Owen Smith claims he would have won GE2017 if he had defeated Corbyn

Owen Smith has claimed he would have won the 2017 General Election if he had defeated Jeremy Corbyn.

The former Labour leadership contender tried to oust Corbyn in July 2016 because of fractions in the party. He wrote on Twitter at the time: “On July 27 I asked @jeremycorbyn 3 times if he was prepared to see our party split & worse, wanted it to. He offered no answer”.

He continued, “In the same meeting, in response to the same question @johnmcdonnellMP”, John McDonnell, “shrugged his shoulders and said ‘if that’s what it takes’.”

The Welsh MP has recently returned to the Corbyn fold, joining the shadow cabinet as shadow Northern Ireland Secretary.

But in his opinion he was made for bigger things.

Talking to Sky News’s Sophy Ridge he said that Mr Corbyn’s campaign had “galvanised young people”, but had he won his leadership contest he would have “hoped” to win the election.

Asked whether he would have performed as well as Mr Corbyn, who gained seats and reduced Theresa May’s majority but failed to oust her from Downing Street, he said:

“I don’t know,” he said. “I hope so. I hope I might have even got us to win – but I can’t know that, Sophy.”

Mr Smith attracted 38.2 per cent of the vote to Mr Corbyn’s 61.8 per cent in September 2016 after a move against his leadership from the parliamentary party.

The leader lost a vote of confidence among MPs by 172 to 40, while Mr Smith saw off a challenge from Angela Eagle to be the sole anti-Corbyn candidate.

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  1. Gerald Brady

    Is the man sane? Corbyn energised the left leaning people with a view of a fairer society. Owen Smith’s “not quite conservative ” platform energised no one.

  2. Hugh Jarce

    Owen Smith has adopted the mantle of his fellow countryman Neil Kinnock, namely that of “Welsh Windbag”. His self-delusion, it seems, knows no bounds.

  3. Nick

    And, of course, we’ve just had the sainted Harriet Harman talling us she could have won the 2015 election had she been Labour leader. Since she didn’t stand against Ed Milliband, that would have been a tad difficult but hey, isn’t it great to ponder on what might have been!

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