No manifesto, no elected politicians, no transparency – but gets a chair on BBCQT

BBC Question Time has been criticised for inviting Nigel Farage to speak on tonight’s show.

The Brexit party leader will join Fiona Bruce for a debate in Northampton as UK political parties gear up for the European Parliament elections at the end of the month.

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd, Shadow Economic Minister Jonathan Reynolds and Anna Soubry MP will also be participating in the discussion.

But despite having no manifesto, no MEPs, no MPs and no transparency with donations, so too will Nigel Farage.

Tonight will mark no less than 33 appearances on the show for the prominent Brexiteer, who has bemoaned the lack of publicity given to his party by the BBC on his campaign trail.  

This week the former UKIPer claimed that a no deal Brexit is what people voted for – even though that was never on the ballot paper.

He also refuses to publish any policies before the election and won’t say who’s funding him.

Yet he gets a chair on BBCQT – go figure!

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  1. Henri Secoore

    The only policy for an EU election is to simply get elected, no actual policy can be put forward obviously not easy to understand for a cluttered mind to work out.
    MEPs cannot propose policy or influence them, that is solely the aim of the commission.

  2. michael

    you have chosen the most unflattering photo you could for this article/attack . Why are people far less influential that Nigel Farage on Question Time ? Eddie Izzard , for example . Is he more deserving of a platform than the man who is leading what is rapidly becoming the largest party in in the UK ?

  3. Brandon Dickson

    Currently the most important political figure in the UK (whichever side of the Brexit fence you are on) and obviously should be on the show,
    The child like reactions of those voicing opposition to his right to appear says much about them.

    @CarolineLucas Remain was on the ballot paper but unfortunately for you not enough of the electorate voted for that option. Leave was on the ballot paper and that option was selected by the majority. End of story.
    As for his policies (policy) there is a huge clue in the party name.

    @pickledpuffin “No manifesto No MEPs No MPs” – Watch this space.

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