Nigel Farage: “I’ve done more than anyone else to stop the rise of the far right in this country.”

Nigel Farage today defended Donald Trump’s retweets of extremists Britain First and told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: “I’ve done more than anyone else to stop the rise of the far right in this country.”

“I did it by taking away those people who were going and voting for the BNP and holding their nose,” insisted Farage. “So when it comes to dealing with the far right I have got a very good track record.”

The former Ukip leader and LBC presenter said that Donald Trump had only spread the vile tweets after spotting them on Right Wing attention seeking hate preacher Ann Coulter’s feed.

“He would not have an earthly clue who Britain First were,” said Farage, “he’s not that stupid.”

UK MP’s from all parties this week slammed President Trump for retweeting islamophobic and inaccurate tweets guaranteed to spread anti-Muslim hatred. The tweets Trump cynically chose to spread were by Britain First’s Jayden Fransen, an extremist who has been arrested multiple times and is facing hate charges.

But today Nigel Farage, who has spent much time in the US courting the President, slammed other UK politicians’ reactions as “out of all proportion.”

He said the idea that ‘hate and division’ were not British values was “out of touch,” and sneered “do you actually think the President knows who Britain First are?”

Nigel Farage also when asked by Andrew Marr, refused to give up his EU pension after Brexit – estimated at £173,000 by The Times, asking: “Why should my family and others suffer even more?”

Despite campaigning to leave the EU, Farage joins other MEPs in landing taxpayers with a £187m bill to plug the gap in their pensions, on top of over £100m we have already contributed.

This is on top of a redundancy payment of around £150,000 – a “golden goodbye” MEP’s are set to receive when the UK leaves the EU, adding up to a total cost of £5.3m.

EU staff pensions may be part of  Britain’s estimated £50 billion “divorce bill” – if a Brexit bill is agreed in crunch talks this week.


Farage Defends Trump/Britain First, then makes ludicrous claim

Nigel Farage defends Donald Trumps retweets of Britain First then says:"I've done more to fight the Far Right than anyone in this country."

Posted by The London Economic on Sunday, 3 December 2017

PS just to remind everyone that Nigel does indeed know more than anyone else about the far right, let’s not forget this clip of him vowing to don khakis and grab a rifle if he doesn’t get what he wants:


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    Who the fuck is Nigel Farage? Useless MEP who only turns up to insult his co workers . Seven yes SEVEN times failed MP. Liar, corrupt, racist, irrelevant talk show host.
    Why is this disgustingly traitorous individual still given time on TV?

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