Peckham Commuters Treated to Celebrity Train Conductor

Peckham commuters were treated to a celebrity train conductor when Star Wars actor John Boyega took over the train tannoy.

The 24-year-old actor told stories and attempted to make the train “go at lightspeed” when joined his sister Blessing from the control room of the Southeastern service to Orpington on Friday.

Unsuspecting passengers sitting onboard the train listened to around 15 “informative announcements” including a joke about how John’s uncle pronounces ‘Penge’.

The international star’s video soon went viral on social media after he posted the interaction on his Instagram.

The Star Wars actor from Peckham, south east London, said: “Hope everyone on the 2.40 train to Orpington had fun listening to my nonsense.”

In one announcement he said: “Hi everyone this is John Boyega from Star Wars The Force Awakens you are now at Penge East which my uncle calls ‘Pen-gey’ east.”

Commuters were cheered up by the announcements and the actor also walked along the train to sign autographs.

One of the passengers said: “All through the journey John made about 15 announcements relaying stories about all the stops on the way.

“He told passengers that he would try to make sure that he use the force to make the train go at light speed.

“At one point towards the end of the journey, he even started singing to all the passengers.”

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