One teen critical & three others wounded after London attack which left two nearly disembowelled

A teenager who rushed to help a victim of a quadruple stabbing shouted “I’ll f*cking kill him” before police wrestled him into a van, a witness said.

Shocked neighbours said two of the teenage victims had “their stomachs cut open”, leaving the ground covered in blood after the scrap involving up to 30 youths in Camberwell, south London.

A photo shows one victim, a black teenager, surrounded by a huge crowd of police as he was treated by paramedics.

At least one of the youths, said to have been knifed in the arm, had his wound wrapped with a t-shirt while paramedics rushed to the scene.

Susan Model, 20, who watched the incident unfold from a ground floor flat, said: “Police were trying to calm it down and move people away from the ones on the floor but it didn’t go well.

“All of a sudden a load of police came from nowhere running and got everybody away.

“There was a black guy with no top and he said something like ‘I’m going to fucking kill him’ and about five officers chased after him as he ran off.

“In the end they took him away because he was raging.

“When I first came out he was on the floor with one of the people who had been stabbed.”

She added: “Two or three police vans turned up before the ambulance did.

“We saw four people, three of them lying on the ground and one of them being walked off.

“He had a bandage wrapped around his arm. It was white and covered the whole of the top of his right arm.

“I heard two got their stomach cut open – there was two stomach, one leg and one arm – because you could hear the conversations that were going on.

“It was manic, it was completely manic, there were a lot of black boys shouting, screaming, you had neighbours worried because we didn’t know if we knew them.

“We don’t know who’s who anymore. You don’t know who to trust.

“Apparently they weren’t from the estate.

“When they got picked up and taken away the floor was covered in blood.

“The police said the stomach wound looked life-threatening.”

The violence erupted between a gang of around 30 teenagers.

The victims are not thought to live on the estate but neighbours said a garden area concealed from view by the flats has become a hotbed for youths.

A man, who did not give his name, said: “The lads hang around there all the time, it started at least six months ago.

“Recently there have been more and more.

“They are downstairs at the end of the block doing what boys normally do, shoving each other and messing about, but I don’t recognise any of them.”

Another resident added: “There’s drugs, prostitution, it’s not a good place to bring up your kids.”

The scene had been cleaned of blood this morning (FRI) but a police cordon remained around the grassed area where the stabbings happened.

An officer also stood guard at the scene.

Janet Hardman, 58, said: “There were lots and lots of sirens then when I looked out there were masses of police cars all out the front and it stopped the main road.

“When I got to the back I saw it was all cordoned off by the police.

“There was a crowd gathering, watching and filming on their phones, and this buzz so I knew it was something serious.

“There was an air ambulance crew too.”

She described at least 30 people swarming the area where the boys were stabbed.

She added: “Out the front there were at least 20 police cars, the police were stopping, getting out of their cars and running. They had dogs as well.”

Teen boy and woman arrested after man stabbed to death on another night of violence in the capital

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