Nigel Farage pelted by milkshake in Newcastle

Nigel Farage has become the latest politician to have been hit by a milkshake while on the campaign trail after been splattered in Newcastle.

According to Evening Chronicle reporter Sean Seddon there were chaotic scenes on Northumberland Street as Farage was whisked from the scene by security.

He said: “(Farage is) furious. Telling his security “it’s a failure” and “how did that happen”” as he was taken away in a car.

The incident comes after police in Edinburgh banned a McDonald’s from serving milkshakes near a Brexit Party rally.

Farage is the latest far-right figurehead to have been doused in creamy liquid after Tommy Robinson and Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin were targeted.

Burger King was criticised for trying to “endorse violence” this weekend after it tweeted that it would continue selling shakes in Scotland in spite of the McDonald’s ban.

Owen Jones credited the burger chain for “joining the anti-fascist resistance” and the hashtag #MilkshakesAgainstRacism has been trending on Twitter.

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