Petition For Second Referendum Once Exit Terms Have Been Agreed Launched

A petition urging the government to hold a second referendum on leaving the EU once exit terms have been negotiated has been launched.

The campaign, which has already garnered several thousand signatures, argues that it is impossible to make a decision on whether we stay or remain in the EU until we know what a vote to leave means.

Residents in London have been particularly supportive of the movement, as well as those in Cambridgeshire, Bristol and Manchester.

The leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Ruth Davidson received an ovation before the EU referendum when she outed the Leave campaign’s lies and inaccurate figures used in their propaganda.

She said she “can’t let it stand that you sell a blatant untruth two days before a referendum”, citing the Leave campaign’s claim that 60 per cent of our laws are made in the EU, which is “simply not true”.

senior German politician Manfred Weber also openly criticised Boris Johnson last week for supporting Turkey’s EU aspirations just months after Leave campaign used leaflets showing Turkey, Syria and Iraq as possible members of the EU.

The petition page reads:

During campaigning ahead of the EU referendum, many parties, including politicians and supporters on both sides of the debate, noted that the structure of any agreement to leave was uncertain. The terms that the UK would negotiate with the EU were subject to claim and counter-claim on both sides.

The public, therefore, were not aware of the full nature of the ‘leave’ outcome at that time and should be given the opportunity to vote on again once an agreement with the EU is reached.

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