Nigel Farage calls for new referendum – on the abolition of the House of Lords

Nigel Farage is calling for a new referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords after the Government suffered set-backs on the Brexit process.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Farage blasted the Lords for its intervention and suggested the House had “signed its own death warrant”.

He said: “By defying Brexit, the Lords shows what a travesty British democracy has become.

“Ever since the great battles which led to the Parliament Act 1911, debates about the composition and power of the House of Lords have been a feature of British politics.

“Generally speaking, these arguments have taken place only among the truly politically engaged. They have seldom been of serious interest to the man in the street.

“But now, thanks to recent scandalous attempts by some peers to defy the will of the people over Brexit, I believe the mood has changed.

“The Lords problem has entered the mainstream as never before. And I think this institution may have signed its own death warrant as a result.

“If they continue to frustrate the will of the elected government, May must clear the path for a referendum on the abolition of the Lordship’s house.”

Britain’s democratic processes have become a keen point of contention of late after Labour accused the government of a Windrush ‘cover up’ to protect Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman said a government decision to oppose a plan for all papers relating to the debacle to be made public, indicated the government was trying to “avoid accountability and clarity”.


“The Conservatives are teetering on Nazi Germany-style governance”

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  1. Vivian Williams

    Why wast a fortune on a referendum. Just abolish them now! ASAP. Then sort out the Minister as it would appear that all of them are hiding.concealing many things- not just one. Frightening but they need to go if they are not up to the job – and most are not fit for purpose. Deceitful shower.

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