Odds on Theresa May to resign and Jeremy Corbyn to win next election slashed

Theresa May is now 5/2 to resign before the new year amidst cabinet chaos.

The Prime Minister’s odds have been slashed from 25/1 after the actions of Priti Patel, Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon left the front bench in turmoil.

Betway still holds 2018 as the favoured year for her resignation at even-money, but an unruly and misbehaved cabinet has seen her odds of leaving No.10 before the end of the year fall dramatically.

The Conservatives have also been pushed out from evens to 11/10 for the next general election, while their Labour counterparts have been backed in from 4/5 to 8/11.

Andrea Leadsom has been a notable mover in an open-looking next Tory leader market, backed in from 25/1 to 14/1, with David Davis leading the race at 5/1.

Betway’s Alan Alger, said: “The odds shift from 25/1 to 5/2 for Theresa May to stand down this year is massive. History dictates that cabinet instability is likely to lead to a change at the very top and we think May’s days are numbered.

“A 2018 exit remains favourite at even-money, but the latest price contraction for the PM to resign this year is significant. As for a replacement, some smart money has been placed on Andrea Leadsom to be the next Tory leader, with her odds cut from 25/1 to 14/1.

“Nobody wants to back the Tories for the next general election in their current state so we’ve pushed them out to 11/10 from evens. With May edging closer to the exit, we’ve also cut the odds of 2018 being the year of the next general election.”

Bookies have also cut the chances of a general election next year from 3/1 to 15/8, putting 2018 at the top of the betting for when the UK will next go to the polls.

A 2019 election can be backed at 9/4, while May is 50/1 to call a snap election before the end of 2017.

Next General Election:

Labour 8/11 from 4/5
Conservative 11/10 from Evs

Year of Theresa May Resignation:

2017 5/2
2018 Evs
2019 11/4
2020 10/1

Next Tory Leader:

David Davis 5/1
Boris Johnson 6/1
Amber Rudd 7/1
Jacob Rees-Mogg 8/1
Ruth Davidson 12/1
Andrea Leadsom 14/1
Phillip Hammond 14/1
BAR 16/1

Year of Next UK General Election:

2017 50/1
2018 15/8 from 3/1
2019 9/4
2020 8/1
2021 15/2
2022 11/4


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