No-Confidence motion in Corbyn from Labour MPs

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

The fall-out from the Brexit result continues. The PM has resigned and now two senior Labour MPs have tabled a motion of no confidence in the left-wing Labour leader, who has been criticised for not backing the Remain campaign enough.

It has been said he was not visible enough during the campaign and didn’t do enough to get Labour voters to get out and vote to Remain part of the EU, especially those from working class backgrounds, Labour’s traditional heartlands.

The motion of no confidence will be tabled next week and was submitted by Ann Coffey and Margaret Hodge.

A number of other Labour MPs are lining up ready to attack Corbyn. Angela Smith has already called for Corbyn to “consider his position,” due to showing “insufficient leadership.” Also John Mann MP for Bassetlaw, has laid into Jeremy Corbyn at any chance he can and has done for a number of months.

And another leading backbencher told The Independent that there had been “a failure of Labour leadership”, saying a better campaign by the party could have swayed half a million voters.

Hodge said: “I think he should resign, Labour voters didn’t have a clear message on where he stood.”

The no-confidence vote can’t force Mr Corbyn to leave his post but the pressure would grow even more on him. It looks like next week will be a difficult one for Corbyn to manage and feasibly could lead to his downfall.

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  1. rob

    So now we want to get rid of one of the few politicians who doesn’t lie every time they open their mouth? Great, why not……..

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