PM Uses Tinder and LadBible to Connect with Young Voters in EU Referendum

David Cameron has signed up with Tinder and LadBible to encourage younger people to vote in the EU referendum.

Thousands of people are yet to sign up to vote in the referendum in June, which could hit the ‘In’ campaign most severely. More than 28 million households have been sent a leaflet on how to register before the deadline of June 78th, but the PM has gone one step further to engage younger voters.

The Prime Minister has partnered with dating app Tinder and viral site LadBible to engage with young voters. The latter is planning to produce editorial content on the EU debate alongside its usual mix of videos and celebrity news, and the former is hoping to replicate the success they have had in the US where users were matched with candidates.

A Downing Street source told The Times: “We are always looking for ways to try and encourage people to register to vote.”

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