Does PMQs need VAR? Reactions as Tories accuse Jeremy Corbyn of calling Theresa May “stupid woman”

A blistering last Prime Minister’s Questions of the year, in which Theresa May appeared on the ropes has ended in controversy as Tory MPs accused Jeremy Corbyn of calling May “stupid woman” under his breath.

The Labour Leader can be seen muttering under his breath in an ill-tempered exchange on whose fault it is that Brexit is a mess.

If you are a qualified lip-reader – or have an opinion on what he said, watch and commment below.

James Cleverly and other Conservative MPs insisted that the leader of teh opposition had called the PM “stupid woman” and are now demanding that Commons Speaker John Bercow call on him to apologise.

Bercow said he would be reviewing the evidence before deciding what to do.

And in a further twist MP Andrea Leadsom asked Bercow why he did not apologise to her in that case when he had called her a “stupid woman.”

Bercow replied that he had seen her many times after that incident and Leadsom had never brought it up.

There were crucial issues to debate on democracy, Britain being held hostage between May’s Brexit deal and the threat of no deal, as well as immigration u-turns debated at the last PMQs of the year, but now with Conservative MPs baying for an apology, everyone is debating what the Labour leader muttered under his breath.

Though Deputy Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly has been reminded that his Conservative colleague Philip Hammond was also seen muttering “stupid woman” recently to Andrea Jenkyns at Prime Minister’s Questions after the pro-Brexit Tory MP asked Theresa May: “When did Brexit become remain?”

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  1. Rob

    Say ‘woman’ and the mouth needs to pucker up closing lips into a kiss-like shape. Say ‘people’ and the lips flatten with a slight opening and with corners of mouth pushed away stretching mouth and keeping mouth pretty much closed. Corbyn’s mouth did NOT pucker as far as I can see from available video evidence.

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