Only 11% Of Brits Would Vote Trump

Donald Trump would get absolutely pummelled in the polls if it was up to Brits.

The outspoken Republican would garner just 11 per cent of the votes with Hilary Clinton romping home with a 58 per cent share.

Clinton is way ahead of Trump in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Newcastle when it comes to bets placed, with only Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester are putting more dosh on Donald. survey also confirmed that the Democratic candidate would come out well on top, storming to victory with almost two-thirds of the vote.

Pro-Clinton supporters claimed Donald Trump is “a racist, annoying, horrible, likely-to-start-a-war type of guy” who “hates and violates women”, whereas Clinton is a politician with a “proven track record”

Betting by city (percentage for Trump/Clinton)

Aberdeen 14/67
Birmingham 25/66
Bristol 18/43
Cardiff 36/37
Edinburgh 36/39
Glasgow 26/40
Leeds 45/40
Liverpool 41/39
London 33/54
Manchester 50/42
Newcastle 14/73


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