PM criticised for “desperate gesture” on eve of NHS 70th birthday

Just like the NHS pay deal, a closer look at figures shows this ‘late night petrol station guilt gift’ is more sleight of hand from the PM after years of neglect, says union.

GMB, the union for NHS staff, has criticised the PM for yet more health service sleight of hand.

Theresa May unveiled an extra £20bn in funding for the NHS in a speech today

But the Tories’ unfunded commitment works out as just 3.4% a year – after eight years in which NHS budget increases have averaged just 1.4% and there have been huge cuts to social care.

This is less than the 3.7 per cent annual increase the health service has enjoyed for most of its 70 years – and nowhere near enough to repair years of underfunding from the Conservative Government.

There is also uncertainty over whether the new cash includes the £4.2billion earmarked for the NHS pay offer.

The pay offer is billed as a 6.5% pay rise, but actually works out as a below inflation, real terms pay cut for around half NHS staff.

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said: “Just like Jeremy Hunt’s NHS pay offer, a closer look reveals more health service sleight of hand from the Government after years of neglect.

“Theresa May is all over the place on NHS funding.”

“This desperate gesture won’t bring NHS funding anywhere near where should have been without years of Conservative cuts that have starved the health service.”

“This looks like yet another make-it-up-as-you go along gimmick from Theresa May.

“The NHS doesn’t need this kind of late night petrol station guilt gifting – it needs real long-term funding and a proper strategy.”

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