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“Why are we cutting our border force? Why are we cutting our police?”-Watch David Lammy tell Parliament about the tragic consequences:


With Britain’s police budgets set to lose £700m a year, amid rising crime, and yet more cuts planned for border forces, parliament today heard of the tragic consequences of less money to fight a growing drug-fuelled gang crime epidemic.

Knife crime is not being driven by minors and teenagers. It is being driven by organised criminals exploiting children, arming our young people and fighting turf wars over a £12bn drugs market, Tottenham David Lammy told the House of Commons, with a harrowing example from his own constituency.

With an increasingly beleagured Prime Minister Theresa May on a trip to China, Cabinet Minister David Lidington MP stood in for the Conservative leader fielding questions at Prime Minster’s Questions (PMQs).

“If you carry a knife you can expect to end up in jail. We have toughened the sentences. We have protected, despite what he said, police budgets,” insisted the Tory MP for Aylesbury.

Watch Labour MP David Lammy set Lidington straight about the disastrous consequences of further swingeing cuts to our police and border forces:

"why are we cutting our border force? Why are we cutting the police?"

#MustWatch: "why are we cutting our border force? Why are we cutting the police?" The Labour Party MP David Lammy asks Conservative David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office, standing in for Theresa May at Prime Ministers Questions, after the stabbing of another youth in Lammy's Tottenham constituency:#PMQs #TheLondonEconomic #TLE

Posted by The London Economic on Wednesday, 31 January 2018


“The blood of these young people on her hands” – Former police officer’s jaw-dropping response to the spike in young violent crime needs to be seen:

Business leaders blast cash-strapped police force that wants to stop investigating shoplifting – saying it will give thieves “a licence to steal”

UK’s head police chief’s chilling warning on ‘1985 levels’ of police overstretched by terror threat

Police Federation accuse Theresa May of lying about police pay at PMQs



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