Obama arrives in UK to tell Britain to stay in the EU

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

The US President Barack Obama has flown into the UK to urge Britain to remain in the EU.

The PM, David Cameron, has urged voters to “listen to advice from friends and other countries.” He also said that: “I struggle to find the leader of any friendly country that thinks we should leave”

Obama and his Wife Michelle are coming to our shores ahead of talks at Number 10 on Friday.

Barack will take lunch with the Queen, currently enjoying her 90th birthday, and is then to make a public statement. It is thought he will make it clear he believes the UK, USA and the rest of the western world are much better off with Britain in the EU.

Ben Rhodes, White House deputy national security adviser, confirmed the president will set out his support for a Remain vote if he is questioned on it, which is highly likely.

Ben said: “He will make very clear that this is a decision for the people of the United Kingdom to make, it’s not a decision for us to make.

“But we have no closer friend in the world, and if we are asked our view as a friend, we will offer it.”

This would mean “being very straightforward and candid as a friend as to why the United States believes that it is good for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union”, he continued.

“Vote Leave” campaigners have demanded that the US President should stay out of this matter, but it is obvious Cameron fully expects Obama to support his mission to keep Britain within the common market.

Cameron backed Obama in PMQs yesterday, when he urged the people of Britain to listen to the US President, he said: “Personally, I believe we should listen to advice from friends and other countries. “I struggle to find the leader of any friendly country that thinks we should leave.”

After Friday’s Downing Street press conference is over, President Obama and Michelle will dine with Prince William and Kate before heading on to Germany for talks with Angela Merkel.

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