People are reporting Nigel Farage to Westminster council for fly tipping fish

Complaints about Nigel Farage fly tipping fish have been submitted to Westminster Council after yesterday’s protest by the former Ukip leader on the Thames.

Farage joined a raft of protesters campaigning for a revision of fishing quotas during the Brexit transition.

The red, white and blue fishing boat sailed down the River Thames before stopping in front of Parliament and dumping the crates of dead haddock, which symbolise the stock that gets thrown back into the sea because of stringent allocations off the coast of Britain.

But several people have taken issue with the stunt, reporting  Farage for fly-tipping fish carcasses.

A link to Westminster Council’s “fly tipping and enforcement” page made the rounds on social media, although no arrests were made on the day.


“Instead of throwing dead fish in the Thames, Farage should have done his job as a member of the fisheries committee”

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