Piers Morgan schooled with facts after publicly declaring support for No Deal Brexit

Piers Morgan received a very public dressing down on social yesterday after declaring his support for a No Deal Brexit.

The outspoken TV presenter claimed that “No Deal is actually Brexit” in a tweet posted to millions of his followers, adding that “people voted to leave the EU, not to stay in bits of it”.

But his sentiment was skilfully unravelled after Steve Analyst made a fact-based assessment of his claims.

He said: “Hello Mr Morgan, I’ve just seen this tweet.

“I don’t know if you were out of the country at the time, but let me respectfully explain why this isn’t a fair reflection of what the referendum was about, and therefore what people “voted for”” before putting his brazen opinions to the test.

He pointed out that the referendum – as detailed in the Referendum Act of 2015 – was on whether or not the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union, and that information on alternatives to membership were outlined in the document.

The Treasury highlighted multiple different relationships the government may pursue in the event of a vote to leave, then, in a leaflet sent to every house in the country, the government stated that if there was a vote to leave they would need renegotiate new arrangements with the EU.

Of course, there are then the many broken promises of Eurosceptics who campaigned for Britain to exit the union, which collectively put Morgan’s argument to bed once and for all.

See the entire thread in its full glory below:

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