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PMQs 11th May – Royal fail & posted workers

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

My lack of knowledge of EU working directives is probably (ok definitely) to blame, but I don’t think I was alone in being temporarily lost in a mail bag when Jeremy Corbyn used up the majority of his questions on the issue of posted workers.

He was really quite animated, and managed to ramble on about it, without even asking a question on one occasion. To be fair to Cameron he picked an answer out of what he heard, when I really couldn’t.

I did a bit of research (Googled it) and an example of posted workers would be a company in Latvia sending workers to pick fruit in UK for £1 an hour, the same they would get back home.

It’s actually pretty unfair and undercuts local workers, but Corbyn didn’t manage to make the point clearly enough. Even UKIP supporters could have got on board with Jezza’s argument today, if only he made any sense.

Someone who couldn’t help but make the point clearly was David Cameron, who made numerous apologies for being caught on camera slagging off two “corrupt” countries, namely Nigeria and Afghanistan, to the Queen. Bearing in mind his own father’s tax avoidance affairs, it seemed a bit rich (no pun intended) coming from him.

Forgive my suspicious (paranoid) mind but I’m pretty sure the PM notices the camera just before his “mishap” and continues anyway. He’s not called Camera–on for nothing, boom boom. Then a few hours later the Queen is filmed laying into the Chinese, when I’m pretty sure the palace has to sign off clips of her majesty before they hit the screens. I might be wrong, but let’s just say I’m right, I don’t really get what purpose either “mishap” serves. Perhaps the Queen got to 90 and just thought “fuck it.”

It is almost as if Corbyn has the same attitude to his newly appointed mayor of London. Last week Corbyn battled in defence of Sadiq Khan and the evil campaign against him, but today only the PM and Tim Farron, who even the speaker admitted was annoying, congratulated Khan’s win.

Khan is now one of the most powerful Labour politicians in the country, and they seem to be distancing themselves from each other already. If only Sadiq could be Labour’s posted worker in the capital, then maybe he would get more attention.

Sycophantic question of the day

Lucy Allan, Con, who stood up for the abuse suffered by BBC political Editor Laura Kuenssberg. Of course the abuse shouldn’t happen, but the messenger was slightly an odd choice. It left me thinking what colour is your pot Lucy?


Sadiq Khan, not that you would know it.

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