Police shot man who stabbed an officer while holding two knives

Police shot a man who stabbed an officer while holding two knives, an investigator claimed.

The Independent Office for Police Complaints are investigating after the man was shot by Met Police gun cops.

The 29-year-old man is still being treated in hospital but is condition is no longer life-threatening.

Six police officers were called to Hackney, east London on March 19 to reports of a man armed with knives.

It is believed the caller was a family member of the man and believed their relative may need sectioning under the Mental Health Act.

After arriving at 9.45pm, one police officer was stabbed. He did not require hospital treatment.

Armed response officers were called to the scene and the man was shot once.

Investigators attended to oversee forensics and take initial accounts from officers involved.

IOPC Deputy Director General, Jonathan Green, said: “A Metropolitan Police officer was stabbed during this incident but thankfully this injury was not serious.

“I wish him a speedy recovery.

“The man who was shot remains in hospital and my thoughts are with him and everyone affected.

“We have seen body worn video from officers who first attended the incident and we know that they were confronted by the man carrying two knives.

“Taser was used a number of times with no apparent effect and those officers left the premises.

“We have also seen the body worn video of the officer who shot the man. They were confronted by a similar scene and one shot was fired.

“Accounts from all of the officers involved have also been collected.

“Although we are in the early stages of our investigation we have already gathered a great deal of relevant evidence.

“We have also spoken with the man’s family to explain our role and will provide them with regular updates as our investigation progresses.”

According to the Met Police, a search at the address after the incident found a suspected hand grenade and firearm.

Neighbouring properties were evacuated as a precaution and specialist officers assessed the devices but they were deemed safe and removed.

The Met’s Central East Command Unit has launched a parallel criminal investigation, to the IOPC independent investigation, into the assault and firearms matters.


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