Nick Griffin says he is going to vote Labour to counter the Conservatives’ “psychotic rush” to World War 3

Former BNP president Nick Griffin said he will vote Labour for the first time in order to counter the Conservative’s “psychotic rush to World War III”.

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday refused to blame President Assad for the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria, saying there must be an international investigation to establish who was to blame for the attack.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has already signalled he suspects President Assad is to blame because he was found responsible for earlier attacks – although doubts have been cast on his judgement following revelations over the Russian spy poisoning.

Griffin tweeted this morning: “IF he sticks to his guns then for 1st time in my life I will vote #Labour – right now NOTHING is more important than resisting the psychotic rush to #WW3 of Boris & the #neocons Corbyn refuses to blame Assad for chemical attack in #Syria”.

The far right British National Party made the headlines earlier this week as it prepared to lose its last district councillor, making its demise “official”.

It had 55 district councillors at its peak and won 943,000 votes in the 2009 European Parliament elections, 6 per cent of all ballots cast.


Centrists dream up new political trinket for the rich in an attempt to derail Corbynism


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