It’s official: The more young people that vote the more likely the Tories are to LOSE

If 30 per cent more people under 25 vote, the Tories could lose the election.

That’s according to new Guardian analysis which has called on students and young people to mobilise this June.

Recent analysis by  YouGov shows that for every ten years older a person is, the likelihood they vote Conservative increases by 8 points and the likelihood they vote labour decreases by 6 points

In 2015, 43 per cent of 18-25 year olds voted Labour, 55 per cent of those registered in the 2017 General Election intend to vote Labour and of those polled by 69 per cent said they “like” or “strongly like” Jeremy Corbyn, bucking the national trend.

Labour are solidly ahead of the Conservatives with the under 40 demographic and students

A recent mega-poll of nearly 13,000 voters by YouGov conducted found Jeremy Corbyn would be heading to Downing Street were the election decided by 18-40 year olds.

If only students voted, Labour would have an overwhelming majority, 55 per cent of the vote would give them 533 seats compared to the Conservatives 43 (with only 18 per cent of the vote), the Independent reported.

The latest polls put Conservatives on around 47 per cent of the vote, which would give them a majority of about 122.

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  1. TeessideMag

    So our hopes rest on the generation that couldn’t be arsed to vote in a one off referendum on our entire future. Maybe you should change your headline to ‘Its official: we’re done for’, and then go off and start saving for private health insurance.

  2. Grim Grim

    It’s true, fifty years ago I was an anarcho-syndicalist selling official secrets on behalf of Spies for Peace. Now, aged 68, I have drifted so far to the right that I am a fervent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. Christopher Derans

    I am a mid septuagenarian with considerably more past than future, but today’s youth will have to carry the burden of an unequal society for something, very likely , in excess of the next seventy years, to say nothing of their children and their grandchildren. So Ladies and Gentlemen, the future is in your hands and I would urge you to push for greater equality in our future society.

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