Parliament must vote on invoking Article 50, says House of Lords

Brexit and what it means to the UK is something that is yet to be resolved. One of the only issues that seemed to have been put in place was that PM May would trigger Article 50 without a vote in Parliament.

However, now that has been questioned by the House of Lords. The House if Lords Constitution Committee has published a report that has stated that by-passing Parliament and triggering Article 50 would be “unwise,” “constitutionally inappropriate” and “set a disturbing precedent.”

This reports findings will anger Leave voters who assumed after the EU referendum result the UK would withdraw from Europe without having to pass the decision through Parliament. Many MPs including Tottenham MP David Lammy want a vote on the referendum in Parliament so they can stop the UK leaving the EU. Lammy has many supporters inside and out of politics for his idea. However, rejecting the will of the people of Britain, could bring into question the democratic values of UK politics.

Millions of people also signed a petition to ask for a second referendum on the same topic, once the public knew what a post-brexit world would look like, but this has also been rejected by May’s Government.

The report states that “Constitutional change of such magnitude must be approached carefully and scrutinised appropriately, with the roles and responsibilities of both Government and Parliament set out clearly in advance.”

Lord Lang of Monkton, chairman of the committee, said: “The referendum result was clear and it is right that the government are preparing to take Britain out of the EU. However, our constitution is built on the principle of parliamentary sovereignty and the decision to act following the referendum should be taken by Parliament.

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