Police Officer is allowed to keep job after police watchdog probe into footage of him telling black man: “You would be the first one I would shoot if I had a gun”

A cop caught on camera telling a black man “you would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun” has been allowed to keep his job following an investigation by the police watchdog.

The unnamed officer was captured in mobile phone footage also asking a gobsmacked Jack Chambers: “Are you going to go all Black Lives Matter on us?”

The PC had been searching a flat in Coventry on August 24 last year when the remarks were made to the 25-year-old, who had been visiting the property.

Dad-of-two Jack complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IOPC) which launched an investigation.

Today (Wed) the IOPC confirmed the police constable, who was removed from duty at the time, has now received a final written warning.

An IOPC spokesperson said: “We found that the police constable who made the remarks had a case to answer for misconduct and the force agreed.

“At a misconduct meeting held by West Midlands Police on June 8 the case was proven and the officer given a final written warning.

“The officer told our investigator that he regretted making the comments and, while he accepted they had been unprofessional and clumsy, he had not meant them to be racist, offensive or threatening.

“Another police constable was dealt with through management action after it was agreed by the force that he had a case to answer for misconduct for not challenging the comments made by his colleague.”

IOPC Regional Director Commissioner Derrick Campbell said: “We are conscious of the impact on public confidence in policing such an incident can have.

“The remarks made were inappropriate and the officer who made them has been sanctioned accordingly after the force agreed with the findings of our investigation.”

The police watchdog found there was no case to answer for two other officers who attended the flat as there was no evidence that that they had heard the comments

West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department launched an internal investigation of their own after the video went viral on Facebook.

Jack can be seen in the mobile phone footage smoking on a sofa being spoken to by officers before one makes the “racist” comments.

Unemployed Jack, of Coventry, said at the time: “They said they were there for a wanted person – but I think they’re just harassing me.

“I was at a friend’s house, at first I was nervously laughing and then I realised it’s not actually that funny.

“A black man had just been killed by police days before in America, so I just carried on smiling out of nerves really and didn’t mess about.

“But I was actually pretty intimidated, his comments were racist – he was mocking a whole movement [Black Lives Matter].

“They found out at the end that I was recording them and said it was sly but they can’t stop me, it’s not against the law.

“I’ve experienced racism with officers before when they told me and my Asian mate they “don’t like our kind”

“Loads of stuff like that has happened to me so that’s why I was so glad I filmed this. I sincerely believe West Midlands Police as a whole is racist.

“They’ve offered me a formal apology but that’s not good enough.

“Loads of people have been supportive on social media – white, Asian and black people.

“Black youths have been dying from the police even if half of it is in America, it’s still not a joke, and laughing about the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t funny.

“I want to take them to court and I’ve already spoken to some lawyers who think I have a very strong case.

“I want to see that officer removed from the force. There’s no place for that kind of behaviour in modern day policing.”

Speaking at the time, Assistant Chief Constable Alex Murray said: “What was said was not right and the officer has been removed from front line duties pending further assessment.

“The officer has already expressed remorse and is very apologetic over his comments.

“We expect the highest standards of behaviour from all our officers and staff, and we will always take complaints from members of the public seriously.”

The footage starts by showing officers inside a house talking to Jack as he sits on the sofa explaining why he didn’t open the door to them.

Jack says: “I thought you were going to attack me…I’ve been seeing all kinds of videos.”

One officer asks him: “Are you going to go all Black Lives Matters on us are you?”

Jack replies “Yeah.”

The officer is then heard saying: “You would be the first one I’d shoot if I had a gun, definitely” to which the Jack replies “Oh f**king hell.”


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