Petition calls for investigation into allegations that MPs raped and assaulted children throughout 80s and 90s

A petition has been launched to urge the government to investigate allegations that MPs and peers raped and assaulted children throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs and peers have been named in the appeal for investigation, including Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Sir Edward Leigh MP and the Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP.

According to campaign group Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse there are several political figures who are widely named by child abuse survivors and contemporary witnesses whose personal testimonies mutually corroborate.

Many of the MPs and peers who are named are still alive and some continue to sit in Parliament.

Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse have called on the government to seek out and analyse internal party files; historical complaints by party activists, whistleblowers and employees; and the private records and memories of MPs and peers.

They identify seven “hotspots” which they believe require immediate investigation, which include Islington children’s homes in the 1980s under the oversight of Margaret Hodge, assisted by Keith Vaz, and Richmond upon Thames children’s homes in the same period, similarly benefiting from the services of in-house solicitor Vaz.

Westminster City Council real estate is also listed, where Tory councillors allegedly partook in ‘paedophile parties’ at Westminster City Council-owned Dolphin Square.

See full details of the petition here.


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