Open letter by MPs demanding a new vote on Brexit is published

A group of almost 40 MPs have come together to sign an open letter pleading for a second referendum over Brexit, reports the Daily Mirror.

The MPs form a cross party alliance hoping that the nation is given another chance to decide if leaving the EU is the what they really want.

The letter reads: “Brexit is taking longer and costing more than we thought, and it’s been changing our communities, our hospitals and our job prospects in ways that were not clearly set out during the 2016 vote.

“If, however, we were to stay, change and lead in Europe, we would allow the government to focus on the NHS, schools, the environment, jobs and driving up living standards instead of the intractable negotiations.

“This is why I believe we must have a final say, a people’s vote, on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. That vote must keep the EU membership deal we currently have on the table. That is what is best for Britain.”

The Brexit negotiations have been hit by a series of government resignations – including Boris Johnson and David Davis – since Mrs May announced her ‘Chequers deal.’

Labour’s David Lammy, said: “I have been calling for a referendum on the final terms of the Brexit deal since the first day Parliament sat after the 2016 referendum.

“Back then I was on my own, but in recent months there has been a sea-change in support for the Peoples’ Vote, with MPs from all parties backing it.


MPs who signed the letter

  • Alistair Carmichael
  • Andrew Slaughter
  • Angela Smith
  • Ben Bradshaw
  • Ben Lake
  • Catherine West
  • Chris Bryant
  • Christine Jardine
  • Caroline Lucas
  • Daniel Zeichner
  • Darren Jones
  • David Lammy
  • Ed Davey
  • Gareth Thomas
  • Geraint Davies
  • Hywel Williams
  • Ian Murray
  • Jamie Stone
  • Janet Daby
  • Jo Stevens
  • Jo Swinson
  • Karen Buck
  • Layla Moran
  • Liz Saville Roberts
  • Mike Gapes
  • Neil Coyle
  • Owen Smith
  • Dr Paul Williams
  • Rupa Huq
  • Siobhain McDonagh
  • Stephen Timms
  • Tom Brake
  • Tonia Antoniazzi
  • Tulip Siddiq
  • Vince Cable
  • Virendra Sharma
  • Wera Hobhouse
  • Wes Streeting


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