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This is the perfect job, according to research

The perfect job is a four-day, 24 hour week with a salary of £61,000 a year, free fruit and a boss who likes a pint, according to new research.

Other requirements for the ideal role are regular reviews and pay rises, being allowed to work in jeans, flexible working hours and a pension.

The report also revealed the dream job would be a 12 minute walk from home, provide a pleasant view from the office window and offer 32 days a holiday a year.

Benefits such as discounts at local gyms or sports clubs are also a must.

A good work-life balance is THE most important factor for the perfect job, and half of those polled wish for a boss who understands that family comes first.

Having the option to work from home is crucial for many workers, who need the flexibility to be able to look after sick children, or move hours around to suit school events.

Mark Rhodes, Marketing Director for which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults in employment, comments: “Work-life balance means something different to each of us. For some it may be combining hard work and dedication to the job with the pursuit of personal interests and hobbies outside of work, whilst for others it might be the fulfilment of childcare and family responsibilities.

“For dual-income couples who both work full-time, it is little surprise that flexibility and an understanding employer rank so highly.

“But our research shows that work-life balance is also an important factor for millennials. They’ve grown up with technology that gives them access to information and allows them to be productive anywhere, and it’s shaped their view of work. ”


1. A good work-life balance

2. Excellent pension

3. Flexible working hours

4. A boss who understands family comes first

5. Being able to work from home if you need to

6. Bonus scheme

7. Private healthcare for you and the family

8. You’re able to leave work on time everyday

9. Free tea and coffee

10. Your own office

11. A nice view from the window

12. A designated parking space

13. A quiet workspace, so you can concentrate

14. The ability to have an opinion / say

15. A boss who is a family man / woman themselves

16. A chair which is measured to you, so that you are always comfortable

17. Being allowed to work in jeans

18. You can be your own boss

19. Gym membership

20. Free fruit provision

21. A company car

22. Fully equipped kitchen

23. Being treated to lunch at posh venues regularly

24. You are treated to the latest gadgets such as phones, laptops

25. A boss that enjoys a pint

26. Discounts to local leisure facilities

27. Access to a fantastic stationary cupboard

28. Two computer screens on the desk

29. Regular reviews / appraisals

30. Shower facilities


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