Corbyn poll gains the result of groundbreaking new strategy

They haven’t been too accurate in recent times, but if the latest polls are to be believed, Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings are on the up. Growing significantly day by day.

For a politician that is routinely ridiculed in the mainstream press, it seemed almost unconceivable three weeks ago that the UK would witness anything other than a Conservative whitewash in the forthcoming snap general election.

That may still happen. However, there appears to be a groundswell of support building for Labour, and that support seems to be a direct result of a radical, bizarre new strategy set out by Jeremy Corbyn. The likes of this  which hasn’t been seen in British politics before.

Jeremy Corbyn has taken these unthinkable steps to try and win over the British public:

  • Has instructed his party to run a positive campaign and not be drawn into gutter politics.
  • Refuses to name-call or smear the opposition.
  • He actually seems to care about people.
  • Generally answers questions honestly when asked (even if they are loaded questions from the media).
  • Is appearing in public and meeting the electorate face to face.
  • Is not locking journalists in store-rooms and stage managing questions from them.
  • Refused to use so called ‘big data’ companies to tap into individual’s worries and fears via targeted campaigns on social media.
  • And this is the craziest thing, he has actually released a really good manifesto that’s been well received by the public.

Removing Dianne Abbot from the equation for just a second, even Corbyn’s front bench sound like a leadership party in waiting, as can be witnessed in the video of Sarah Champion MP squashing the sniping questions from Fox News…  sorry, I mean Sky News.

Labour’s campaign strategy appears to be the polar opposite of Theresa May’s approach of completely keeping away from the public, not allowing questions during public appearances, not appearing in any head-to-head debates with other party leaders, and relying on The Daily Mail, The Express and all of the other other right leaning media outlets to routinely undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation.

We all agree that the press plays a crucial role in British democracy, but what is troubling is that the majority of the UK press is owned by a handful of right-wing billionaires, most of whom don’t live here. Even if that’s not enough to contend with, the BBC’s sneering political editor Laura Kuenssberg may as well don a blue rosette, such is her highly bias reporting. This week she even appeared to take her headlines directly from the Tory manifesto. The increasingly biased headlines should worry everybody, on either side of the political spectrum.

How much it will affect the outcome of the election remains to be seen.

As discussed in my previous article, Think Jeremy Corbyn is a loser? You’ve been Brainwashed, The Sun, claim to have backed the winner of each general election since the notorious Sun headline, ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ referring to the 1992 John Major Tory victory.

The tabloid led an increasingly personal campaign against the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock, culminating in the famous election day headline: “If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights.”

The same campaign ran against Ed Milliband in the last election (bacon sandwich) and has been running against Jeremy Corbyn for two years. But, are the public beginning to see through the headlines?

Despite the lack of love from the newspapers, Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto has been so well received that there’s going to have to be a really gory photo of him lunching on a Greg’s Chicken Slice to halt his momentum.

The big question come June 8th is, will Theresa May’s snappy PR soundbites of ‘Strong and Stable’ and ‘Stable and Strong’ together with the carefully stage managed appearances on the BBC One Show carry enough substance to fool the British public? Or will we finally vote against the will of the handful of billionaire offshore based media proprietors’?

Such is May’s power within the mainstream Conservative media machine, she can openly support another vote on fox hunting, brush away the Tories laughable economic record, and make ridiculous claims that the fall in sterling had nothing to do with Brexit. This should send a clear message of both arrogance and incompetence to the electorate.

For a believer in democracy, watching May cosy up with media moguls is difficult to watch. But, her decision to use ex-Sun PR gurus and political strategists like Sir Lynton Crosby, the man behind Ed Milliband’s character assassination in the previous election, will either pay dividends or be shown up for what it is – a horrible, negative and cynical way to grasp your way to power.

One thing we do know about the British, is that they love the underdog, and they love to stick the Vs up to the establishment. Yes, May is still leagues ahead in the polls with less than a month to go, but Corbyn’s approach is winning friends and voters.

It’s almost as though he is bringing us a ‘gentler kinder politics’… (yes, that was an aim of his that was also ridiculed in the press).  Will it be enough?

Article submitted by Robert Owens.

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Why Corbyn’s Labour Manifesto Is Well Worth A Read

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10 Responses

  1. Good article but noticed the dig at Diane Abbot (no other blacks at the top,)and also the Jew one of Millaband and the bacon sandwich.Crafty but clever.

    1. The Dianne Abbott comment is presumably referencing her huge gaffes during the election campaign, and Ed Milliband’s bacon sandwich reference refers to the huge picture-led front page ran by The Sun of him chowing down on a bacon sarnie with the headline ‘Save Our Bacon’. To draw racial conclusions from either reference is absurd and dangerous Stephen.

    2. Jeff

      Cpme off it – Ms Abbot’s performance on finance was inexcusable. She has spent too much time costing up to Portillo and Neal.

  2. Marc

    I agree with what you started with saying but then you just went on a gutter rant about the torys. I thought the idea of your article was to get people to move past the name calling

  3. Chris Blight

    Whether you agree with the mainstream medias crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn or not, his inability to control his Cabinet, namely Dianne Abbot, over her refusal to obey the Party Whip, over the Brexit Vote.
    Corbyn has never given an adequate answer with regard to the use of our Nuclear Deterrent, should our Country be under attack, nor has he given any assurance to limit immigration, or keep a ‘Foot in the Door’, with the EU, after Brexit, which is at odds with most voters aspirations!
    I was a Miner during the 1984 Strike, so have no love for the Tories, with better reason than most, but Corbyn and co are INCAPABLE of delivering on their election promises, it’s Pie in the Sky!
    In any case, how long does anyone think that the Golden Geese are going to hang around once Labour start ‘Caning Them’, with extra taxes? Not Long I’ll bet!

    1. Carol B

      Do I take it that you would prefer to risk having your home taken away from you by the Tories in the eventuality of you or your partner needing social care? National insurance is a tax that you have paid all your working life, with the express purpose of caring for you when you need it. You pay such insurances for your vehicle for the same reason, if and when you need to claim. The cash is paid into a pot, which most people do not have to dip into, those who do are able to access the money when needed. When you claim from a home insurance company, they charge you the excess that you have agreed to pay, but they do not grab any further money from you, nor the insured property. To make a direct comparison between the Tories “dementia tax”, as it has been called, you have been paying that excess all your working life, but now the Tories will be taking your home as well.
      By the way, where have you been reading the bit about the Labour Party being unable to deliver on their election promises? The only way that they will not be able to deliver is you, and your ilk not voting for them. The “Golden Geese” may well go elsewhere, when they are no longer able to avoid paying tax in the UK. But they are a drain on the economy , not a contributor. Corporation tax, currently at 19%, was as high as 52% under Thatcher. The tax rate for the most wealthy was cut from 83% to 60% under Thatcher, now 45%. And the “Golden Geese” still haven’t migrated. In fact their nests have never been better feathered in the UK.

      1. Wilma Miller

        Sorry, the reason they can’t deliver on it is because they promise everyone everything- no tuition fees, keep the triple lock, give more money to NHS and the police and so it goes on. It’s been a while since we had a political party which threw the promises around so generously. There isn’t enough money in tax evasion to pay for it all and Brexit will be a further economic shock to this country however it’s done. If the economy tanks there isn’t the funding for all the freebies. The idea of McDonnell as Chancellor advised by Paul Mason ( the man with the music degree who somehow got a job writing then broadcasting about economics) ably assisted by the former Finance minister from Greece where Syriza found out you can’t distribute what isn’t there. Is in truth a nightmare. Luckily for them they’ll all be well cushioned from the taxes that will have to rise for the rest of us. I very faintly remember when the IMF was called in in this country-they impose an austerity that few of us have ever experienced. I actually find it offensive when politicians deceive young people with what amounts to fairy tales.

    2. Sam Shakespeare

      Let me guess your voting UKIP maybe?
      As for Corbyn not controlling his party over the Brexit vote I don’t think 12 or so MP’s don’t towing the party line is hardly losing control if the party. And Corbyn has given his answers to the biased media over his stance on defence & trident. I suggest you look it up on google.
      Corbyn has said there will be an end to free movement of people. And that he wants access to the single market that is not the same as staying in the single market, he doesn’t want his team to go into the EU negotiations like a bull in a China shop rather with a diplomatic hand with a view for getting the best deal for the UK and open to further deals where needed from EU countries.
      Corbyn & Labour are very capable of delivering the manifesto policies, policies which are for the many not the few!
      If big business want to continue to threaten gov they will leave I say call their bluff. There are countries around the world that charge far more in personal income tax and corporation tax yet those businesses haven’t fled have they?
      We should not be ruled over by big business and the elite it is about time us minions stood our ground and kicked them into touch and voted in a party that have costed policies that will benefit the country not hinder it whilst helping they’re mates get richer.

  4. JVillan

    Good article, but you say: “We all agree that the press plays a crucial role in British democracy”. I would so that should be in the past tense now. The young do not seem to read the printed press in the main.

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