PMQs “Is the PM aware that there are 1000 fewer GPs today than on the day she took office?” – Corbyn vs May [Full Video]

The final Prime Minister’s Questions of 2017 was filled with dire warnings about how 2018 is set to be the most parlous year yet for Britain’s National Health Service.

The Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn warned the Prime Minister that there are 1,000 fewer GP’s than the day she took office. He also highlighted NHS chiefs’ warnings that the NHS needs £4bn not to go under, yet her government was prepared to find just £1.8bn.

“Who was it who described Labour’s NHS legacy as a mess? It was the Right Honourable Gentleman! When he’s running for leader he denounces the Labour party, now he’s leader of the Labour party he’s trying to praise it,” retorted Theresa May as Tories crowding the House of Commons bellowed “more, more!”

Watch the full exchange and comment below:

PMQs in full – Jeremy Corbyn v Theresa May

PMQs in full – Jeremy Corbyn v Theresa May

Posted by Parliament Today UK on Wednesday, 20 December 2017



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