Oxford University dean brands own students “entitled” after they smashed glasses & abused catering staff at a traditional college dinner

A furious Oxford University dean has branded his own students as “entitled” after they smashed glasses and abused catering staff at a traditional college dinner.

The second-year students at the university’s Trinity College were warned they face a “collective fine” for their drunken antics at the Halfway Hall bash on Tuesday (13/2).

More than 200 students attended the boozy ceremony which marks the halfway point for students in their university career.

Dean Dr James McDougall has ordered the students to attend a disciplinary meeting to discuss their behaviour after several members of catering staff complained.

In an email sent to undergraduates who attended the ceremony, he wrote: “However entitled you may feel about yourselves, there is absolutely no excuse for this behaviour.”

He ordered everyone who was at the dinner to attend a meeting with the college president, Dame Hilary Boulding, and himself.

He warned students he would “impose a fine collectively on everyone who was there, in addition to costs for breakages and a reparatory bonus to the staff who were on duty.”

Dr McDougall issued the email after reports that a number of students smashed glasses and caused catering staff to experience “discomfort” at the event.

Writing on socal media, one student who attended the dinner said: “As is so typical these days, a minority of the so-called intellectual elite try to turn a traditional dinner into their version of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sadly, they even lack the wit for this.”

It follows a similar drunken event at the university’s Keble College which also saw students destroy property and strip off.

Dame Hilary Boulding or Dr James McDougall were not available for comment.

This is not the first time this set of Trinity College students have been reprimanded
for drunken behaviour.

In 2016 undergraduates were ticked off for singing Queen’s We Will Rock You and Wonderwall by Oasis as well as stamping their feet and performing Mexican waves.

This week it also emerged drunken Oxford Tory students allegedly groped and harassed women at a university event after downing booze at a local pub.

One member of the group had reportedly downed as many as 43 glasses of port, while another yelled at a local: “My castle’s bigger than yours.”

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