PMQs – ‘Coalition of cavemen’: Corbyn stand-in Thornberry hits out at Tories for denying 16-year-olds the vote

Feisty Emily Thornberry stood in at PMQs today, for Jeremy Corbyn, with David Lidington standing in for the PM as she in China.

Thornberry said that the DUP and Tories were a “coalition of cavemen” because of their opposition to lower the voting age to 16, which all other main parties support.

A concern for the Conservative Party is that 16-18 year-olds might be less likely to vote for their party.

As the lively debate continued Thornberry said there was “no logical principled objection to votes at 16”.

“That is why the Welsh and Scottish governments support it, that is why every single political party in this House supports it – except the Conservative Party and the DUP.”

She also looked to the past and the struggle by women to get the vote a century ago she said: “Why doesn’t the minister realise the lesson that we women taught his predecessors 100 years ago – when change is right it cannot be resisted forever, and this is a change whose time has come.”

Ms Thornberry also mentioned that not that much has even changed since women got the vote, when she said: “I am the only Emily elected since 1918 and he is one of 155 Davids.”


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