Conservative Party “reinstate 15 councillors who were suspended over posting racist or Islamophobic comments online”

A report by The Guardian has discovered that a number of Tory councillors who were suspended after they had posted abusive content online have been allowed back into their old positions.

It is claimed that fifteen councillors are back in their old position since they were disciplined for sharing their controversial views online.

Tory former chair Sayeeda Warsi blasted the findings by the Guardian.

She tweeted: “This is revolving door racism.”

Andrew Bowles, who is listed as Tory leader of Swale borough council on its website, was readmitted to the party after only a 13 day suspension.

Bowles retweeted a post praising Tommy Robinson, it called him a ‘patriot.’ However, the Tory councillor denied he was supporting Robinson, but was actually defending the right to free speech

Bowles said: “I wasn’t supporting him, I was supporting the process of free speech.

A Conservative spokesman said: “Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong.

“When CCHQ has been made aware of the small number of such cases we have acted swiftly, suspending members and launching immediate investigations, in sharp contrast to other parties. 

“Our complaints process is rightly a confidential one but there are a wide range of sanctions to challenge and change behaviour, including conditions to undertake training, a period of suspension and expulsion, and these are applied on a case-by-case basis.”

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