Oops! School sends text with c-word in to hundreds of parents

Most of us have done it, but only to friends or family members, but one school managed to accidentally send the c-word to hundreds of parents.

St Dunstan’s School has since apologise for making the slip-up in a message asking mums and dads to fill in a form.The text was also written in next speech, that might not have impressed the parents either.

However, instead of requesting students’ ‘country’ of birth, they failed to type the ‘O’ and ‘R’, giving the text a rather ruder meaning.

It read: “St Dunstan’s sch notice: Students will be bringing home a Data sheet for you to check & sign pls complete the 2 new sections Cunty of birth & Nationality.”



Staff at the school in Glastonbury, Somerset  apologised five minutes after the original text was sent, at 11.37am on Monday, but the damage was already done.

The second text said: “St Dunstan’s School: Apology on the spelling error on the previous text, should read Country.”

Bemused parents shared screenshots of the hilarious text online.

One person who received it, Nathan Gray, described the drama as a “rather major cock up”, while Becky O’Rourke simply said: “*facepalm*”

Another Facebook user wrote: “My Mum said, ‘Poor secretary that sent that, do you think the C*nty Council gave her the sack?'”

St Dunstan’s School said the person who sent the text is “distraught”.

Keith Howard, who is headteacher at the school said: “We apologise for any offence.

“The person who did it is distraught.

“We never intended to offend anybody.

“Some people are also uncertain as to why it was written like that. We only have 30 characters.

“It should have been checked before it went out.”

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