Theresa May now has support of just 32.5% of Commons after narrowly winning vote of no confidence

Theresa May has been left with a Commons majority of just 32.5 per cent after last night’s vote. 

Despite surviving a leadership contest by 200 to 117 votes she is now facing an uphill battle with a third of her own politicians having no confidence in her and the SNP, DUP, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens giving her scant support. 

That leaves her with only 32.5 per cent of total MPs in the Commons out of the 650 MPs in total and means with crucial Brexit votes to come the Prime Minister has been left in power but not in charge. 

Jacob Rees-Moog urged May to meet the Queen and resign immediately last night following the vote. 

But many people were quick to point out the hypocrisy of his comments. 

ITV’s Chris Ship tweeted: “I just listened to Jacob Rees-Mogg calling this a ‘terrible result’ for the PM.  37% against v 63% for.  I’m no mathematician, but that’s a bigger margin than the referendum’s 48% v 52%, no??”

And Philip Hammond added: “Tonight’s vote of confidence in the Prime Minister is the right one. Now is the time to focus on the future. Her deal means we will honour the referendum result while safeguarding jobs and maintaining business confidence.”


The ERG have strengthened May’s hand by calling for a vote of no confidence

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