, and doesn’t seem like too bad a bloke.

Curiously, David Bull appeared on Most Haunted Live! featuring paranormal investigations. He once says he saw an apparition on a ghost hunt, which would be neat, but he concedes it could have been an optical illusion (link).

Gethin James

A former UKIP member, and a sacked Welsh councillor (link). Locals where he worked as a councillor describe him as “a waste of space… he gives and takes more back handers than the mafia allegedly” (link).

He has sided with Donald Trump and criticised protestors for demonstrating against him, saying “I don’t see why people in this country are protesting against him” (link). Who knows…

His Twitter page swoons over Farage, and childishly encourages spoiling ballot papers (link).

John Longworth

A grammar school-educated businessman, who seems to think he’s fighting the establishment (link), despite the fact he co-founded Leave Means Leave with tycoons Richard Price and Arron Banks (see above).

On Twitter he has a habit of retweeting racist serial-liar troll Katie Hopkins, along with various scumbags in politics, and thinks people should spoil local election ballot papers if The Brexit Party haven’t bothered to field a candidate (link). A Telegraph writer.

Gary (Walter) Harvey

Allegedly not a fan of his own party’s leader, admitting on Twitter “I really don’t like Farage”. Is an entrepreneur in aviation and military defence, the missiles industry, and is CEO of the MEL Group (link).

Is against teaching kids about homosexuality (link).

Worst of all, he wears an awful yellow suit and tie to rallies. Like, really awful (link).

Lucy Harris

Opera singer and Brexit activist. Apparently works in ‘political communications’, by which she presumably means her online wheezing about Brexit.

Has written for the deplorable Spiked Magazine (see above) on four occasions, where she tells Remainers to stop being mean to Brexiters and smearing them, while simultaneously smearing remainers as “crap” and “lousy” and saying they all live in ivory towers (link).

Recently got annoyed on Twitter by Led By Donkeys putting up billboards directly quoting Nigel Farage on his views on privatising the NHS, saying “I’m pretty sure they can’t do this” (link), without stating why. Bless.

Ajay Jagota

Ajay Jagota is a former Tory and Cameron supporter, and businessman. Resigned from the Tories due to the Islamophobia he experienced (link). Out of the frying pan, and into the fire, he joined The Brexit Party.

A property expert and letting / sales agent, he seems to have a vested interest in falling house prices. He is the founder of KIS (Keep It Simple property management firm), and deals with 700 landlords (link).

On Twitter also seems to be a fan of spoiling ballot papers. Obsessed with Fudge chocolate bars for some ostensibly hilarious reason (link).

Laura (Mann) Kevehazi

Laura Kevehazi worked in property. Also apparently as an inventor and dental surgeon.

Her Twitter feed refers to “our great Mrs THATCHER” (link), and sides with Noah Carl — who wrote papers on why British stereotypes about immigrants are “largely accurate”, and was accused by 200 academics of pseudoscience and discredited scientific racism, who was fired after evidence showed he had collaborated with far-right extremists (link).

She complains on Twitter about people pointing out the racist tendencies of certain Brexit Party members, while incessantly trying to portray other parties as racist and retweeting far right commentator Candace Owens (link) and gushing over her bigoted leader Farage.

Amazingly, she seems surprised at France freezing the UK out of EU defence contracts after we voted in a referendum to leave the EU (link).

Some people just wanna have their cake and eat it…

Nikki Page

Nikki Page has had a lot of press for being an ex-model back in the day (for one year). She was also an ex-Tory (for 45 years).

Page is seemingly a Thatcher fan, and was a researcher for Eurosceptic Thatcherite Tory MP John Redwood, with whom she had a 5 year relationship after their marriages collapsed (link). It’s worth mentioning that Redwood was a champion of privatisation, voted consistently against LGBT issues such as gay marriage and equal age of consent, and wanted to reintroduce capital punishment. He also wrote an investment column advising investors look “further afield” than the UK (link).

Page who is standing to be an MEP for the West Midlands doesn’t have a Wiki page or Twitter page.

Paul (Joseph) Hearn

Paul Hearn is described as a “serial boss”, who wants to “challenge prevailing thinking and practice” in business. I couldn’t find any info about his business experience and positions on Google — but he seems to view Brexit as a money making opportunity (for everyone in the country, I hope?).

Nothing came up on Google, but Hearn does have a Twitter page with 67 followers (link). He awkwardly admits in a Brexit Party rally video that he voted to remain in 2016 (prompting boos) while shouting at the crowd like a maniac (link).

Simon Marcus

A former Tory supporter who stood for the party. Had worked as account manager for the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. Was involved in small business management, and is a ‘self-employed stock trader and private investor’. He co-founded the Boxing Acadamy charity with business parter, in which he seems to do good work for the community.

However, he moved into rightwing politics when he says he “realised utopia and perfection weren’t going to happen” (link). He has written articles in the Spectator bashing transgender “ideology”, implying that being transgender should be treated as a mental health crisis (link), and objected to a House of Commons motion to recognise a Palestinian State, and keeps trying to associate socialism with mass murder (link).

Marcus denies claims that Farage is an anti-Semite (link).

The London MEP candidate doesn’t seem to have a Twitter page.

Tracy Knowles

A former UKIP member, Tracy Knowles is Senior partner at KPMG Bahamas, which seems to specialise in the kind of tax perks you might expect from such a name (link). The Bahamas’ tax haven status is famous for being a neat way of avoiding corporation tax and so much more (link), and KPMG have been found to help its clients dodge taxes using offshore bank accounts in such tax havens, for which it has been under investigation (link).

However, I’m positive that none of this line of work has nothing whatsoever to do with Tracy Knowles’ attitude towards the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive…

Sally Bate

Sally Bate is still listed on the website as a candidate, but in a wise move she quit over Claire Fox’s previous support for the IRA (link).

Jonathan Bullock

A former Tory who resigned from the party to join UKIP (link), then left UKIP to join The Brexit Party when things got a bit too racist for him there (link). 
Went to a fee-paying school. Asides from this, couldn’t find out much about his policies.

Priscilla Huby

Didn’t find much except, when last checked she has 24 Twitter followers and three of her five original tweets were about finding a baby sparrow (link) – worth voting for.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is hard to find via Google; it’s hard to find even a picture of him, but eventually identified him as the monobrowed guy on Twitter.

He posted a link to a batshit crazy article on Twitter, which describes things that ‘don’t exist’, including: race, exploitation (which is typed in inverted commas), and business monopolies (link). OK… Bafflingly, Taylor also doesn’t like people identifying as part of a group (link).

He also raves about capitalism. Is a fan of Douglas Carswell (see above), and retweets Jacob Rees-Mogg. Big fan of Margaret Thatcher too (link).

Julie (Anne) Price

Hardly anything via Google, seemingly no Twitter page, very hard to read up on. However, the Wales MEP candidate’s name comes up in an article, as an insurance broker who doesn’t like EU regulations that give people sick pay, maternity pay and grievance pay, as this makes it ‘difficult’ for her as an employer (link). Please spare a thought for Julie.

Louis Stedman-Bryce

Stedman-Bryce is a property investor and entrepreneur. He is also the host of Glasgow Property Investors network, which helps people build large property portfolios.

On Twitter, he gets cosy with Farage (link), retweets videos by Spiked Magazine staff (link), and seems to hint at having a beef with the NHS. Couldn’t find much else on the Brexit Party’s number one MEP candidate for Scotland’s political views online.

James Wells

James Wells formerly worked for the Office for National Statistics, and was a former civil servant. He took part in Farage’s ill-fated 300 mile march. Before that he says he spent his time ‘shouting at the TV’ (link).

Admitted on a BBC show that he wasn’t a fan of his party leader Farage’s Nazi-esque ‘breaking point’ poster and wouldn’t “personally endorse” them (link).

Not easy to find much else about his beliefs online.

Vishal Khatri

Businessman and entrepreneur. Worked in aviation, and as a sporting agent. Also worked for Holland Mountain, consulting in private equity, debt and real estate (link).

However, there is scant info via Google or on his Twitter page about what he actually believes in (link). Has been described by Twitter users as ‘someone else who wants to deny other people of the opportunities he was given’.

Jim Ferguson

Seems he was mocked for the Brexit Party charging £2.50 for people to attend their rallies in Edinburgh (link).

Hard to find anything about his views or policies on Google. Couldn’t find a Twitter profile for the Scotland candidate.

Anna Bailey

Describes herself as a ‘political scientist’ and as a ‘Russophile’ (a fan of the Russian political system) (link). She euphemistically describes Russia’s political system as a ‘managed democracy’ (see Russian censorship, and um, their arguably flawed habit of assassinating people) (link).

On her Twitter page she whines about UKIP MEPs being ordered by the mean EU to hand back £200,000 of funds they innocently misused (link), and seems to think that chlorinated chicken is a good thing that the EU should frigging let us have (link).

James Glancy

A decorated veteran who was in the Royal Marines and Special Boat service, and served in the war in Afghanistan, which he describes as “questionable”. Does some good work in wildlife preservation and awareness.

He has written in The Sun, about how proud he is to stand alongside, um, Anne Widdecombe (see above) and Claire Fox (see above) (link), retweeting the latter’s articles as “essential reading” (link).

Aileen Quinton

Aileen Quinton is a former senior civil servant. She now works in risk management, which incidentally makes money from preparing for financial shitstorms. Or as she puts it, she has concerns about leaving the EU but her occupation is about “taking advantages of opportunities” and “managing threats” (link). Either way, she believes “she has no serious chance of personally taking a seat in London” (link).

She doesn’t seem to like the word ‘extremism’, saying “I totally reject the idea that extremism is totally bad” (link), weirdly equating extremism with eating mushrooms. No, I haven’t figured this one out yet either…

She campaigned against the IRA after her mother was murdered by them, with some observing it to be noteworthy that Quinton stands alongside Claire Fox, who has supported and refused to condemned the IRA (see above) (link) while simultaneously criticising Jeremy Corbyn — who condemns terrorism — for holding meetings with the IRA (link).

Jane Mummery
Jane Mummery (c) Brexit Party / Twitter

June Mummery

June Mummery is a member of Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance, the MD of BFP Eastern, and the East Coast fishing industry hub. Its seems she wants more fishing trawlers in our seas after Brexit, and seems angry at EU catch limits based on scientific advice. She seems angry at the EU trying to combat unsustainable and illegal fishing and create “relative stability” (link), and is angry at the Dutch fishing in the same seas as the UK, as she would rather we be selling all the fish to them instead (link). She wants to fight decline and double the number of ships in the sea, while her critics argue that “The east coast fishing industry declined because of over fishing” (link).

She once applied for The Apprentice, “whose researchers failed to shortlist her business plan to invest in a fishing boat” (link).

Mummery is also managing director of BFP Eastern Ltd, which offers fuel supplies to the fishing industry, and consultancy in oil and gas sectors. If you vote for her Brexit Party, June Mummery’s business can increase its profits (link).

Apparently, “Nobody else is going to fight for the fishing industry as hard as she does”. She has a Twitter page with no photo, three tweets and 41 followers (link).

Mehrtash A’zami

Is a partner in charge of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets in the UK for McMillan Woods (link), who are accountants and business advisors in areas such as tax planning services, who state on their website: “Everyone feels they are paying too much tax, usually because they are paying too much tax! This is often true… we identify many opportunities to save money through astute tax planning… tax is a “business” cost. Our goal is to minimise their tax liabilities.” (link)

A’zami is the CEO of a lot of finance companies, and a partner of Maxim Corporate Finance LLP (link), who also specialise in ‘tax mitigation services’ (link).

However, I’m sure that the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive is no factor in his reasons for fighting for Brexit.

Someone online claims that “Mehrtash A’zami operates in circles that would benefit from deregulation and red tape. He’s fond of setting up Ltd companies, at least one compulsory strike off. Set up a charity that’s filed no financial info. Seem’s Farage’s type” (link).

Not much on the internet about his views.

Sean (Robert John) Lever

Describes himself as an ‘information security specialist’. A former security engineer (Tenable — IT vulnerability), sales engineer (SonicWALLinc), and sales consultant (link).

A former Tory, he calls Ann Widdecombe “fantastic”, admits he’s “not a professional politician”, and wears a really terrible tie at rallies (link).

Seems eager to side with Trump, judging by a Twitter post (link)

Not much else on the aprropriately-named Lever’s views via Google, but he admits that after all his years with the Tories, they are actually really really crap, whereas The Brexit Party is really, really good.

Peter Wiltshire

CEO and owner of I.T. Company.

Otherwise, very little info about him online. His Twitter page is all predictably about one thing, that one thing being awesome, and everything else being rubbish. Retweets Spiked Magazine articles, Margaret Thatcher posts, and Piers Morgan tweets, and is smitten with Farage (link).

Seems to wheeze about Brexit for The Telegraph.

As one Twitter user complains, the Brexit Party makes no information available about him other than his name (link).

Elizabeth Babade

Describes herself on Twitter as a “mum, wife, lawyer”, and is the daughter of two judges. Much attention has been drawn to the fact she is Nigerian-born, though one person observes “she’s listed 6 out of 7 for the NW constituency and will not win. The top listings are rich, white, ex-Tory, City or right-wing media” (link).

Seems she might have been director of Adam & Ashley Consulting Ltd (link), but I couldn’t find much on this company.

Seems like a fairly pleasant person, even if she retweets Lance Forman a lot and seems defensive of Margaret Thatcher (link).

Matthew Patten

Senior business director, charity chief, and frowny Twitter man. Was a former Tory councillor, and a former chief executive of The Mayor’s Fund.

Pretty predictable sentiments and there is very little on his other views. Retweets Spiked Magazine articles. (link)

Adefolajimi Ogunnusi

Director of BQM Consulting, Bristol, it seems (link), a company with a heinously designed website that helps businesses improve their revenue and reduce costs (link). He is not on Twitter. Couldn’t find anything else.

Calum Walker

Ex-UKIP, and confusingly still seems to be appearing in photos with them, as if he forgot he changed political parties (link). It happens to the best of us.

Not much on Twitter page, where he has 56 followers and 8 tweets (link), though he has retweeted David Coburn’s pestilence comment, and retweeted an article from The Sun that Nigel Farage found about how Donald Trump is apparently complaining that a statue of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office was replaced with one of Martin Luther King (link). I can see why that might bother Trump. And Farage.

John Kennedy

Hard to find online, is a total non-entity. Only mentioned as a ‘businessman’, with no Twitter page, and only one photo of him seems to crop up on Google. Not to be confused with John F. Kennedy.

Richard Monaghan

Next to nothing on Google and Twitter. Another non-entity online. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Karina (K) Walker

Scottish. Half-Polish and Russian. Spent 28 years working for brands, but it’s a mystery which ones. Little apparent business/political experience evident.

Not clear what she believes in on Twitter. Has retweeted rightwing blog Guido Fawkes, The Telegraph and Richard Tice (link).

Chris Ellis

A businessman apparently, but hard to find his credentials anywhere. Not a lot via Google.

Has 23 followers on Twitter. His Twitter page is pretty unenlightening, but suggests he is against climate change environmentalism, and has retweets of Telegraph articles (link).

Christina Jordan

Former nurse and assistant director of Community Service Office (CSO), who immigrated from Malaysia to the UK in 1985. Describes herself as a community leader.

She says in party videos shared on social media that she wants to connect globally outside of the EU, prompting scores Twitter users to comment that we already do, ask what Jordan’s actual policies are, and observe that “As a member of EU we are already a global trading nation with many countries outside of the EU”, and to ask, “Shifting the balance of UK trade to countries that are physically further away… Will that make UK trade cheaper or more expensive?” (link)

It’s unclear what she does now, or what other political stances she has. Doesn’t seem to have a Twitter page or website.

Paul Aitken

Former Scottish Tory, and seems to have been UKIP before that. Was/is a solicitor in property conveyancing and contracts. Nowadays he spends his time looking like a cue ball.

Apparently when he was a Tory councillor, he refused to give up his seat when he controversially quit the party and “refused to face voters” (link). An SNP councillor said in response to the news: “No sooner has he been elected than Councillor Aitken is distancing himself from the Tory brand, presumably having seen how toxic the Tory party really is. Councillor Aitken stood for election on a platform he now disavows but appears to have no intention of stepping aside, leaving locals with a councillor whose views are a mystery to them” (link). Nothing’s changed there, then.

No official Twitter page or website comes up.

Christopher Barker

Doesn’t seem to exist on the internet. Non-entity via Google, no Twitter page, no comments below his party’s social media videos he features in. WHO ARE YOU???

Jake Pugh

His website explains he works in financial services, consulting in capital markets, and makes money from future markets and regulatory reform (link). So you might imagine that Brexit would help his business profit, basically.

His Twitter page seems to rejoice in spoilt ballot papers and retweets Katie Hopkins and Douglas Carswell postsand pro-Trump articles (link).

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen

Chair of the British dental association. An NHS dentist standing alongside candidates who want to privatise it. He says he speaks from personal opinion and doesn’t represent the BDA.

Danish-born, curiously, with commentators arguing he has “used his freedom of movement as an EU citizen to come here and work” (link).

He says his reasons for voting Brexit are that he thinks lots of languages being spoken are annoying, and that — hypocritically for The Brexit Party — he doesn’t like that EU Presidents apparently don’t publish manifestos, and also something about the shape of fruit (link).

Very little else on his other political views online. His Twitter page is another that celebrates spoiled ballot papers, and features retweets of his anti-NHS leader Farage, Douglas Carswell and Claire Fox, articles by Guido Fawkes, and articles and interviews by Spiked Magazine assistant editor Ella Whelan (link).

Nicola Darke

Despite all of my efforts to find out anything substantial about her political experience or policies, I managed to find out that she is a yoga teacher for the exciting sounding Turbo Zen. No Twitter page it seems.

John Kelly

Doesn’t exist on Twitter. Nothing on Google. Who knows what qualifies John to be an MEP?

By Ben Gelblum and S. Holloway

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