Number of Britons saying the vote to leave the EU was the wrong decision reaches a new high

The number of Brits saying the vote to leave the EU was the wrong decision has reached a new high, according to the latest data.

In the same week that prominent Leave campaigner Nigel Farage claimed he never “promised that Brexit would be a huge success” confidence from the British public also seems to be diminishing.

Shocking analysis recently pooled the mounting evidence that suggests Brexit will make us poorer.

Some 97 per cent of academics, the IMF, World Bank, HM Treasury, all former Prime Ministers sill alive and the CBI have all come to the same conclusion.

And the evidence seems to now be winning over the public.

According to the latest polls the number of Britons saying the vote to leave the EU was the wrong decision has reached a new high of 46 per cent compared to 41.7 per cent of people who think it was the right decision.

See how this compares to historical data below:

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  1. Maia

    Too right, Britian is committing suicide by going along with this insanity. Not to mention all those poor people who were lied to to get their vote. It is sick.

      1. Richard

        Do you have no faith in your own country and yourselves? The Brexit is a breath of fresh air. Britain was doing perfectly well until it entered the EU. Since then… our industries have been decimated and are being dictated to by FOREIGNERS. By people who we saved from tyranny who now choose to stab us in the back . The French (for one) have VERY short memories. Stand by the democratic vote and stop moaning. Let us now work together to make Britain great again!

        1. Samuel Bruce

          Richard, that is fantastic satire (if perhaps unintentional). If only you could go off and live in your fantasy land (ideally with no foreigners, sorry, FOREIGNERS), while the rest of us try to save the country from this absurd self-destructive act.

        2. Make Britain great again. you have been listening to that Trump crap.It was not a democratic vote.
          and will end in the break up of the so called union. Well it was never a union
          4 countries and one tells the rest what to do or else. Now your great Britain can go lick trumps arse
          Your government in Westminster are the worst kind off crook.
          Brexit is shite and was never meant to be anything else. Why is all your tory big wigs applying in EU countries for citizenship. Even Johnson was involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
          most of the leave voters were shuffling around with their heads up their backside. Johnson has even got himself involved with another company that is made up of SCL , Analytica and AIQ. x staff. leopards don’t change their spots mate. Stop reading the daily papers they are full of lies.

        3. S. Churchill

          Richard – are you being ironic or are you completely deluded? The UK was a mess in the 1970s – the dirty man of Europe, strikes, 3 day week etc. It was only after the UK joined the UK that things improved. Maybe you are not old enough to remember but I am.

      2. a

        The overwhelming majority of the rich supported Remain you moron, your pathetic leftist desire to paint Brexit as somehow being the work of the elite is laughable.

        1. FatDave

          What most of the Left won’t and can’t understand (although Corbyn probably does understand) is that the vast majority of Brexiteers were traditional Labour voters.

          When the UKIP vote collapsed at the last General Election, the Labour vote surged…..because they had returned their vote from UKIP back to Labour.

          All “nationalist” parties draw their core support from the working class, the traditional left wing heartlands. Just as the Nazis did, the fasicsts in Italy and Spain, the SNP in Scotland, the IRA in Ireland and now UKIP.

          Fundamentally, fascism is a left wing problem

          1. S. Churchill

            The overwhelming majority of people who chose the option ‘leave’ were either tories or ukippers. A small number of elderly poorly educated Labour supporters were also conned into supporting ‘leave’. Brexit will hugely damage working class people – There will be no benefits from brexit unless you are obscenely rich with offshore bank accounts. Like the Tory brextremists.

        2. S. Churchill

          Brexit is a working class brexit in the same way that the holocaust was a Jewish Holocaust. The Jews were the victims of the holocaust and the working class and anyone not obscenely rich will be a victim of brexit. I’m afraid you have been conned by the lies and Nazi style propaganda of the brextremists. If you don’t believe me I suggest you list all the benefits you will get from brexit. If you can think of any.

  2. Andrew Brooks

    Thatcher decimated industry and sold off our railways and other utilities. The EU needs reform but to leave alone was insanity achieved via lies and xenophobic nonsense. The establishment and their billionaire masters will be just fine. The many, will lose.

    1. FatDave

      And thankfully, she did. The rail system might be bad now but it was utterly dreadful as a nationalised business.

      And industry was decimated by the Trade Unions long before Thatch got anywhere near it.

      It’s ok having your own views but try to get the context right 😉 Don’t forget some of us remember the 1970s

  3. Paul G

    I saw an interview with John Major on TV recently where he suggested that we are pushing through brexit on the will of the majority despite the majority being only 33% of the electorate who actually voted to leave FYI – He was for another referendum on it. I think it would be interesting to see the turn out if there were another referendum given the farce that we’ve seen since the vote.

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